Watertown lockdown and manhunt hit close to home for WWAY

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Submitted: Sat, 04/20/2013 - 3:17am
Updated: Thu, 08/08/2013 - 4:23pm

WATERTOWN, MA (WWAY) — The tragedy of the Marathon bombings in Boston and the Watertown lockdown has hit close to home for WWAY.

Sarah Murphy has been keeping in contact with a friend who lives in Watertown and a former intern who works in the area, Friday evening.

When Sarah first talked to her friend Brendan Burke and our former intern, who did not want to be named for security reasons, they were both on edge about the lockdown and the manhunt going on in Watertown. Talking to them after the capture of Dzkokhar Tsaraev was a completely different story.

When investigators announced they had Tsaraev in custody Friday, Watertown residents felt a sense of relief.

“I couldn’t be happier, and the fact that they think he’s alive right now and you can get answers and pull as much information from him from his as possible; justice has been served,” said Burke.

Residents were also comforted to know that the streets are once again sound.

“It’s good to know the streets are safe and peace has been restored and we can go back to normal life,” said Burke.

Our former intern said she is at peace knowing that officials have Suspect 2 in custody, and that the search was not prolonged another day.

“When it’s dark out it’s easier for him to move around and maybe hide, or go to a different location. I am just so thankful, not only for me, but for everyone in the greater Boston area that they can sleep easier tonight without thinking that this crazy person, who potentially has a ton of bombs and gun fire on him, is roaming,” she said.

Burke and our former intern are both looking forward to Boston resuming to its normal routine.

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2015 years 8 months ago

Credits Karl Denninger via The Market Ticker.org

Credits.. http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=219969

I have a general policy that when something pisses me off enough to want to throw things at my TV I go have a drink and refuse to write on it until having slept first.

Sometimes I wake up with a different perspective.

And sometimes not.

This is one of the “nots.”

Last night, unless you live in a cave, you know that the second bombing suspect was captured alive. The first one died from a combination of bullets and being run over by his brother in a carjacked vehicle trying to escape.

Yeah, that really nice kid who we now have in custody ran over his brother.

But let’s take a look at the facts, shall we?

Such as the fact that despite every news anchor and many of the people in Boston pumping their fists and screaming “USA!” along with lauding law enforcement, the fact is that law enforcement could not find its ass with both hands.

It doesn’t stop there. Oh no, by effectively occupying a part of the Boston metro area they made an utter mockery of the 4th Amendment. There was no “hot pursuit” and thus no argument available to them allowing searches of private property without consent or a warrant. Not only did they search without a warrant there were multiple reports through the day of seizure of firearms, among other things.

The Constitutional Rights of an entire town, some 30,000 residents, were wantonly and outrageously violated yesterday, yet not one media outlet is focusing there.

Nor are they focusing on the fact that after a full day of undeclared and illegal martial law, complete with “papers please”, unconstitutional searches and seizures and military hardware and weapons all over the streets (heh Barack, what was that crap about “weapons of war”?) the cops FAILED to find the jackass.

Instead, within a half-hour of the “can’t find our ass with both hands” cops giving up on locking down the town an ordinary citizen finds the bad guy in his boat.

In 30 minutes “We the people” do what thousands of cops spending millions of dollars and violating the rights of every citizen in the town could not and the people did it without all that fancy military hardware too.

So what do the cops do? They shoot at and destroy the boat, of course, in “convincing” the bad guy to come out. Boats you see, must not have extra holes in them or they don’t float very well. The cops added many extra holes and a few flash-bangs to the mix too, despite knowing that the vessel had a full tank of fuel on board and might catch on fire or explode. It didn’t, fortunately, but that’s small consolation to the owner who is almost-certain to see both the city refuse to pay for the damage and his insurance company refuse to cover it too (look in your policy; in general such “acts of war, declare or undeclared” are considered non-covered perils.) Never mind that the guy actually doing the warlike things (the terrorist) didn’t cause the damage — the cops did.

