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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Pender County man says his six-year-old stepson has been the target of constant bullying for months and the school and the school district are not doing anything to help.

Six-year-old Corey McFadden is just like any other kindergarten student. He’s full energy and loves to play with his sisters, but Corey has been out of school for several days because his parents say he is the target of constant bullying.

“There has been several incidents where he has been beat up,” Corey’s stepdad James Lindsey said. “Two have required us to take him to the ER.”

Corey is a student at Penderlea Elementary School. The school’s principal declined our request for an on-camera interview, but Corey remembers the abuse.

“We we’re going to the playground, and there were two kids that hit me back,” Corey said.

Lindsey reached out to WWAY because after months of trying to resolve the problem himself he says he did not know what else to do.

“We have gone to the school board, we’ve gone to the principal, the assistant principal, even went to the sheriff’s department and the department of child protective services, and nobody is giving us any answers,” Lindsey said.

He hopes to have answers soon, so he can have peace of mind before sending Corey back to school.

Pender County School officials also would not go on camera. In a statement this afternoon the district said, “The Pender County Board of Education strives to create a safe and orderly learning environment and does not tolerate bullying in any of its educational activities or programs. All reports of bullying are investigated by principals. Individual student cases cannot be discussed.”

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    This is a heartbreaking TRUTH!!!! In fact, my child has been bullied since 1st grade by a certain child. I went each time to the Principal and still, no actions were taken. Recently, that verbal bullying became a violent attack in which my child was PUNCHED in the HEAD multiple times, in the YMCA Afterschool, on School premises and still NO ACTION TAKEN! I wasn’t even called about the incident!!!!!!!!
    In fact, I have met with the YMCA Site Director, County Director, Chief Executive Director, Principal again, Pender County Schools Director, Superintendent, and her assistant and NOTHING.
    Fortunately,my child no longer attends that School and this is obviously a repetitive NEGLECT. Childrens SAFETY & SECURITY should be taken seriously and this problem should CEASE AND DESIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 211

    Children are not the only ones that bully. Its done daily in the adult work force. On reg. jobs and in the schools.

  • kmissy910

    Watch the video. The child is six and has a problem with articulation. He pauses before he says back like hes trying to remember how to put the sentence together also. Come on guys hes six.

  • Guestomfg

    “We we’re going to the playground, and there were two kids that hit me back,” Corey said. Hit him back? He hit them already? A lot of times its the kid who is also a bully. At 6 years old the teacher should be handling it.

  • jusbecky

    My bet is that it’s a reporter typo. The child probably said – “hit MY back”

  • Guest 2

    The child OBVIOUSLY meant “hit me IN the back”!
    I know several ppl that have witnessed bullying and NO ACTION taken! Don’t go by your assumption…it’s the FACTS that matter!!!

  • ed

    Never changes here in good ole Burgaw, my son has been out of school for some time now, he is autistic and handicapped, we had many occassions where he was bullied. Had many eyewitnessses ( other parents ) and good ole Pender County does NOTHING about anything . Hope all works out for you and your family, the Pender sheriffs office is as useless as the schools !

  • Brian

    That statement makes it seem as if HE is the one that hits other kids, and the other kids give him a taste of his own medicine…

  • Peyton Garrett

    I think the BOE had better start discussing it because it sounds as if someone is lying. Who is it? Or is it just apathy? If it were my son and their is no response as this gentleman states,,,You would be facing down my bulldog of a lawyer and then you would get a good look at me.

  • Mad Mom

    This is getting out of control and is not happening only in Pender County. I live in New Hanover County and my son has been a victim as well. I do not believe all teachers are doing what it takes to keep our kids safe or to make them feel protected. We have been to the school several times and we hear blame, or they are separating the kids, etc. etc. We have been fortunate that our child has not been beaten up yet, but the words and mockery have been horrible.
    It is really sad to think that the only way to keep our kids safe is to quit our jobs and go to school with them full time or to home school them.
    Get it together North Carolina!

  • NCReaderGirl

    Not sure which NHC School your child attends, but both of mine have been victims of bullying on the school bus for a NHC School and both times their school and the driver jumped into action – the first time the driver pulled the bus to the side of the road and called the Police who then escorted my child (the victim) home and told my husband that he’d been a victim of bullying. Following the school rallied around us and interviewed every child on the bus about the incident, gave us the option to press charges on the child and we did. My daughter, similar situation only it was mitigated before she got on the bus for the day, and ironic as it would seem my son’s bully intervened that time and protected my daughter from her would be bullies…it happens, and a good quality administration within the school will rally around the families.

