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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — “Iron Man 3” will be in both of Wilmington’s movie theaters after all.

Regal Entertainment Group announced a deal with Walt Disney Studios this afternoon. Regal and other theater companies had stopped selling tickets to the blockbuster filmed in and around Wilmington last summer during a dispute over splitting ticket revenue.

“After some extensive talks with Disney, we’re glad to say that Tony Stark will definitely be in our theatres for ‘Iron Man 3,'” a Regal spokesman said in a statement. “We’ve got Fandango working overtime right now to place tickets back on sale at all Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theatres.”

Wilmington’s Carmike Cinema was not involved in the dispute. It will have 12 theaters dedicated to the “Iron Man 3” premiere May 3.

Regal Mayfaire is scheduled to host an invitation-only screening of “Iron Man 3” Sunday night, including state leaders and other dignitaries.

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  • Guest Reply

    I repeat…Oopsy Daisy!
    Mickey Mouse would have rolled over in his grave…next to Walt!
    And Disney continues to downsize their employees…poor Disney :-(
    From the NYT article:
    “The layoffs followed a yearlong review by the company. Disney said in a statement that the cuts ensured “that the studios’ operational structure and economics align with the demands of the current marketplace.” (Unquote)
    In other words…a fancy smancy way of saying…”We want to be greedy”
    (The End)

  • Vog46

    Is the brand dead?
    Did they go to the well once too often?

    There’s a couple of things at play here.
    The “Star Power” of the actors involved – this is a flighty thing – they are HOT one day and frigid the next. 10 years from now they get a part in a sequel and they become popular again…….it’s a very strange business.
    But, I look at the WWAY poll – which is hardly scientific – and can see that only 18% of the respondents would go to the theater now or in the future to see this “blockbuster” film.
    Now Regal Cinemas is pulling marketing materials? Is Ironman 3 no longer “cool”????

    If Ironman fails at the box office – does this mean that the few people that actually see this movie will NOT want to come to ILM as film supporters allude they will?
    Or – does that impact ONLY apply to moves that do good at the box office?
    If Ironman 3 fails does Wilmington fail along with it?
    Are we giving incentives for a dud?
    Oh the humanity !!!!!!!!!!!


  • Guest Reply

    1. Maybe…but probably.
    2. Depends
    3. Failing anyway
    4. Yes!

  • jj

    Who are they hurting? They make a fortune off the drinks and stuff they sale. So, they lose all this money and the money for the tickets. Carmike will love it..

  • taxpayer

    is being shown to a select group of invited individuals this Sunday…to only those who receive an invitation.

  • brett

    Iam so tired of hearing about Iron man 3. You would think that this is all Wilmington has ever done.

  • Guestthug

    I’m sick of murders, robberies, rapes, DWIs, logging truck drivers killing kids, Brian Berger, Grumpy Cats!

    That’s it. Shut down the internets! These are things I don’t want to read about.

    (If you don’t like hearing about a story, why click on it, read it and then bother to comment?!)

  • ChefnSurf

    … which is apparently the only newsworthy topic in town …….

    – Does Iron Man have special vents in his suit’s posterior to eliminate unseemly accidental odiferous emmissions or does he use a charcoal filtration system?
    – If those technical innovations were not incorporated into the suit, would that affect his ability to fly in a straight line, possibly due to a fogging visor, during times of accidental discharge?

    There! Those questions should cover any final topic of Iron Man discussion which hasn’t already been covered by the local Wilmington news services!

    Now perhaps we can finally move on to something (anything) else !

  • Everett

    Someone said Who Cares? Well a tremendous amount of people in this community care! This movie had a 200 million dollar budget and a lot of that money was spent right here in this community and through out the State. Yes, it was big news because people get excited about movies and so its reported in the local media. If you are not interested in the stories, then don’t read them or change the channel. Would you rather hear more about the bombing in Boston or another rape or murder or about an opportunity for this area to bring in millions of dollars to our economy doing something that so many people love, being in movies , watching movies and profiting from the movie business.


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