Was there anything the cops did right? Well, yeah, I suppose. Their fancy FLIR gear on the chopper, once pointed out where to look by the homeowner, did detect the heat of the jackass in the boat. Ok. Wow man, technology. I’m supposed to be impressed by this after the specific location of the bad guy was pointed out by the homeowner who saw him in the boat and called the police?


Massive, outrageous, millions of dollars in overtime and worthless hardware FAIL, to go along with a citizenry that cowered in abject fear of a couple of jackasses.

Not only did the terrorists win they learned that we’re cowards. We will hide in the closet shaking like a leaf in a hurricane and let them get away for hours or even days instead of going about our business, observing what’s different, reporting what doesn’t make sense and arming ourselves so we can defend ourselves if, in the gravest extreme, they decide to do so something outrageous.

Massachusetts has some of the “toughest” gun laws in the nation. They are an abject failure as well. In 1998 they were passed and signed by a Republican. The state went from 1.5 million active gun licenses to under 200,000. Not only did murders double from 1998 to 2011 and robberies increase by more than 20% but the state was just targeted by two murderous jackasses who blew up a number of innocent people. The national murder and violent crime rate, on the other hand, has been falling since the early 1990s. Gee, you don’t think the lack of people’s ability to defend themselves might have something to do with all that, do you? Don’t expect the media to call Massachusetts or its former governors on this fact and its contribution to the blown-off legs of the victims at the Marathon.

I’m glad the remaining bastard suspect (remember, he’s a suspect until proven guilty in a court of law) has been caught and will face trial. I’m of mixed view whether or not he should be considered an ordinary criminal or an enemy combatant. We don’t know enough to make that call here and now in the general public. What we do know is that the FBI knew damn well that the older brother was a problem and had been watching him and worse, they lied about it when asked by the media, denying they had contact with him until the family went public with the facts.

We have learned many things over the last week, and none of them are good. We have learned that an entire major city is full of ?@%&^* who will hide in the closet rather than sling a rifle or holster a pistol and go about their business, refusing to be cowed by a couple of murderous jackasses. We have learned that the FBI will and does lie to the public and only stops lying when called on it in the media. Just as before 9/11 when the FBI knew damn well that the towelheads were buying simulator time with thousands of dollars in cash and not wanting to know how to land and did nothing with the information to interdict the jackasses who would use that knowledge to murder 3,000 people this time around they knew there was a problem as well and tried to lie about it. This in turn means that if they come talk to you you must assume they’re going to lie as well — and maybe lie about what you tell them. This makes it downright stupid for you to help law enforcement in any way, and that makes us all far less safe if for no other reason than repeatedly-demonstrated and very-official gross negligence. Never mind that the younger brother appears to have a nice online history too which was also ignored and he was actually out partying in the local area after the bombing. We have learned that the older of these two clowns had a domestic violence history which made him eligible to be deported and we did nothing to revoke his green card, thereby effectively giving him license to commit his murders. We naturalized the younger brother despite knowing the above. We have government agents sticking their hands down the crotch of 80 year old dying Grandmas with leukemia in airports, fondling her adult diaper instead of interdicting jackasses like this. We have learned that two young men willing to die for their alleged belief that 27 virgins await them in paradise (who I suspect are both male and literal gorillas, if they exist at all) can shut down all economic activity among a city of millions and strand thousands more, which means that fewer than a hundred said jackasses could literally destroy our economy. If you think I’m divulging some “state secret” by mentioning this you’re not very bright either; we televised this fact all day, on every channel, throughout Friday. We learned that thousands of cops, despite being all geared-up and full of %?#, can’t find one jackass that the people can and do locate in a half hour with no special training and no fancy hardware. We also learned that in a real assault the so-called “good guys” will wear digital camo in an urban environment that sticks out like a sore thumb against everything in the area. FAIL!

And finally we learned that The Constitution is used toilet paper and a fetid relic of our former (and now-shelved in favor of American Idol) imagination, and that the founders who fought just miles from where this took place are looking down on us in shame from heaven — we no longer merit the nation they left us.

Wake up America — if our nation can be said to still exist.