  • E. Stewart

    As a parent of Penderlea Elementary School, this disturbs me beyond words. I have had several incidences at the school that I felt were not handled in the proper manner over the years but I have taught my children that they are to respect the school staff even if things were not handled properly. I feel for this child and his family. And I feel that it is a shame that a child cannot attend school without feeling scared or worried about what each day will bring. This is not the kind of media that the Penderlea family is accustomed to and it is the type of media that should not have been because these incidences should have never been allowed to go this far. If the information in this article is correct, I have one question to ask…Did the school that we love and have had respect for all these years fail one of our students?

  • Guest1

    So… the educators won’t defend the kids. That is bad enough, but then under a “no-tolerance” policy, the schools punish kids for defending themselves. Long gone are the days of ‘standing up to bullies.’ Nowadays, that will get you thrown out of school! Sounds to me like the bad kids are getting more institutional protection than the good ones. Under those circumstances, we all better get accustomed to a lot more stories like this one. We have tried to create a kinder and gentler society by eliminating certain forms of ‘justice’ that are sometimes warranted and effective. Good job ‘modern’ parents and educators! We have now velvet-gloved our way into a MORE dangerous situation for our kids with less justice and less security. I certainly see the issues involved. I am not advocating vigilante justice or violence in our schools… but in the absence of institutional, organized discipline and order, what do we expect to see happen? Anyone notice a increase in school shootings lately? Is that because modern kids are imbalanced, or because we have emasculated them, crushed their sense of empowerment, stripped them of their self-worth, and then have the audacity to idly stand by and allow their peers to abuse them mentally, physically and emotionally? I’m only a parent, not a teacher… so what do I know… but I’m signing my kid up for Karate… no-tolerance be damned!

  • Guest1971

    The school systems all preach that they have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying but they do not live up to it. My child has been bullied on multiple occasions through his years in the school system (including charter schools). I have found that some times the bully is the child of someone who has influence in the school – like the PTA President, another teacher’s child, etc. Of course they are not going to take action against one of these students.

  • Educator

    As someone in the education business, I have no doubt bullying does occur in the school systems and that children do sometimes suffer in silence. But… as I was reading this article there were a few things that seemed very odd to me.
    First-the little boy states that “We we’re going to the playground, and there were two kids that hit me back,” Corey said. Before someone can be hit BACK, they first have to strike someone.
    Second-the parents have stated “There has been several incidents where he has been beat up,” Corey’s stepdad James Lindsey said. “Two have required us to take him to the ER.” If the child has been taken to the ER, there would be reports and medical records documenting the child’s injuries and the stated method of how the child received the injuries. These reports should be presented to the school district, the principal, the vice principal, etc…Have these reports been presented to the proper people? If not, why?
    Third, the ER physicians have an obligation to report any type of abuse/documented injuries, be it occurring at school or elsewhere to the authorities. Once reported, the authorities have an obligation to follow up with the school and all of the people listed above who the family states have been of no help. I find it very hard to believe that every single person has dropped the ball on these accounts.

    It seems there is a lot of missing information, as well as a lot of finger pointing at the organizations who are in place to protect children from any type of abuse. As stated earlier, I find it very hard to believe that every single organization the parents have claimed they contacted is ignoring this child’s plight. The missing information leaves one to wonder-what is the underlying motivation for these parents to contact the news station-notoriety, a way to set the grounds for a lawsuit or simply a cover for marks the child has received at home?

  • Guest1

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It is a very fishy situation. And who better to defame than a school? Because of educational and child privacy laws it is almost impossible for the school to respond without guaranteeing a lawsuit against them. My gut tells me that I the parents are the ones beating the child or they have a problem with the teacher and/or principal and are looking for revenge. I’m just glad my child isn’t in that classroom. Whether it be a neglectful teacher or a crazy parent… it’s not good.

  • Guest7322

    My attend Penderlea and I have also had to go to the board because of this problem… How dare you say these parents and child are lying. This school is one of the most terrible schools in Pender county but I have no choice but to send my kids there… The school does nothing about bullying and always makes it out to be the child’s fault who is being bullied… I think it is funny how Mr. L and Mr. A would make no comment on this matter…

  • Guest58

    Wrong! Watch the video. The kid says, “hit ME back.”


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