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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Today New Hanover County Commissioners voted in support of a resolution that would keep the film incentives as is.

The New Hanover County Commissioners join Wilmington City Council as local leaders who support the film industry in North Carolina and oppose Bill 994.

The proposed bill would get rid of the refundable portion of North Carolina’s film tax credit.

Two local sponsors of the bill, Representatives Rick Catlin and Chris Millis have not been available for comment other than emailed statements.

County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield thinks Catlin and Millis should come out of hiding.

“As a public server, in my opinion, there’s an old phrase, you’ve got to man up. You know when you say it, stand by what you said,” said Barfield.

Over the weekend hundreds gathered in Downtown Wilmington to rally against possible changes in the film incentives.

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  1. SurfCityTom

    all the local rhetoric in the world will not sway the legislature.

    Do your homework. Specificaly, how many dollars were spent in other parts of the state. Identify the Legislators whose districts benefited.

    Then get up to Raleigh while the Legislature is still in session. Get up there every week; make your case to the Legislators who have seen their districts gain.

    Every week, be vocal. If you can’nt go every week; then set up a schedule so someone is at the Legislature weekly.

    Send the Mayor; send literate city and county commissioners. Don’t send Barfield, he’ll switch positions more often than a dog scratches itself. Send Berger; he’s so wacky, they might take him into custody and hold him pending a psychiatric examination.

    For that matter, send the Wilmington Film Commission guy. Johnny “What’s his name”. He pulls down over $100K a year; the city subisdizes the film commission. Get his body up there and keep it there until this is resolved.

    Local gatherings will not have much impact on this.

    Sorry, but that is the way the legislature works. Why do you think there are so many high paid lobbyists in Raleigh during the legislative sessions?

  2. Vog46

    Send Hinnant
    Let him pass out some quality Cuban cigars
    Wine and dine em’
    Then let him spew his “outlook” to them in an after dinner speech over brandy’s and some hand rolled smokes.

    We’d be swimming in incentives then……..


  3. Charlotte Based Film Company

    Thanks a bunch Catlin and Millis! Just the proposal of your bill alone succeeded in making sure a production that we had lined up left the state and went to Georgia! Now my company is out over $20,000 dollars in revenue for next month. Because of you, we may have to let three of our employees go. Way to stimulate the local economy.

  4. jj

    People, what is wrong with you. Why should we be giving them cash? If they wan incentives what is wrong with giving them credit? I don’t see NC or the county helping my business..

    Charlotte Based Film Company, what incentives do you get from the state? Do they give you cash? Also, why are you here in Wilmington taking jobs and not in Charlotte…

  5. David Schifter

    This isn’t a Wilmington jobs issue, it affects every town a production rolls cameras in. Wilmington, Charlotte and Raleigh are just hubs. It will kill jobs and businesses from the lumber yard where productions purchases wood to the local caterers that feed us. Hotels, car rentals, restaurants, etc. This on top of the 4,000 actors and crew and support services who will be unemployed as a result.

  6. SurfCityTom

    for one reason.

    Given the continued downturn in business in the downtown district, you have to point to marketing as an issue — ergo he must be sending out resumes.

    I just hope Mayfaire has more sense than to hire him. They don’t need marketing to maintain their growth.

  7. Vog46

    Both down town and Mayfaire have one thing in common.
    A defined area.
    If full (as Mayfaire is approaching) they no longer need someone to market that area for them.


  8. SurfCityTom

    There’s always Mayfaire II at another site.

    The city should pull the plug on funding for Hinnant’s group.

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