2015 years 8 months ago

I posted my comment about your first comment. That before your second post was published…I just read your second. I damn near jumped up in front of my computer AND GAVE YOU A STANDING OVATION!! As Dino Costa would say on his radio show….OOOHHHH!!!! Guy(Guest6969696969)…It would be a pleasure to sit down and drink a beer with you ANYDAY…I’M BUYING!!!!!

2015 years 8 months ago

You summed it up pretty well, and I am willing to bet that it went straight over the heads of the majority of “LIB’S” heads, but the fact is an entire city was brought to it’s knee’s by 2 basically kid’s and after god know’s how much money was spent in the end it was not law enforcement that brought this madness to an end, it was neighbor looking after neighbor, and the bottom line is law enforcement actually failed us, the same way it did with the events leading up to 9/11 or Ft Hood, or Columbine, Va. Tech or Sandy Hook, these people were already known to be a problem and were just ignored, it’s disappointing thinking that these illegal immigrants are going to keep being emboldened and praying upon the citizen’s of this country that are just going about our daily lives.

2015 years 8 months ago

I hope you have a blog and I find it very soon.

2015 years 8 months ago


Guest Reply
2015 years 8 months ago

1. What’s your point Guest6969696969?
2. Forget the in depth news…we don’t even know what happened to the ones responsible for the explosives found in the Monkey Junction Warehouse…do we?

Liberty not safety
2015 years 8 months ago

I say get out fascist and wise up sheep! Right on with this story my friend. This door to door search was a trial baloon. Watch and see what happens next.

2015 years 8 months ago

Scott Pickey, & WWAY, Please tell the *real* story…
The FBI was notified of at least ONE of these *terrorist’s* several years ago, (by the Russian .Gov), yet chose to give these 2 brothers “Green Cards”…
Do some REAL, reporting, Ask WHAT happened to that Saudi National that was “suddenly” Deported?

Secondly, the People “Cheering”, that the alphabet agencies “caught” this 19 year Old *PUNK*, Whilst, Declaring un-official *MARTIAL LAW*, Running/Ruling the streets with APC’s, Armored vehicle’s, ARMED to the teeth, while SEARCHING Door to Door, pulling Citizen’s from their homes at GUN-POINT; without a search Warrant, (DAMN the 4th? right?)..
Rumors of Gun/Weapon confiscation’s in the process, (DAMN the 2nd Right?)…

While shutting down the ENTIRE City? Ordering People to stay indoors? COWERING in FEAR? Are they SHEEP up there?
ALL Boston needed then, was nice warm Box-Cars, Lordy, Maybe Not even heated, rounded up and sent to “Name your Camp/Gas Chamber”.

PRAY to GOD, I hope, should THIS happen in ILM/N.C. ; A CITIZEN Whom spotted something amiss in His/hers boat has grown a set, approached that boat with a WEAPON, via the Second, and SHOT that MF’er On site, with OUR Castle Doctrine Law on the books … NOR allow, People of ILM/N.C.,, what happened in BOSTON, which effectively is NOW a POLICE State…… Our Constitution; was SHREDDED in Apprehending this TERRORIST, That, OUR GOVERMENT Gave a “green Card” too AFTER being WARNED by the Russian .Gov,, While OBAMBA wants to spout His trap about “diversity”, In Addition giving to AMESTY to ILLEGALS currently in this country?? A Terrorist, (that the FBI was watch for 3-5 years?),,,That the Alphabet Agencies DID NOT Find, YET, One vigilant Lone Citizen did… As it should be, in some cases…. Instead a *Mandatory* home to Home search’s? Again forget the 4th right?

