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I’m excited to introduce you to Makenzi Henderson, our new “Good Morning Carolina” anchor.

She comes to Wilmington from a news organization based in Davenport, IA. Ironically, she replaced Cacky when she moved to Wilmington a couple of years ago.

Makenzi joins Randy Aldridge and Meteorologist Tim Buckley on “GMC.”

Here’s more about Makenzi:

Makenzi Henderson joined WWAY as morning anchor and reporter in April 2013. She comes to Wilmington with nearly six years of experience in broadcasting.

Makenzi has always lived in cold weather climates, so no snow at Christmas will be something very strange to her, but she won’t miss the bitter cold!

Makenzi began her career as a one-woman-band bureau reporter for KOTA-TV in Spearfish, SD. After a year of driving her own car, plus shooting, writing and editing her own stories, she moved to work at the main station in Rapid City, SD. That’s when she added weekend anchor and producer to her reporting duties, and earned an Associated Press Award for her story on Greenpeace protesters who climbed Mount Rushmore.

Two years after that, she moved to Duluth, MN, to work for FOX 21 News as the main 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. anchor and producer. A year later, she moved to Davenport, IA, to work for INN. The company outsources news to TV stations across the country. Makenzi produced and anchored up to five newscasts a day with local content from reporters at those stations.

When Makenzi isn’t at work, she loves to hike, ski, read, workout, paint and hang with her dog Stella.

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  • Vog46

    She looks the part and has some experience.
    Question – given our area’s political leanings and the troubles facing our state does Makenzi have the fangs needed to sink into a politicians calf and not let go until he tells her the truth?

    There are far too many local reporters here in town that seem to kow tow to the local newsmakers and give us bland “no detail” news reports.

    Please tell me she’s got some pit bull in her


  • Scott Pickey


    Oh yeah – I think you’ll like her!!!!


  • ChefnSurf

    Her bio indicates she’s a pro. That would be a good thing for Wilmington.

    Welcome to Wilmington Ms. Henderson. Let’s see what you’ve got. :-)

  • Guest7969


  • GuestduJour

    From the bio, Ms Henderson appears to have displayed the positive attributes of being a self starter, a hard worker, organized, and well motivated. Being from another part of fly over country, perhaps she has seen and won’t be surprised by some of the drama that seems as common as mold in SENC.

    Some of her predecessors could barely chew gum without choking on their own cud, much less try to walk at the same time. Hopefully, she will raise the bar on what passes for local journalism and inspire others to throttle up and quit coasting.

    Welcome & good luck Ms. Henderson.

  • Gate Keeper

    I hope so too, because she’ll need to use that skiing hobby with all the snow jobs the political leaders around here shovel on. Will

  • ChefnSurf

    your one word reply indicates I may have accidentally posted a double entendre. Oh well ……. :-)

  • Garry

    With my being in local elected government, I always enjoyed Makenzi’s stories in my hometown of Duluth.

  • Vog46

    (Your new nickname)
    Let’s have some fun
    Black out two of your teeth and have your picture reposted in this same article just for “fun”.

    Let’s see if she’s got a sense of humor……….


  • Jim McClure

    As a “snowbird” from Ohio, who is on Oak Island anywhere from 4 to 6 months a year and a big fan of NBC news, I am always appalled to see that Frances Weller is still on the news desk at WECT. She is just absolutely revolting. This year, in surfing the local news casts I stumbled across Makenzie Henderson. What a delight!! And she can actually deliver the news in a professional manner!! Now that we have switched to WWAY as our local news source, we find that all of the news, weather and sports folks are several cuts above your competition. I still go back to NBC for national news, but WWAY has me forever! May I never have to endure another Frances Weller newscast!!


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