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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Golf courses have long been a draw for the area's tourism industry. Despite the popularity, the PGA Tour has not come to Wilmington since 1970. But that could soon change.
In 2017 the PGA Championship will be held at Quail Hollow Golf Club in Charlotte. That means the annual Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow will need a temporary home.

"We do have many beautiful golf courses here in Wilmington. We have five public courses, and then several private courses, so golf is a big draw for a lot of people in the area," Connie Nelson of the Wilmington & Beaches Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

For the past six years "Golf Digest" has recognized Wilmington's Eagle Point Golf Club as one of the top 100 courses in America. Now the club is trying to lure the PGA onto its links for the 2017 Wells Fargo Championship.

"People would be staying not only in New Hanover County, but also the surrounding counties, so we would have hotels filled up from the river to the sea and beyond," Nelson said. "People would be dining in our restaurants, shopping in our retail shops and really the impact is going to be quite large if we can get it."

The StarNews reports PGA officials have toured Wilmington and Eagle Point, as well as courses in the Raleigh area searching for the best home for a tournament organizers say attracts 35,000 spectators a day.

Nelson says Wilmington would ace any opportunity.

"Success breads success, so if you have one successful event and everybody is happy and enjoys it, chances are they are going to be looking at that area again for a future event," she said.

Officials from Eagle Point Golf Club declined to comment for this story. They said they prefer to wait until PGA officials have made their final decision.

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  • Vog46

    However, the lack of nearby hotel rooms would be a concern by the PGA.
    It appears to be a great course and has got some great reviews but to stage an event of that caliber I’d suspect they’d want it to be in a location with amenities closer to the course.
    It would be an exciting event though.


  • SouthEastNC

    There aren’t many hotels near Sedgefield Country Club. Secure some areas not too far from the event for parking, and run shuttles to/from Eagle Point.

    This would be awesome.

  • SurfCityTom

    It is a great course. And no doubt, some planner will look at Augusta and assume the same actions taken there will work here.

    Big name players like Woods always rent a home for the week or 10 days they are in the area. Big time golf spectators, those who can charge the entire trip off as a business expense, will also rent a home for a week. Plenty of available homes in Porters Neck & on Figure 8 which would meet these needs.

    But, that’s the Masters which allows Augusta to rent homes for $10,000 for a week.

    This wil not be a Masters quality tournament; and as another noted, you will not see the really big names here; especially with a conflicting tour date in Charlotte for the same time frame.

    But, no doubt, someone will start planning without properly thinking this through. Not that different from the ballpark proponents.

    Plenty of time, though, for Berger to get his caddy training in. Plenty of time for the vendors to stock up on hot dogs and peanuts for Barfield.

  • Guest Reply

    Right you are Vog about the lack of housing for these Pro’s, plus for the audience from miles and miles away…unless they just want to come here to play/watch golf and shop :-( Charlotte on the other hand, is better equipped for such an event.
    I saw on the map where this golf course is, and the lack of room and board facilities in and around the area will kill it fairly quickly I’m afraid as well. Plus…this event, held the end of April/First of May, is on the skirts of the Player’s Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach,FL/The Heritage @ Hilton Head,SC, and the Big name golfers will be concentrating their efforts for those tournaments with one of the largest payouts on the PGA circuit at Sawgrass.
    The GGO (that used to be in Greensboro) lost big name golfers many times when it was scheduled (i.e.) around the time for The Masters and/or Harbour Town at Hilton Head,SC.
    Maybe they would consider holding the Wells Fargo event at Muni. It’s closer to town, plus not as far to drive for some of my friends that golf…HA! Muni “better soften” their greens though…hitting a 9 iron or wedge to a green only to watch the ball bounce straight up in the air and then off the back is/was always a disappointment. Scottish Golf huh?
    The other side here is…it usually rains here on weekends that time of the year :-(

  • Leroy

    Hey Vog, Maybe you and some of the other rich white folks, could have them stay in your houses

  • Guest Reply

    No story on The Masters tournament WWA+Y?
    By the by WWA+Y!
    Here’s what happened folks…somebody won! At least that’s something said.
    Jeeze Louise :-(

  • Don Ward

    Unless they use the nearby Porter’s Neck course for parking, parking could be a real problem for the 50,000+ spectators this kind of event attracts.

  • Vog46

    Is what this would be no doubt.
    Probably some European players would be involved. But these guys don’t earn near as much as the big boys do so I would suspect they would need hotel rooms as opposed to house rentals.
    A minor league tourney would still be a big deal but I doubt very much that it would lead to something more permanent.

    As for Berger? Maybe he’ll be a caddy but Woody White is studying the rule book in the hopes of becoming a tournament official.
    Mayor Poofy-Do tried to pass himself off as host of the tournament so as to get his countenance on TV handing over the trophy but some smart TV watchers called in claiming ‘foul’ because this is outside city limits.

    Golf is a strange game……….


  • fleebailey

    Why don’t you read the article before you make a post. This would be a one time only substitution for the Wells Fargo in Charlotte. Quail Hollow is hosting PGA Championship that year and cannot have two tournaments. The tournament would return to Quail Hollow in 2018. It would be one of the premier non-major events.

    Kiawah hosted the PGA Championship in 2012 with one road in and one road out.

  • fleebailey

    Of course it will not be as good as the Masters – no tournament is. The PGA held in Charlotte that year will be in August. The Wells Fargo is in May. That is not the same time frame.

  • Vog46

    I would be honored. However I am by no means rich, I’ve just been careful with my money.
    I would require some sort of compensation – and would accept garden time instead of money. The Mrs and I hosted 2 servicemen once for Thanksgiving dinner. (My kids were visiting in laws etc) They were wonderful company. One was from Hawaii the other from Nebraska. After dinner we walked outside with a beer. They noted the garden and the young man from NE grew up on a farm and had some wonderful suggestions for soil prep over the winter. Next thing I knew we’re all out there with hoes, shovels and rakes having a great time. Kinda put us in the mood for some pie…… (Both men BTW, sent written thank you notes to us for making them feel “at home” over the holiday – a wonderfully polite gesture).
    So I have no problem with taking a stranger in…….


  • Guest-o-matic

    …with a couple of spare Caddies and a Jag for them to use. Would YOU like a spot Leroy?

  • Leroy

    I think we will all be better off when Mr. Obama handles all your money,And he shares it with all of us, that can find better things to do than work

  • richs1

    Where will spectators park? Sitting in cars on Porters Neck road and Futch Creek road thats where! Only 2, two lane roads in and out of that area. No brainer! Logistic nightmare!

  • SouthEastNC

    Dang. I’m sure they’re looking into the logistics.

  • Raybo

    There were 2 Garden tour homes for the Azela festival on the block that Eagle Pont GC has its only entrance. There were probably some 500-700 people visiting over four days and the traffic and parking was a disaster for anyone living there,as well as the visitors. Thirty five thousand a day INSANE!

  • fleebailey

    An extensive transportation system would have to be set. At the 2005 US Open I had to park at least 5 miles away and be transported in. At the 2012 PGA Championship I had to park off the island and be transported in. The return trip was 90 minutes after being attacked by world class insects and 95 degree weather.

  • fleebailey

    If this happens, it will be in May. The GGO is still held. It is now the Wyndham and is played the week after the PGA. The Wells Fargo has been getting a wonderful field despite all the great events around it. Players could stay on Figure 8 in private homes. They would love playing here. I hope it happens. It is a one time deal. It could happen again if Quail Hollow gets a Ryder Cup, but that will be way in the future.


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