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Supporters of film industry rally downtown


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- With only two days notice, supporters of Wilmington's film industry attracted thousands of people downtown to rally against possible changes in the state's film incentives.

A bill, co-sponsored by two local lawmakers, Rep. Rick Catlin (R-20th District) and Rep. Chris Millis (R-16th District), has folks concerned about the future of the industry. It would stop the refundable portion of the state's film tax credit, potentially pushing big productions like "Iron Man 3" away from Hollywood East.

"It would make sense that people who live in this community, that they should be able to plainly see the benefits of the film industry and the number of people who work in the film industry," Screen Gems Executive Vice President Bill Vassar said.

Supporters say it is an industry that provides Wilmington with jobs and revenue, and a bill that would leave Wilmingtonians jobless.

"I'm a talent agent," said Susan Walters of STW Talent. "I represent about 250 actors here in the Wilmington area. That is a lot of jobs that would be lost. Not to mention my own."

Local leaders, including Rep. Ted Davis (R-19th District) and Sen. Thom Goolsby (R-9th District), were at the rally. They say it is important to educate those in Raleigh, and that they will keep fighting for the film industry.

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wow. you clearly don't know

wow. you clearly don't know anything about the film industry.
excuse me but working in film is a "REAL" JOB. have you ever worked on a film set? I guess not, because if you did you would see that crew members work 14 hours + days sometimes 6 days a week. It is very HARD work. I would like to see that up against your "REAL" job.

You Skippy!!!

You daggone skippy I worked in film. I was an extra on Matlock, Firestarter and The Millers! I saw all my 'extra' colleagues at the rally. They work 8-12 hrs a day for about $55.00. My real job is a school teacher. I am the one pouring my life into everybody's kids for hardly no money why we send all this money to the film companies. Pay a teacher, a fireman, a cop...and sit down, hush up, move to Hollywood if you want to work in film... and quit ruining my life...John Boy and Billy- ya'll have a good day now ya hear.

The average teacher pay in

The average teacher pay in North Carolina is around $46,000.00 per year. The average salary of all employees in North Carolina is around $41,000.00 per year. Teachers get summers off, Christmas break, spring break and numerous other days during the year off. Elementary school teachers even get their own lackeys to do all the menial work that the teachers cannot be bothered with. Employees who are not teachers get maybe two weeks for vacation and some even get holidays. People who are not teachers get fired for poor performance, but teachers tend to keep their jobs regardless of how horrible they are. And a majority of the workforce who aren't teachers, do their own grunt work. So, please don't sit here and whine about how bad you have it. You are better off than most people.

Now, Delphine... Matlock

Now, Delphine... Matlock ended its run in 1995, Firestarter was released in 1984. Surely your wages have gone up since then. Meet the Millers paid minimum wage of $7.25 per hour for an 8 hour day to its extras, any overtime would have been compensated at time and a half according to law.

So, you're a teacher? Please be kind enough to recheck your poetic license. I think it may have lapsed.

Poetic enough?

Now guest o the day, what's wrong with you,
Are you jealous that I was in a movie or two?
994 is a bill that we need,
to curb the infestation of Hollywood Greed.
Don't be a hater just because we don't agree
and enjoy reading Delphine's bit of poetry!

Get over yourself

You hit the nail on the head. M. Z. is so jealous of you because you had a bit part as an extra on a couple of film projects. Give me a break! I am so glad that you are not teaching my kids.

Film incentive

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about!!! If you take what the film haters say as truth . You never will , you will always. be ignorant!

All of nothing

The economic benefit of a production far exceeds the amount of the tax credits. Salaries pay bills, which pay more salaries - dollars turn over multiple times. If we don't provide the incentives the productions (and jobs, and resulting economic benefit) will go elsewhere. So we can choose to get most of something by giving a bit back or we can have all of nothing by driving the productions away.

The answer seems obvious to me.

I'm in no means against film

I'm in no means against film production or green energy or the arts or whatever, what I am against is anything that is "TAXPAYER SUDSIDIZED", including farm subsidies, what this state needs to concentrate on is being citizen and business friendly, is it any surprise that SC and surrounding states are attracting all the business's?


" is it any surprise that SC and surrounding states are attracting all the business's?"

What is surprising is that no one looks at HOW generous SC's incentives can be:

There is no state property tax"

Hmmm I don't believe there's one in NC either we'll call this a tie.

South Carolina taxes corporate income at a 5% flat rate, one of the lowest in the Southeast."
NC taxes business income at 6.9% - not as friendly as SC but not bad either.

"A variety of business types that create at least 10 new jobs in a year may qualify for a Jobs Tax Credit. This credit against an employer’s income tax liability varies from $1,500 to $8,000 per job created (depending on a number of variables) and can eliminate up to 50% of the employer’s income tax liability."

Interesting. If I hold the jobs threat over SC's head I can get $8,000 per job. 1,000 gets me $8M. Gov McCrory just gave $100M, thats right $100 MILLION dollars for up to 2600 jobs to MetLife or about $38,000 per job.

Here's the rub for me. Besides picking and choosing winners and losers the states are setting a up a system whereby businesses are setting up legal and government approved entitlement programs in order to lure businesses here.
I say reduce the corporate tax - heck eliminate it. But do NOT give an incentives above that. If NC still cannot attract businesses then we have to take along look at other areas to see why.
This bidding process pits one state against another and in the end the states suffer financially.
The work force, our education system and local amenities should attract businesses here - not government bribes


Vog, another factor in

Vog, another factor in business friendliness is the fuel tax. NC ranks 8th highest in the nation at 37.8 cents per gallon. SC is 47th at 16.8 cents.


I agree.

Might be a good thing. Why

Might be a good thing. Why make fat cats fatter? If tax breaks are given, let the taxpayers that deserve them get them.

We will never see a tax

We will never see a tax brake. And if we do how much 1dollar 5 dollars a year big deal. If the film production company gets 10 million for spending 100 million instate I will be glad to pay my 5 dollars extra a year. The money from the films are so wide spread in to the community its unlike any other business. Chris and Rick just wAnt to move the money into one of there sp interest fund so they then can turn around and pad someone's pocket that helped them get elected . Everyone says the we could use the money for education come on, really Were's all the money form the lotto. They take it out of the education fund to pay something else and then use something like this to say we could use the money to pay teachers please. Tell them to stop robbing us.

it might be a good thing

it might be a good thing that many NC film people will be unemployed???? How would you like it if you had a skill and took the jobs from you?
you're an idiot.

You're the idiot for not

You're the idiot for not having the skills to have a real job. Guess some are happy to work hit and miss jobs and draw welfare and unemployment between gigs. As for the guy that mentioined giving back a percentage of money already spent would not cost taxpayers anything, where do you think the money will come from to replace what was given back to the film industry?

Every year I get a tax

Every year I get a tax refund. Where does that money come from? It comes from the money that I paid in during the year. So if the film industry is getting back a portion of the money that they put in, then it is obvious that the money comes from them. It's not rocket science.