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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man charged with murder in a weekend shooting spent more than five years behind bars on a similar charge. Shannon Mitchell is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Gilbert McClammy Saturday night.

Shannon Mitchell is in jail without bond and made his first court appearance today.

Investigators were back at Mitchell’s home Monday afternoon to serve a search warrant. They say Mitchell shot and killed McClammy Saturday night outside Mitchell’s home in the Bowdens Mobile Home Park off Carolina Beach Road.

A co-worker says McClammy was a husband and father of two sons and a new born baby girl.

Neighbors at the mobile home park say they heard arguing and then three gun shots. They say Mitchell inherited his grandmother’s home where he and his girlfriend lived. Neighbors say the girlfriend was pregnant by one of McClammy’s sons and a fight broke out between Mitchell and McClammy after his son called him for help. Neighbors did not want to go on camera because they do not know who Mitchell is involved with and this is not his first time behind bars.

The Department of Corrections website shows Mitchell served five years and seven months for a 2006 conviction for accessory after the fact to second-degree murder and several drug charges. Court records show the accessory after the fact charge is from Mitchell throwing away the gun another man used to shoot and kill Wayne Mitchell in 2003.

Shannon Mitchell is scheduled to appear in court later this year.

On McClammy’s facebook page people say he was a loving man who got caught up in his sons’s drama.

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  • annonymous guest

    The man that shot my uncle deserves the electric chair, my uncle was a very loving and giving man who did not deserve to be shot and killed over an argument with his son’s baby mama drama. I am very bothered to read this news from another state about my family member, and I pray that the rest of our family pulls together as a family in his rememberance. Rest in peace you will always be loved and remembered. The individual that did this to my family will stand before hell on judegement day.

  • Get a life

    Lmao don’t get your hopes up

  • taxpayer

    NC doesn’t use the electric chair.

  • PublicAvenger

    How many people will this thug kill, before we decide to give him the death penalty, or at least 3 years in prison. By the way, someone needs to tell him, its illegal for violent felons to possess guns. Not that he, or the gun control people care.

  • Richard Brame

    How many more senseless killings need to occur before congress can pass tougher gun laws. I think if we can elect senators and put our trust in them we also should have a right to fire them for not being able to pass gun laws that protect our citizens. These senators cannot even pass a law for tighter background checks. What a lousy bunch of uncaring and selfish senators we have. Everyone needs to go to the Obama web site and sign the petition for tougher gun laws.

    I personally knew Gilbert. When our caterer for our wedding backed out at the last minute Gilbert and his wife dropped everything to help us out. He was a very caring christian man who had a lot of good values. He loved God and his family. He will be missed for years to come.

  • Guest2020

    That doesn’t mean he deserves it any less.

  • Child Of God’s

    Shannon Mitchell is my stepdad and Gilbert McClammy is my boyfriend’s stepdad…all these lies that are said on the news and by the press are not true…I had nothing to do with his actions, I would know because i was there and this whole case affected my life as well as my boyfriend’s side of the family…Before you try and judge anyone consult with God first because no one really know’s what it is like to see someone die and be put in the middle of it because you were there unless you been in that situation…The world is coming to an end and God is calling and collecting all his people!

  • friend of family

    I WOULD JUST LIKE TO RESPOND,1ST OF ALL GILBERT WAS HIS FATHER NOT STEPFATHER HE HIS BEEN IN HIS LIFE SENSE HE WAS LESS 6MTH OLD.AND was his sole provider as a father and as for you it was your mother boyfriend let be clear to the public. no one is judgeing cause god will you are a very trouble young lady that likes confusion and you could have eleminate alot of that and you know thats the truth your were alway disrepectful to both of his parents but you will answer for that.so don’t come with someone putting you in the middle because you were the beging and you know that.gilbert loved his sons and want it them to be happy is why he tryed to deal with you.but ask you self did you try,you know the real truth to that.i pray for his family that they have peace i dont hate anyone i just ask god to reveal it all and anyone that play a part of any kind in it.gilbert is blessed he is now in heaven.glory,glory!!!!!!! praise to his name

  • Guest91236

    Shannon is not your stepdad his life has been down the drain since he met Katrina y’all are the worst thing that ever happened in his life but now he will see the true colors of your no good ass mother cause its just a matter of time before y’all destroy someone else life hopefully for u you will not destroy that child life!

  • Friend

    Gilbert was a very nice, kind person. He did not deserve this. I really feel Gilbert is in Heaven and I will see him again someday. He was a hard working individual who always tried to do the right thing. He was so very proud of his little baby girl. The last time I saw Gilbert, he told me how BEAUTIFUL his daughter was and how proud he was of her. I Thank God for allowing me to meet Gilbert and his wife. I just pray that God wraps his loving arms around Gilbert’s family and allows them PEACE during this most tragic TIME.
    Rest In Peace My Friend. You will really be MISSED and will always be remembered and respected.

  • Anonymous

    This is a very painful, disturbing story. Thank you, for clearing it up for the public. I grew up with Gil and his sisters in NJ and I am still in touch with his oldest sister. The McClammys’ were a great family as I recall as a child and had gone on to be a great family. My heart and prayers go out to his wife,his kids, his dad and his sisters and all of his family and friends affected by this senseless tragedy. I pray for their strength today and all the days that lie ahead. This is something that could have been avoided. It’s very, very, very sad.


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