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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina business recruiters say a whopping package of about $100 million in state and local incentives to get MetLife Inc. to move 2,600 jobs to North Carolina could stall benefits for other companies or force lawmakers to loosen the rules.

State Commerce Department emails show recruiters knew their big offer to MetLife would consume a big chunk of the annual limits on how much money state officials could promise companies relocating to North Carolina. The emails were released this week after a public records request by The Associated Press.

A top state business recruiter said in emails that MetLife would use more than half of the annual $15 million cap in one incentive program, while pushing another disbursed at Gov. Pat McCrory’s discretion to near its limit.

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  • SurfCityTom

    transfer film industry incentives into the funds used for recruitment.

    Let’s see. Permanent jobs or short term, film industry jobs.

    Will common sense prevail?

  • Vog46

    Probably not.
    I have been tormenting some film people about these incentives.
    For film you get a 25% tax break I think after you spend $250,000 so opposed to full time job incentives the movies industry has to spend the money here before they get their incentives.
    But one guy used the $250K figure and I told him this:
    At 25% The state gave you $62k.
    In order to make that incentive back THAT crew on THAT movie would have to spend $1M at 6% sales tax
    It ain’t happening



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