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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man charged with killing a young mother last year was back in court this morning for a hearing that could determine how his murder case will move forward.

Andrew Bernard Adams is accused of the January 2012 murder of 24-year-old Latricia Scott. The 56-year-old’s criminal history goes back decades and includes rape and assault convictions.

His lawyer broke down what a mental retardation finding could mean in this case.

“In the posture of how it proceeds, if he is mentally retarded, which we believe that he is, then the state would not be able to execute him or proceed against him for the death penalty,” defense attorney James Payne said.

The judge ruled adams will go to Raleigh for psychiatric evaluations by the state.

Adams also faces charges in a 1977 rape and murder case in Craven County.

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  • nofaithnlaw

    Another waste of taxpayers monies. Give him the chair and be done with it.

  • PublicAvenger

    I fully agree. How much money are we gonna spend on this monster ? I’m sure the family of the young woman he tortured, and killed, couldn’t care less about his “mental state”.

  • Erlkoenig

    We need comments from the libtard community and their defense of trash like this.

  • Guestomfg

    No liberal would defend this man, grow up you tool.

  • Guest500003

    His lawyer James Payne only takes these kind of case. He is court appointed. James Payne can’t get any other kind of business but from people like this that the state gives him to defend. His reputation isn’t very good. Google his name and all the news reports that come up are how he saved some killer from the dealth penelty. No body would hire him on their own unless they are his friend.

  • kmissy910

    Im from the neighborhood where the murder took place and I know this man. My mother would always tell me to stay away from him and not to speak to him because he was a rapist and something was wrong with him. As bad as I want him executed i can honestly say something is very wrong with this man. The way he looks at you is enough to make you crap yourself. Hes sick and the system screwed up letting him out so many times. A young life was taken and hes not the only one to blame. It could have easily been me.

  • Guest2020

    His burying the body shows that he had the mental capacity to know right from wrong. That should be the deciding factor. He doesn’t deserve leniency.

  • Guest50003

    His lawyer should know if he is mentally retarded because his present office manager is mentally retarded. That should make him an expert.


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