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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest in the overnight shooting that happened at 5120 Carolina Beach Road.

Deputies say shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday night, Gilbert Lee McClammy Jr., 44, was shot and killed in his car by Shannon Jerome Mitchell, 29.

Mitchell was arrested Sunday morning for second degree murder. He is being held in the New Hanover County Detention Facility without bond.

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  • Guest22222

    Gilbert was a nice guy. I used to work with him several years back and I’m very sorry to hear that his life ended in such a way. May his soul rest in peace and I pray the family have strength during this difficult time.

  • SurfCityTom

    one of those 5 Star Generals in the NC drug trade?

    Someone should tell DA David he should be after the maximum penalty allowed and have this weasel classed as a habitual criminal so he will be ineligible for parole or release.

  • Gues

    Since you seem to know Shannon so much you should know that he was at home, the place he lays his head at the same place this shooting took place so please explain why Gilbert was there again?

  • Guest-o-matic

    Ol’ Shannon here…another career criminal set free from prison to wreak havoc on society once again. He was just releasd barely a year ago from a 5 yr 7 mth sentence for 2nd degree murder. Now, he did it again.
    In addition to his Felony murder conviction, Shannon has racked up 23 other felonies all related to drug sales, manufacturing and distribution. Almost one felony for every years he has existed on this earth. 24 violent felonies and this person is still available to walk among us.
    Seems that when the judges and the DA’s figure out that men like this are nothing other than career criminals, they’ll decide to make them career prisoners and keep them away from the rest of the law abiding citizens.
    THAT is the number one step to begin reducing gun related violence!

  • nofaithnlaw

    This is no surprise! It happens everyday. Capital punishment sounds good to me!

  • Guest874

    Far as im concerned and far as i know…Gilbert was taking his son girlfriend home to get something when Shannon came out and shot him while he was getting in the car.

  • The chosen one

    Is that right??? And I’m guessing you were right there ??? So you heard and saw everything??? Smh stop assuming and repeating things you heard in street! Everyone has an opinion on what could have happened!

  • Guest-o-matic

    That public record lets me know where he’s been, that’s what I published. Now, I know where he’s going…AGAIN! Don’t care what stupid, criminal sh*t he does in the meantime!

  • Guest 56871

    Gilbert was how he got home. gilbert picked up this bafoon, his girlfriend and her daughter because they asked him to pick them up from shannon girlfriend’s mom house and take them home. make sure you have facts first please.

  • Guest 356789

    i was there. gilbert son was and so was Gilbert’s nephew. So the question is were you there to know what happened. if not please please do me and you a favor and stfu.

  • Guest-o-matic

    It only takes one felony convction to “legally prohibit” one from owning a firearm. He had 24 convictions with one of them being murder. Do you think he ever cared about a background check? Do you think he ever cared if it was illegal for a felon to be in possession of a firearm? Do you think he gave a rats backside if the gun he possessed was stolen before he got it? Do you think he really cared before OR after he fired the bullet that murdered his second victim?

    You are 100% correct! Enforce existing law, uphold and increase criminal penalties. Protect the law-abiding public instead of allowing menacing creatures of the dark like this vermin from re-circulating into AND endangering the general public! This kind of story happens everyday in every city and the legistalors think “new laws and restrictions” will reduce gun-related violence. Not in a million years!

  • PublicAvenger

    They want to take guns away from law- abiding citizens, so thugs, like this, can prey, even more, on the innocent. Where are all the “Gun Control” people on this ? I bet it was illegal for him to possess a gun. I bet the gun was illegally obtained. I bet he’ll be back on the block in less then 3 years.

    Monsters, like this, are going to get guns, no matter what. And all the gun laws he violated, don’t mean a thing to him, or the courts. Lets enforce the gun laws we have, instead of creating new ones, that jeopardize law-abiding gun owners, and their families.

  • 357sig
  • Sammy

    Please feel free to se his prior record inc MURDER SECOND DEGREE.
    I would like to know why he is out.
    This is why we need gun control?
    Looks like a book

  • Vog46

    I get a gun -legally
    I commit a felony go to court, get sentenced and go to jail.
    My gun stays with? My girlfriend, wife, mother, father whoever.
    Who seizes the gun?
    Who enforces THAT law?
    No one.
    Only one state has an agency that does this. Good old liberal California.
    We need to TAKE away guns from criminals
    We need to confiscate them before they go off to prison
    Why won’t we do this? Because the moment someone says “take away” the NRA goes ballistic.

