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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners met this afternoon to prepare for Monday’s meeting, where they plan to discuss ousting Brian Berger.

Among their issues with Berger is the county’s claim he owes money for hotel rooms he did not use at conferences in 2011.

Berger says he did use the rooms, for all the days he was supposed to. Today one of the hotels confirmed Berger’s version to WWAY.

Commissioners, though, say the issue goes well beyond a fight over money.

“Tough times call for tough actions, and this board is not going to sit by and see our staff continue to be harassed,” Vice Chair Beth Dawson said. “We are responsible for a safe, professional, non-harassing work place environment.”

County spokesmen Charles Smith says no one is allowed to comment on Berger’s issues until Monday after the meeting.

Berger was not at today’s agenda briefing.

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  • Guest757

    The county commissioners have to pick their battles.and make sure they have their facts right..

  • SouthEastNC

    He had an important business meeting

  • Vog46

    Of all the charges against Berger the money issues related to the hotel room were the charges that COULD have had the biggest consequence but the hotel backs up Berger’s claim. This item just blew up in White’s face.
    Now we have “he said, she said” charges and vague charges of not being effective etc etc.
    I have to wonder if Berger planned out this circus.
    I will say this – it is entertaining in a disturbing sick way.


  • SurfCityTom

    so they have already been proven wrong, apparently, regarding the money he alledgedly owed. What other errors might be found if this proceeds? And how long does the process take to bring about a decision. Remember, it will be a Superior Court Judge who decides the outcome.

    One question though. Unless he has changed residence again, he was living on Dock Street in the city. Is he eligible to remain on as a County Commissioner given his apparent city residence?

    If he is not, perhaps they are barking up the wrong tree and need to take an unemotional look at this.

  • Guest792e4

    Since the city is still part of the county, I don’t believe that his Dock Street address is an issue to hold office.

    Here is my issue: if California can recall a gov, why can’t we have a similar mechanism for a minor local official? Not just specifically for Berger but for all officials? We should set the bar very high for this but at least give us some recourse.

  • Guestnemesis

    Politics can be viscious but these folks take it to a new level.
    Dump this guy and then appoint their own stooge in his place.
    Sad thing about all this there is corruption here. Just see what is going on – they lied before and they will again. They would convict him- even though one jury already acquiteed him.
    Where was County Staff like Copley when his personnel records and info were stolen and offered to Star News as an exclusive?
    Seems to be a double standard here?

  • Vog46

    The money issue was the most serious issue and now its’ gone poof.
    ANY attorney worth his salt could delay, double speak, and otherwise raise hell on this case now.
    Banishment to the bench was the BEST punishment.
    Should be interesting


  • GuestReality

    The issue is more about Berger’s party change than being a city resident. The City of Wilmington is in New Hanover County, so that’s a moot issue; but Berger ran as a Republican and has now changed to Libertarian. The Libertarian Party had no candidates running for County Commissioner at that election; so since Berger is no longer a Republican, now the Republican party has no representative of their party as a County Comissioner anymore. Technically, they can replace Berger now with a new commissioner to fill his place.

    Berger may have just cut off his nose to spite his face. Works for me! That’s one way to get him off the board!

  • SurfCityTom

    you are correct. I believe you have to live outside the city, but in New Hanover County, to be a member of the County Commissioners.

    Seems to me there was some issue, prior to the last election over the residency of one of the candidates which led to her withdrawl.

    On the other point, do you honestly think the Legislature will enact a bill which would allow the removal of a Legislative member by any means other than deciding not to run, defeat at the polls, or death?

    No way will a bill allowing recall ever pass in this Legislature.

  • GuestO’Day

    Tom, the issue about the candidate who withdrew was that she was in fact a resident of Brunswick County and was attempting to use an apartment above her office as an apparent principal residence to take a vacant seat on the NHC Commission. As to eligibility for county office, a resident of Wilmington is able to hold county office.

  • Vog46

    The issue of residency regarded a person interested in running in NH County who clearly resided in Brunswick county. She then changed her primary residence to that of her law office even though she did not reside there.
    Melissa Gott or something like that?

    Berger IS legal to be on the comission


  • wilmconcerns

    White wants his puppet Wolf and a new one so he can sneak through deals for his buddies? He convicted this guy without a trial which for a lwayer like White says White is disgraceful! Then he quotes the HNC republican party- who is he kidding. We see through this- and if they ram this resolution throughthen maybe Gov. Mccrory should be asked to appoint a special counsel to investigate what is “really” going on here in Wilmington. You are right- White and Dawson are no more than political thugs! Shame on us if we tolerate there gross tactics and the possible misconduct of some on the county staff.

  • SurfCityTom

    change in party registration is an issue. Correct me if I am wrong. Did Sheriff Ingram not make his first run as a Democrat; was elected Sheriff as a Democrat; and then switched to the Republican Party after taking the oath of office?

    I think that is correct. The fact that the Republican Party may not have a representative on the County Commission is a moot point and has no relevance.


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