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WILMINGTON, NC (StarNewsOnline.com) — A fire Sunday morning destroyed a Wilmington duplex in the 400 block of Rutledge Drive.

Two adults were transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center for smoke inhalation, said Wilmington Fire Department spokesman David Hines.

A pet dog also is unaccounted for in the incident.

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  • John Holmes

    drug house!

  • resident

    Talk about what u know. you don’t know us or what we’ve been thru. Not every fire is drug related nor does everyone in longleaf do drugs. you punish us all for a few idiots and junkies. hope our pain has given you your entertainment for now. God will be the judge in your lives as well so enjoy it while you can. My babies nightmares from blantant landlord neglet gives you something to talk about and laugh and accuse. all i see at night is my babies crib on fire and wonder what if. karma will come your way and maybe you and yours won’t be so lucky. i know I’m not supposed to hate but you people make it impossible.

  • Lucy

    If the house had smoke alarms I am sure they would have been alerted by them going off. Thankful the dog was smart enough to bark and alerted the idiot of an owner.

    Maybe next place he lives in he will go out and buy smoke detectors (hint to the guy they save lives)

    I have no sympathy for people who loose their homes who don’t have smoke detectors or have ones that don’t work. They are not expensive and change the batteries twice a year. If you can’t manage to go out and buy some and change the batteries when needed to expect sympathy when you house catches fire.

  • GuestO’Day

    Lucy, just when I thought that no human could be capable of busybody comments more disgusting than yours at the loss of the little girl in the pool; you have eclipsed yourself. You are an evil, vicious and insulting Gossip. See you in church.

  • Lucy

    I am not evil at all I simply state the truth.

    1st of all let me take you back to the story of the little girl who drowned in the pool last week. I sent me thoughts and prayers to the family for their loss, loosing a family member is hard but a child is even harder. However I raised the question as did others who posted comments why was no one watching her? There is nothing wrong with raising that question at all.

    2nd thankfully this guy had a dog who was smart enough to alert him to the smoke and flames within the house. If it weren’t for the dog the guy could have died. However I feel if someone doesn’t take the responsibility to obtain a working smoke alarm that is their own fault. Smoke detector save lives, they don’t cost must and they are life savers and people neglect to get them. So why have sympathy for people who choose not to get them? That is their choice not to get them and protect their homes, and themselves?

    And by the way I do go to church and I love it and the people. I am just one who states the truth! Guess you didn’t like hearing the truth.

  • GuestO’Day

    Sorry, Lucy but no winner with me. You CLAIM you tell the truth but what you are really doing is rubbing peoples’ faces in their misfortune. Have a nice time at church.

  • resident

    You all are ignorant hateful people. We did have detectors and like the wiring that caused the fire, was apparently insufficient and did not go off. We had complained to landlord several times about wiring sparking and nothing was done till it was too late. We don’t nor have we ever smoked crack. I have a 19 month old child who could have died be aide of landlord negligence. I hope all of you prejudgmental ignorant people have a special place in hell reserved for you.

  • Guest6969696969

    Funny things happen in/around “Crack Houses”, either they; “Go up in smoke” or the renter(s) owners vehicle’s mysteriously, “catch fire”, or are, “shot-up” via Gun fire…
    Anyone see the correlation here?

    Besides, The WFD, put EVERYONE ON notice,

      Notices Door To Door,

    THAT THEY WOULD, and STILL, provide Smoke detectors/Inspection(s) for……. FREE!
    When I resided around the Corner, (Morgan street), NOW; I reside in a “safer area of town”, I took the WFD UP on it’s offer,(then), to UPGRADE My worn out Smoke Detectors with NEW, upgraded ones, the ones that not only detect smoke, but ALSO N0X gases/Co2 that are NOT detectable by those “cheapie” Smoke detectors from CHINA…..
    The ALSO checked the Wiring , etc etc, via a ELECTRICIAN Donating His time & experience for FREE…

    Long Leaf Park et al, I’m sorry to say, WAS a decent place to live at one time.. Now, it’s Creekwood II…
    In addition, though these HOMES/Duplexes, are built ROCK Solid,(built in the 1940’s), the Wiring in them is severely OUTDATED & SUBSTANDARD. Your asking for a possible Death sentence from living there, either by FIRE……/Being Shot/Robbed/Murdered, or Your home broken into/vandalized, or be entertained just watching the “SHOW” happen on your street, NO NEED to watch *COPS* on TV, you “have it all” at your front door….

    HEED advice from the WFD, When they *OFFER* those smoke detector(s) checks & Offer to Install NEW ones, FREE! PLEASE, DO NOT turn it down! In addition to the free Wiring check(s)!

    Your and your Families’ Life MAY depend on it!

    THANK YOU Wilmington Fire Dept, for the “SERVICE” ya’ll provided ME AND My Family & others in Long leaf Park that week..
    Signed 1AB….


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