Folks, as this went on, the LEFT/Progressives/Statist’s were slobbering all over Themselves, HOPING it was some Right-Wing “extremists”, Only to find out, these two Yahoo’s were in FACT, Foreign born MUSLIM TERRORIST’s, from Chechnya, with links to the volatile North Caucasus region…. Givin a Green Card, via Asylum into OUR Country.. THANK YOU? with all Due respect, President ZERO…
This isn’t BUSHES Fault, this happened on YOUR Watch, OWN-up, Man-up, admit YOUR Mistake!
Meanwhile, elsewhere in Obama’s Home Town, HOW many “Flash Mob’s” happened, or will happen in the coming weeks by “youth’s”, on the 3-mile, or else where in the country? How many MURDERS & Or innocent by-standers SHOT, in Commission of Crimes in a GUN-FREE cities over this week-end? Will the Federal .Gov “Lock-Down” Chicago when these “youth’s” “flash-Mob”, Going “Door to Door” (to H**L with the 4th), Apprehending them also? I think NOT…
Folks, People of Wilmington, AND N.C., I HOPE WE have a “set” NOT to let this happen here…. Laying down COWERING like SHEEP… Scared of the BOOGIE-MAN, a 19 year old PUNK…

Too the people of BOSTON, I hope your proud, very PROUD, becoming in effect a Police State, RUN by Statist’s… Or in other words, Nanny State… You bunch of SHEEP….
Where have I seen or read this in past HISTORY? Disarmament of the People, First, under the Guise of Protecting you? OH! Wasn’t that the beginnings of,,, lets see; NAZI Germany? Or was it under Stalin?
Take your pick Folks, Fascism or Marxism, or What Our Founding Fathers chose, a Constitutional Republic! FREEDOM….
Thomas Jefferson once said, I quote,
**“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” **

Scoot Pickey; I challenge YOU AND your news reporters; Report the REAL news, Dig for real facts, NOT what comes off the LEFTIST/Propaganda newswire(s), USE Critical thinking… WE the PEOPLE deserve BETTER…
Signed; a TRUE American….

2015 years 8 months ago

While I agree with you on many points, like the trampling of the 4th amendment, if that indeed happened, and locking down an entire city and then missing the suspect who was only a block and a half out of the police perimeter, I don’t agree with a homeowner approaching a desperate criminal. Castle Doctrine or not, let the police do what they are paid to do. Suppose it had been a homeless, harmless individual seeking shelter in the boat. I don’t think the CD would have covered the homeowner’s tail had he just shot the intruder who meant no harm. Our nation needs to be much more selective who we let cross our borders, like almost every other country in the world. Get rid of those who come here illegally or who want to do harm or live off our taxes without putting anything back into the system. Just glad all this is over…….for now.

2015 years 8 months ago

Your ideas intrigue me and I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Guest Reply
2015 years 8 months ago

“It did not his close to home…”
That threw the rest of your point to the way side.

2015 years 8 months ago

You are only trying to insert yourselves into the story because that’s what the media does. Once again, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

2015 years 8 months ago

It hit ‘close to home’ because somebody that works there knows somebody that lives there and something about an intern?

You’ve got to be kidding me. This is nothing but a lame attempt to somehow link yourself to this madness.

Hopefully your employee makes it through this alright and doesn’t wind up with PTSD.

Quite sad and pathetic really.

2015 years 8 months ago

This “former intern” must be something. “did not want to be named for security reasons”? What is the issue? Are they on the run for having done some investigative reporting while they were here? The person who turned in the kid when they were hiding in their boat has “security issues”, and their name got out, which I really don’t agree with.

2015 years 8 months ago

wow…WOW. ’nuff said by someone who gets it!! I would like to think the majority in this country gets it as well. It’s only because the MAIN STREET MEDIA gives credence to mostly freedom surrendering socialist liberals. Thank god at least enough people in congress felt the heat of the true American spirit in that ludicrous gun ban and grab bill that they wanted to run down our throats. Don’t think these zealots in DC including “your” guy in the White House won’t stop at nothing to ram their radical ideology down your throat whether you like it or not…and be damned the constitution as well..they know best! You are right to raise the red flag on citizens sitting idly by and letting our God given rights to be stripped away by these power hungry politicians in which our fore fathers so vehemently warned us about. If they had their way today…these libs would rip the constitution to shreds, burn it and apply their governmental policies to control your life as they see fit. Great job on that comment Guest69. HOLD THEIR FEET TO FIRE!!