    Even if it’s a FELON.
    The law says cannot own so a convicted felon steals them or buys them at a gun show.
    I say – if the cops know he’s got a gun TAKE THE DAMN THING AWAY FROM HIM.
    The only time you see guns being seized is when the cops want publicity and they’re seizing drugs then you see the standard guns, cash an drug photos.
    Criminals will get guns but lets not make it easier for them to keep what they already have.


  • Guest-o-matic

    First off, if you are known to be a legal firearms owner, i.e. with either a CCP or a registered weapon, I can assure you that the very first thing to be surrendered will be that firearm! That’s the case even with the issuance of a 50B order (DVPO). If law enforcement is aware of ANY firearm, be it legal or not, it will be seized (along with ANY permit!)! They will not accept lies and excuses for failure to present the “known” firearm. So away with that first misconception that seems to haunt you. Give the legal system and law enforcement a little credit where due and understand where that is up front. Right now, you don’t.

    Second, “Even if it’s a FELON”? Your primary mistake is use of the word “law”. Felons DO NOT care about “law” and do not abide by “law”. They do not care about what is legal or what is not, one of the primary reasons they are a “convicted felon” in the first place. Convicted Felons cannot “legally” gain ownership of a firearm in NC, therefore the ones they possess are always stolen or otherwise illegally obtained. Nobody EXCEPT criminals are making it easy for criminals to get guns. So if you keep the CRIMINALS in prison where they should be, they won’t be out on the street buying illegal guns OR committing more crime. This is very basic, simple and concise. This is what our legislature should address, but NEVER does!

    Vog, in premise, your statements sound valid, but this isn’t the land of Kum-By-YaH and it just doesn’t work the way you imagine! We need improvements desperately, but it must begin with the criminal element itself and our effectiverness in dealing with it (or lack thereof!), not the law abiding citizen!!!

  • Guest910

    So Shannon been convicted 24 times and killed someone? How did he ever make parole? Hmmm maybe because he was NEVER convicted on 24 charges! And FYI just a little facts for you Shannon didn’t kill anyone that’s how he only had a five year sentence wrong place wrong time im sure you can fund the case readings stating all the details that clearly says the facts to the case smh people such as yourself need to get a job and stop pulling backgrounds checks on other people life!

  • Guest-o-matic

    I didn’t mean to pull poe ol’ Shannons public record and show it to everyone, but you know, it does show that there are 24 FELONY convictions (not “charges”) and one misdemeanor to boot. I only wanted to point out to the general public how our judges allow people like him to migrate back into society and commit more gun related violence.

    Now I realize you have a lot of spect for ol’ Shannon, but tell me, Did he pass his criminal and mental background check before purchasing his firearm this time? How about last time? Did he purchase his current firearm from an FFL dealer or from one of those great guys on 4th and Castle?

    We all know ol’ Shannon didn’t do it, not even the second time and certainly not with 23 drug-laced felony convictions on his sheet. He jussa good guy in the wrong place at the wrong tine…26 times over.

    But the REAL mystery is: Why is this man allowed back on the streets to commit the same crime he just went to prison for? Why didn’t the background check work? Where did he get the gun and why did he feel the need to use it…again? The basic answer is: Because he is a felon that deals with other felons…AKA CRIMINALS, no background check required, cash only.

    Is your bell beginning to “ring” yet?

