Death toll rises to 3 after Boston Marathon bombings

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Submitted: Tue, 04/16/2013 - 1:44am

BOSTON, MA ( — The death toll in the Boston Marathon bombings has increased to three people, according to the Boston Police commissioner.

“This cowardly act will not be taken within stride,” Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis told reporters this evening. “We will turn every rock over to find the people who are responsible for this.”

At least 133 people were injured, including several children with severe trauma, when bombs exploded almost simultaneously near the marathon finish line. Some of the injuries have been described as amputations and severe burns.

The FBI said it has taken charge of the investigation and has no suspect in custody.


  • Gata says:

    I hope this bombing does not create another anti Muslim backlash like the 9/11 bombings did. We must all live together peacefully.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    ….after the 9/11 MURDERS, it’s because all involved were Muslim Fundamentalist Saudi Nationals that proudly perfomed those murders in the name of Allah! They were all Muslim radicals hell-bent on destroying American freedom and murdered over 3000 innocent American people in the process. The 9/11 incidents were NOT “bombings”, the radicals flew our aircraft into our buildings and killed our innocent citizens while they were working. Brush up on the facts, brush up on history and forget the Kum-By-Yah crap!

    You damned tootin’ there was “anti-Muslim backlash”! That is a time that America will never, ever forget! You want to live in peace? Convince your people to start behaving like human beings with a little intelligence and compassion rather than rabid dogs without a purpose that like to kill fish in a barrel in a cowardly manner while wearing dresses instead of uniforms!

  • Vog46 says:

    9/11’s affects were far more devastating than anything else we’ve experienced. Personally I did have thoughts of Muslim reprisal but that has ebbed with time and knowledge.
    Did we foster anti American sentiments after Oklahoma City was bombed by Tim McVeigh?
    Anti Palestinian sentiment after the Munich Olympics?

    Time heals all wounds. Nationally we cannot allow ourselves to generate policies against a certain group of people. Our anti Japanese sentiment and the internment camps during WWII were a national embarrassment. We have come to recognize how wrong they were, policy wise.
    We are Americans – 9/11 strengthened our resolve but did not increase our hatred of any one particular group. We have decapitated the group responsible – at the waist.
    THAT is what Americans do.

    But if this was a domestic terrorist I want our court system to do it’s work.


  • Think says:

    have you read the Koran? Do you know what Muslims are to do to those who do not believe in their religion?

  • Native Wilmingtonain says:

    Please state the incident(s) that you refer to. In this case let us first find out who did it. Then, deal with them and all like them. Terror like crime is a world wide never ending struggle. If it is the radical Muslim element involved, I for one, would like to see CAIR and like minded organizations express condolences instead of tweeting “please don’t be a muslin”.

  • Allah Akbar says:

    Being a Muslim and a minority, it is easy to say we must all live together peacefully — from the comfort of the United States and the blanket of freedom we have. Try being a Christian in a Muslim country and saying the same thing.

    Muslims live pretty well in the U.S. They may all get painted with the broad brush stereotype by some (natural-defense mechanism considering history) and that is unfair, but I’m not planning any trips to heavily populated countries Muslim countries and talking about my individual rights.

    By and large, most Muslims want it both ways. We are a democratic republic…and most of their country’s are theocracies. No thanks.

    In a real sense of irony…the CAPTCHA on this comment I’m about to fire off is “pork pie!”

  • Vog46 says:

    Now, any time a crowd gathers they’ll be thinking abut today’s events. My youngest is a runner and I immediately thought of her when this happened.
    Boston’s a great city – yeah in spite of today’s events. It’s a city steeped in history, much like Philadelphia.
    You add that sense of history and an event that is so historic and you have the perfect situation for events such as today’s. I’m reminded of the Munich Olympics, sadly.
    I hope they catch whoever is responsible and publicly execute him/her (them) – and do it without remorse.


  • anne says:

    Funny how they chose the Boston Marathon day and April 15th – tax day – to choose to do this. Perhaps there is a message there.

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