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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A suspected drug dealer is behind bars after law enforcement carried out raids on his businesses and home.

After a three-month investigation by the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office, the SBI and Chadbourn Police, officers raided Harold’s Body Shop in Chadbourn and arrested its owner on a variety of cocaine related charges.

The raid came after multiple complaints from Chadbourn residents that there was suspicious activity at the body shop.

Columbus County Sheriff Chris Batten says that after being tipped off, undercover narcotics agents bought cocaine from the business.

Deputies arrested owner Larry McKenzie and charged him with five counts of possession, trafficking, and maintaining a business with the purpose to sell cocaine.

“He was a major player,” Sheriff Batten said. “There were several buys made from here that amounted up to several grams of cocaine, and it wound up showing us that he was a significant player in not only Chadbourn Police Department’s problem but in our county problem. ”

Bladen County Sheriff’s deputies also helped execute a search warrant at McKenzie’s home in Bladenboro.

Batten says evidence found during the raid could help them arrest several more people in the local cocaine trade.

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  • Guest-o-matic

    “Dear Lord,

    Please make sure that Larry gets fair and justified treatment in this case. Please evaluate the impact he had in others lives during the time he was an illegal drug dealer. Consider all the children affected by his willful providing of poison. Consider all of the families lost, homes lost, addicts that were created and all of the other lives that were otherwise ruined by Larrys actions as an marketing official for illegal drug sales and distribution. Larry only did this so he could have money and only used the lives of others for his personal greed and profit. Please take all of this in consideration of your judgement. We ask this in your name.


    An illegal drug dealer is at the same level as snake crap in a wagon wheel track! I only hope my prayer is answered!

  • SurfCityTom

    kevelar to promote that image of the crime fighting DA. He’ll be up for re-election in a couple of years unless he decides to follow Easley’s path to Raleigh.

  • GuestGhostofChristmasPast

    OMG! Can the Sheriff’s Department in Columbus County NOT handle a crime scene? Did Jon go to Hewett’s closet before he got to town? Oh! I forgot…..crime fighting DA new action figure, brains sold separately……… Can not wait for the Defense to call him as their first witness!

  • Guest4109

    It’s easy to sit here and talk about what happened but we need to be praying for Larry and his family instead of judging.

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