  • Vog46

    Straight out of the NRA blog response play book.
    It figures.
    I fully realize criminals, by their very nature don’t follow The law”.
    So you assume then that these criminals have their guns seized every time they commit a crime?
    Can a lawyer get a search warrant for a home if the criminal used a gun to commit a crime at a 7-11? Yep for HIS residence.
    If the criminal gave the gun to Dad or GF or best buddy – the gun is nowhere to be found and awaits his parole from prison. These guys may be criminasl but don’t equate that with stupidity
    All gun owner should be on a list!
    If that gun owner commits a felony that gun should be searched for in all known places that it could be hiding. Friends family whatever.
    This gets me in hot water with the 4th amendment crowd.
    Do you know why I don’t care?
    I am a law abiding citizen – and I sure as hell don’t fear the government.
    They fear not my guns but my vote.
    Search my home if you believe something is amiss – heck I’ll INVITE YOU IN Mr. Policeman. You do not need a warrant. My guns are legal. My booze is legal and I have no recreational drugs in my home.
    It’s way too easy to hide a gun from the cops and most legal gun owners are stupid when it comes to safe secure storage of that weapon – making them easy to steal.
    I have met the enemy, and he is us !!!


  • Vog46

    14‑415.4. Restoration of firearms rights.
    (a) Definitions. – The following definitions apply in this section:
    (1) Firearms rights. – The legal right in this State of a person to purchase, own, possess, or have in the person’s custody, care, or control any firearm or any weapon of mass death and destruction as those terms are defined in G.S. 14‑415.1 and G.S. 14‑288.8(c). The term does not include any weapon defined in G.S. 14‑409(a).
    (2) Nonviolent felony. – The term nonviolent felony does not include any felony that is a Class A, Class B1, or Class B2 felony. Also, the term nonviolent felony does not include any Class C through Class I felony that is one of the following:
    a. An offense that includes assault as an essential element of the offense.
    b. An offense that includes the possession or use of a firearm or other deadly weapon as an essential or nonessential element of the offense, or the offender was in possession of a firearm or other deadly weapon at the time of the commission of the offense.
    c. An offense for which the offender was armed with or used a firearm or other deadly weapon.
    d. An offense for which the offender must register under Article 27A of Chapter 14 of the General Statutes.

    So I can get my gun rights back so long as my felony conviction did not include using the gun as part of the crime.
    Oh and you might want to read this. The very same courts that allow criminals to go free also do this:


    An older article but you get my drift.
    O-matic? Gun rights can and are restored in many states – heck in some state the “right” is restored automatically in just 3 years. Thank God NC is not THAT lenient!
    Justice Scalia has said publicly that gun “rights” can be restricted – he said it on Fox News.
    Stop with the NRA nonsense.
    One of the reasons I don’t fear the government taking my guns is because quite frankly I know how to get them. But the MAIN reason is? Government knows that it exists because of the Constitution, and our rights are protected by the very same document that allows our government to exist.
    In over 240 years we’ve had no reason to fear the government. They’ve always had more weapons than we do – we’re always outgunned.
    Obama is no different than any other previous President.
    I want my name on a list of gun owners and CWP holders – I don’t care if that list is public or not but I sure as heck want the LEO’s to know there’s guns in my home – how many and what type. If I ma not at home and a criminal gets in, gets past my dog, gets past the locker lock, gets past the trigger locks, and holds up in my house. I want the LEOs to know what they might be up against.
    Do you know why? I AM a law abiding citizen and I have nothing to fear.

  • Vog46


    This should make all legit gun owners cringe
    Yet any restrictions are fought by the NRA and they end up inadvertently making it easier for felons to get their rights back in some states.


  • Sammy

    Chicago has weak laws for prior felons caught with guns.It’s a joke.

    Felons caught with guns from two years and they serve:Inmates must complete only half their terms — and sometimes much less after earning “good time” in prison
    Google:Emanuel, cops, prosecutors aim for stiffer sentences for gun possession

  • Guest-o-matic

    It’s the same thing the the Judges and DA’s do every day and nobody wants to read that crap either, but stay away from CNN, it’s robbing your time and conversation here with SCTom that believes he lives in NHC.

    I seriously doubt you even own a firearm or are proficient with one, much less the arsenal you brag about. NO prudent gunowner would EVER want their name and address published for criminals to invade, yet you brag and welcome it. No real gunowner would have to secure their weapons uselessly in a safe WITH trigger locks and have a canine to guard them. You brag without fact, another armchair warrior to spout only for spouting without basis. Your’re full of bull Vog.

    I am a law abiding citizen as well. I have nothing to fear, not even my legal ownership or USE of my firearms…should the need arise.

