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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans arrested on heroin, assault charges


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is back in jail after being arrested today in Caswell Beach, according to the Brunswick County Jail's website.

Records show Caswell Beach Police arrested Evans for possession with intent to manufacture, sell, distribute heroin, simple assault and simple possession of a schedule II controlled substance. No one answered when WWAY called Caswell Beach Police for more information.

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office also served Evans with an outstanding warrant for failure to pay child support.

TMZ reports it obtained court documents that show Evans was arrested for allegedly having 12 bindles of heroin along with the prescription drug Percocet and for assaulting her husband Courtland Rogers. The website says documents show Evans allegedly hit Rogers with a piece of furniture. TMZ reports officers also arrested Rogers for reportedly assaulting Evans by "hitting her on the neck and striking her with a closed fist on her head."

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I praise you for your sobriety!! And for dignifying the TRUTH!! Addiction is one of the hardest diseases to fight!! We can't take any medicine hence "addict" and it is us against the world that we live in! Jennelle can get the help she needs now, and finally put it all behind her! I was an addict for over 9 years and I am so blessed to say that I am 138 days clean!!!!! It is the hardest battle you'll ever fight getting sober, and for all those who are saying put your son first, you act like we can just flip a switch and be sober. If we could do that, you don't think we would all be sober? You think we like being addicts? I have stolen, lied, cheated, and hurt many in regards to my addiction, including my daughter. And I'm far from proud of my actions, but in addiction your soul belongs to the devil, and anyone in your way is bound to get hurt. She needs to commit to recovery and want it as much as her next breath, and do it for HERSELF!! Not jace, herself! Jace will reep the rewards later, getting sober is the last selfish thing she needs to do! Sobriety is wonderful, but I got sober with Celebrate Recovery in Myrtle Beach, which if you know MB, then you know there is a dealer every two feet, but God graced me sobriety! Jesus himself said "I never said it would be easy, I just said it would be worth it!" Jenelle reach out, many recovery addicts will help in anyway, and girl fight like hell!! Because this life is worth it! I can finally say I wouldn't trade my best high day, for my worst sober day and I'm only 138 days clean! God Bless, and Good luck!

Kudos to you on your non use

Kudos to you on your non use for so many years. This is a one in a million happening, believe that.
That being said: I have dealt with drug addicts and alcoholics for many, many years. NEVER ONCE has an addict cleaned up because of the help of others. They LIVE to use the help of others to feed their habits, just like this loser of a child.
The best thing that could happen to her? To find herself alone with NOTHING left and NO ONE to feel sorry for poor poor dumbass.
Someone make her go away along with all the other reality idiots.

I hate ignorance when it

I hate ignorance when it comes to drug addiction. Per this obviously uneducated and closed minded account...I hope you get diagnosed with cancer and someone blames you for your cancer! Addiction IS a Disease and you can keep judging but you look worse to me than the people putting needles in their arms!!!

hmm must be two of us in

hmm must be two of us in that category then because at 17 i too became a heroin addict and through every imaginable horror story you could think of and nearly nine years in prison i can say i havent done anything in over three years, i work a full time job own a vehicle and for the first time have no worry in the back of my mind. I cut all people i knew or know are even loosely associated with anything and live my life.So just to let you know 2 in a million is a little exaggerated though i do believe the odds are very low 1% maybe but thats still 1 out of a hundred.

u say u have dealt with

u say u have dealt with alcoholics and drug addicts for many many years? do u work in that field? i hope not because for you to call jenelle evans a loser child and call her a dumb @$$? who are you to judge someone? i pray for you also because you most definitely need it for being so judgemental against someone you know nothing about. i will also pray for jenelle because she needs it not only for herself, but also for her son and her mother.if they cant get clean with the help of others, then what are the counselors at treatment centers there for? i believe they can get clean if they want to get clean and yes, with the help of others!SOMEONE MAKE YOU GO AWAY...PLEASE!

Her being in trouble really

Her being in trouble really isn't news.