2015 years 8 months ago

What hits close to home is the numerous bombs that were found in Wilmington storage units, but you don’t hear about that on the national news. The mainstream media seems to have a fascination with the northeast region of our country and tends to blow things out of proportion. The numerous bombs found in Wilmington had the potential to be rather devastating. And to echo another poster’s sentiments, we weren’t on lock-down and our law enforcement and local leaders didn’t feel the need to trample on our rights. So, it can be done.

Can anyone explain to me why the Boston bombers are considered terrorists and the Fort Hood shooter is not?

2015 years 8 months ago

The last time I checked, the so-called bombs in the Wilmington storage unit did not blow up anything, nor was anyone hurt or injured, nor was the perpetrator involved in a late-night shoot-out carjacking/getaway in an effort to avoid being arrested by police. You can’t exactly compare that to the Boston bombing where multiple people were killed and suffered life-altering injuries.

2015 years 8 months ago

I will try to explain as best as I know.
The Ft Hood shooter was a military man and therefore is subjected to the military code of Justice (MCJ or MJC). They are subjected to specific laws related to military operations, and their interaction with civilian laws.s

Now you have these guys in Boston.
They are citizens of the U.S. – and therefor protected by Constitutional rights. However, these rights can be suspended either permanently or temporarily under certain conditions as indicated by anti terror legislation passed after 9/11.
In other words we (the AG) has the choice but it is a limited choice.
First and foremost they are citizens – not military personnel so it boils down to terrorist or not?
Anti combatants used to be defined as enemy soldiers but after 9/11 that “COULD NOW INCLUDE” terrorists.
Indications are that these guys may have acted alone – with the older brother driven to this by secular Islamic beliefs turning him Anti-American. The younger brother is believed to have followed his older brother – as is required by fundamentalist Islamics – who believe older is wiser and therefore the oldest brother is the wisest in the family when the father is not around.
So it boils down to terrorists or mass murders?
Since they killed ONE LEO and critically wounded another it’s a capital crime no matter what.
In my simple mind it gets to which book do we throw at them?
And who throws the switch on the electric chair?
But in the Ft Hood case the Military Code of Justice does not recognize terrorist as the MCJ is separate law, applicable to military personnel only (I think)
Clear as mud?
It is to me too!

2015 years 8 months ago

Guest2020: Can anyone explain to me why the Boston bombers are considered terrorists and the Fort Hood shooter is not?

Sir/Madam, I’m curious ALSO, why isn’t this person considered a *Enemy* Combatant/TERRORIST, It went on Forgotten, On-wards to the NEXT News Cycle…. NO In-Depth reporting!!!

Or Consider THIS, ACCORDING to OUR Constitution/UCMJ, He Should Be Charged with TREASON, A SPY? (with MUSLIM Ties right?, Does that NOT count as being the Enemy,*CULT*, Ji-Hiad; WE as a Nation are with/at WAR with?)
He should, be Givin; a QUICK PUBLIC TRIAL, too be fair right? /sarc… Taken Immediately out back and SHOT….


1. What’s your point Guest6969696969?

Cannot you read My post, AND a *guest Post*, Linked?
OR do I need to Go LINE BY LINE, holding your biddy biddy hand?

Pull yourself up by your BOOTSTRAPS, Tell the Nanny State to go to Hell, Take Fricken Responsibility for yourself AND Your Family/Neighbor(s)….

Again reading Comprehension Problems HERE Folks….

2. Forget the in depth news…we don’t even know what happened to the ones responsible for the explosives found in the Monkey Junction Warehouse…do we?

In My previous *RANT*, WHY Hasn’t WWAY et al, “Followed” the the trail? What Happened? WHOM, was the “Bomber”? WHAT KIND of *explosives*, if any, were found? What about all those Expensive Land Rovers?

