Flames destroy Oak Island home after neighbors call for help

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Submitted: Fri, 04/19/2013 - 6:11am
Updated: Fri, 04/19/2013 - 12:39pm

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — The Oak Island Fire Department responded to a home on East Pelican Drive just after 10 p.m. Thursday night.

Investigators say neighbors called for help after seeing smoke pour from the home.

Firefighters on scene said the home was unoccupied and no other homes in the area were damaged.

The blaze destroyed the home.

No word on the cause of the fire.


  • Beach Bum says:


    Paramedics unable to put out a house fire because they aren’t firemen?


    Maybe the beer drinking, womanizing, styling and profiling Fire Chief John House wasn’t so bad after all. At least he had the guts to fight fire…

    the right way.

  • QuietOne says:

    The headline makes it sound like “the neighbor’s called for help, but the fire dept let the house burn to the ground anyway.” The flames were probably destroying the inside of the house BEFORE the neighbors called, hence the thick smoke. They were just not visible at first. How about “neighbors call fire department too late to save house,” or “Fire department battles house fire after being called by neighbors.”

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