  • Vog46

    Instead of refuting the info in the links you attack the poster.
    20 years in the Army
    Worked another 20 and retired.
    There are 3 guns in my “home”.
    I switched from my old 45cal to a 9mm because I recognize that I am aging and I’m not the young strong soldier I used to be.
    That said – use your head.
    I have absolutely no fear of losing my life – I got over that a long time ago.
    What YOU can’t stand is the fact that I’m a gun owner and prefer to have guns more “regulated”.
    You HATE the fact that I agree that criminals should spend more time in jail but that I also say that the cops should search and seize the gun used.
    You HATE the fact that I support gun ownership but you cannot accept the premise that gun owners should make it very hard for those weapons to get stolen.
    You HATE the fact that I say I own and that I believe their should be a list (public or private) of gun owners and what they have. I say these things not to get you mad but to insure the safety of those around you, me and our homes, where guns may be stored. And to protect the LEO’s that are going after the criminals that are trying to steal my weapons.
    We seem to think that EVERYONE should be armed and that mutually assured destruction (MAD) works on the individual level. It does not. Most killers have the drop on their victims so it doesn’t matter how well armed we might be. It is not a duel where we pace off 10 steps, turn and fire. It’s not the OK Corral. This guy had his weapon drawn and “off-d” a guy. This guy and Prouty down town had NO CHANCE. Most murders happen that way.
    You are correct that Judges and DA’s are not helping – but nor is the NRA. In our haste to protect the 2nd Amendment we have tacitly told Judges and DA’s – prosecute them forcefully – but – BUT these guys are entitled to get their gun rights back as NC laws permits – because after all it is a RIGHT.
    We make far too many exceptions to rules and punishments and in doing so weaken the very foundation upon which our rights are granted.
    Then we rail against Judges and DA’s for allowing these exceptions to exist.
    Felons should not be allowed to own guns but law enforcement people are hamstrung to prevent it.
    Read the links and you’ll see why.
    Legislators are also involved in this. So we have the Judiciary sentencing and shortening prison stays, but then we have the Legislative and Administrative branches of government being very effectively lobbied to make gun laws kind to gun owners.
    The best way is to make it tough for all. Make it FATAL to commit a second crime using a gun as in this case(accessory or not).
    But if a criminal steals a gun the LEOs should find out how easy it was to steal. If it was locked when un-attended? No problems. If it was left in the open while we were at work? Perhaps that person shouldn’t own a gun because they forgot the responsibility part of gun ownership.
    Sure make sentences longer. Make it impossible for psycho’s to get a hold of guns. But how will they be able to determine if you are psycho?
    Perhaps Goolsby can propose another Registry
    We’ll call it the psycho registry. If you are depressed you have to sign the registry. You take anti depressants? Sign the registry.
    But just how will an LEO check against gun ownership or CWP possession and what means do they have to say “Vog – you’ve gone off your rocker and you signed the guest book – please give me your guns.”
    No we say we fear the government,and must maintain our arms against this government – but then fault the government for proposing weakened rules.
    The judiciary is part of our government the last time I checked.
    As I’ve said “I’ve met the enemy and it is us.”


  • Guestasmuch

    Low Life TRASH! Now, that about sums it all up, doesn’t it?

  • jj

    Criminals will get their weapon any way they can. They know they are breaking the law and they don’t care. I am tired of hearing people talk about taking peoples guns away because the guns kill people.

    Gun laws only hurt the people that obey the law. Someone needs to tell all the people in Chicago that. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the US and they are still the murder Capital of the world. So, people make sure you lock your guns up. They are getting out and killing people….

  • Sammy

    >>>Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws…..

    Only for the law abiding citizens.

    Chicago has weak laws for prior felons caught with guns.

    Felons caught with guns from two years and they serve:Inmates must complete only half their terms — and sometimes much less after earning “good time” in prison
    Emanuel, cops, prosecutors aim for stiffer sentences for gun possession

  • Vog46

    We not only DON’T take them away we give them their rights back after committing felonies – making the felons LEGAL gun owners again.

    Incarcerate criminals search their guns out and remove them they are no longer able to own one.
    The LAW says so.
    And even the NRA says enforce CURRENT laws


  • SurfCityTom

    come in out of the fields.

    If you read Vogs posts, his tongue in cheek comments are aimed in the same direction your is.


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