Opps NEXT News Cycle.. **A.I.** is ON……

This is WHY, I “Challenged” WWAY/Scott “Scoot”, (Hey! a new N-N!)Pickey, and the “News Team”, to “dig” for the “Fact’s” instead of Copy/Pasting second Hand National News, coming off the LEFTEST, Propaganda News wires.. PLEASE do some,,,, (fact-checking & Editing..)
How’s about SERIOUS Question(s), facts & Figures, such as CFPUA’s DEBT & Cost(s)?? VS, Current Cost’s/Outlay’s, Salaries’ etc?


So, Onwards,,, We HAVE Guest350 crying here……
While, I agree for a UN-ARMED person doing what you Implied in your first part of your post…NO-ONE! That I DO NOT approve of is going to be in MY BACK-YARD, With-out MY express/Castle-Doc permission…..
End of Story…..

Castle Doctrine or not, let the police do what they are paid to do. Suppose it had been a homeless, harmless individual seeking shelter in the boat. I don’t think the CD would have covered the homeowner’s tail had he just shot the intruder who meant no harm.

Again I’m not quite sure where Guest350 Is from, Maybe the Mass-ass-hole area… THIS Don’t happen in the SOUTH…

Tell ya what, YOU just said **It’s OK too STAY IN MY HOME/BACKYARD**, I hope every HOMELESS Person in ILM Saw that… WHAT say YOU when there are a few? They are NOT there to take from you/Family, Ya think? Or maybe harm you? YOU gonna feed them? Let them harvest YOUR Garden? Ya think?

I’m NOT… Theres places like the Good Shepard they can go to….

Then you say,,,,,

Our nation needs to be much more selective who we let cross our borders, like almost every other country in the world. Get rid of those who come here illegally or who want to do harm or live off our taxes without putting anything back into the system.

(I would say “more” but…..)

Your almost seeing the light……
ARM yourself, take PERSONAL responsibility…..
God, LIFE, Liberty,… FREEDOM….
Molon Abe

Guest Reply
2015 years 8 months ago


1. What’s your point Guest6969696969?

Cannot you read My post, AND a *guest Post*, Linked?
OR do I need to Go LINE BY LINE, holding your biddy biddy hand?” (Unquote)

To be honest Guest6969696969…I quit reading your explosive rant after your 1st paragraph on your 1st ranting session, envisioning you in front of your computer about to blow your blood vessels skywards, over something you are over angry about…because you can’t touch it, but rant like a human time bomb fisting the table in front of you.
Henceforth…”What’s Your Point?”

2015 years 8 months ago

Henceforth…”What’s Your Point?”

When You or your extended Family are subjected to warrantless searches, Banning Personal Defense, (GUNS), Demanded, Your papers Please, then herded into Cattle Cars, you’ll know what I mean…
No exploding blood vessel’s here, Nor fist clenching, yelling nor screaming..

You’re Right, though, I cannot Touch it, you cannot touch it, THEY cannot touch it..(though; THEY are trying Damn hard)….
It’s called OUR GOD-GIVIN Constitutional Rights, that Our Founding Fathers set-out For US…
Freedom & Liberty
Molon Abe

Guest Reply
2015 years 8 months ago

You know Guest6969696969…there’s a 19 year old terrorist held captive for crimes beyond imagine, and his partner got what he deserved for his crimes as well…and you act and sound as though the victims are us sitting at home waiting for the Nazi Party to come and take us away…in cattle cars??? You’ve lost your mind dude!
You have strayed from the issue at hand as to why the Boston Police did what they did…but it worked didn’t it?…and now this 19 year old man can be held accountable for his crimes to the full extent of the law. But wait…people in Boston were subject to their homes/properties searched to catch this guy…and the people in Boston (and me) are happy…and all you can do is rant and rave about how this criminal was caught.
A bit of advice…hide your IP Address on your computer as best you can…or they will be after you in a New York minute.
Oh No…now you have that to bitc* about. Well have at it.
The survivors of the bombings in Boston would look at your remarks as though you were off center just a bit…and most of the world would too.
Have fun in your paranoid world…and be sure NOT to let anyone in…and keep your doors dead bolted as best you can!

2015 years 8 months ago

Guest Reply, good responses! 69guy is channeling Karl Denninger along with King Leonidas I. OK, I knew already who Denninger is but I had to look up the “molon labe” phrase.

Guest 1492
2015 years 8 months ago

I knew someone from Boston once …….

2015 years 8 months ago

the 4th protects us against UNREASONABLE search. Court cases have demonstratated that the singular word UNreasonable is the key.
We had an armed and dangerous subject – possibly armed with explosives along with handguns. The police DID establish a 20 block perimeter around the area where the gunfight started (where subject #1 was killed) and they announced they would search those homes.
The house where subject #2 was found was just outside the perimeter if memory serves me correctly.
As for gun seizure? Tread carefully on this one. Most credible sources indicate this did NOT happen. Most folks in Watertown are probably thankful that police did in fact search their homes and gave them the all clear.
I am glad this is over but sorry that it happened.
As for these guys becoming citizens or getting cards? It would appear as though they followed the EXISTING rules – never mind any proposed immigration reforms.

I have mixed emotions about what happened in Boston and I’m not sure if this kid should be tried as an enemy combatant or put through our judicial system. Both have pro’s and con’s.
Most legal experts I saw on TV indicated the searches without warrants were justified by the situation. If I accept that then the 4th as not trampled over. If it were me? I’d welcome them with open arms to search my home to give me peace of mind – and I am armed. I would offer coffee to them as well.
Oh and I don’t think they guy will have to worry about his boat. Many donations have poured into fund raising sites to offset medical expenses for the marathon bombing. I would venture a guess to say this guys boat will get fixed or replaced by the generosity of ordinary Americans from Boston to Santa Monica California and everywhere in between…..


2015 years 8 months ago

So, every time there is a manhunt for a suspect who is considered armed and dangerous, we should just lie down and let the government have its way with us? How many of these manhunts go on in the country every year and you don’t have the police searching every house. I have seen reports on Wilmington’s news stations of some of these hunts and I don’t see the police officers knocking on every door and searching. Unless the people subject to these searches were relatives or known associates of the suspect, then the police did not have probable cause that constitutes a reasonable search. I am a law-abiding citizen who is not willing to let the police into my home just because they want to search. Just because I have nothing to hide, that doesn’t mean I should willingly surrender my rights.

2015 years 8 months ago

For that inevitable day when a news organization puts a drone in the sky to give us unlimited shots from above.
That day is coming and soon.
Something like this Watertown thing will be viewed from above with no holds barred.


2015 years 8 months ago

it’s just a matter of the drone cost and maintenance costs being reduced to a level which the local media can afford.

The technology is already there. In fact, in one of Tom Clancey’s later novels, the US Government uses drone feeds onto You Tube and other social media to bring down the Chinese Government. I believe that was in “The Bear and the Dragon” if memory serves me correctly.

You’d have to be careful using it locally. Berger might claim he saw a flying object or it was sending sending lazer rays into his skull. Or Barfield might claim it contributes to appetite cravings. Or the Wilmington Mayor might fear hair loss.

2015 years 8 months ago

DOABLE NOW! Waiting for the FAA rules on UAV’s to come down.

2015 years 8 months ago

But at least we’d get to know where Jonathan eats (How many all you can eat buffets are there in town?). Woody White would also get real time imagery of where Berger’s drinking when he goes out.

I am also wondering about the drones being used by the LEOs, and I wonder if this would have been all over after the shootout? Put a drone up there with heat sensing technology and you would have spotted #2 that same night.
I believe there’s proposed legislation here in NC to prevent that very thing.
It’s an interesting constitutional question….

2015 years 8 months ago

might want to guess again on an explosion, small one though it might have been.

And, perhaps nothing more severe occurred because they caught that little old bomb maker before he could detonate any more of them.

2015 years 8 months ago

This is exactly what I have been wondering – why did they not use bloodhounds to search for him, instead of physically entering every house?

>How many of these manhunts go on in the
>country every year and you don’t have the
>police searching every house.

Something is just not right here.