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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Nearly 400 years since the Province of Carolina was split into the colonies of North Carolina and South Carolina, the two states are still trying to figure out their boundary.

Friday, the North Carolina–South Carolina Boundary Commission will meet in Charlotte to continue the conversation. The joint commission is a cooperative effort between the two states to clarify confusion over exact state boundaries.

The meeting at UNC Charlotte review the history of the state line and look at survey study results from Marlboro County east to the Atlantic Ocean. Members of the commission will also discuss and approve state line segments and talk about what’s next.

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  • Guest 2910

    If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it! It would be a nightmare to straighten out and it ain’t bothering anyone now. Leave it alone. I wonder who it is that dreams up this crap? It has been left alone with no harm done for over 150 years.

    Is some government agency or politician trying to create more bureaucracy? No harm has been done by leaving it alone thus far. Why stir it up now? This commission gets paid for every meeting and gets travel and a few meals just to stir something that ain’t bothering anyone.

    Leave it alone! Have those commissioners do something constructive with the money they are spending for no good reason. Have them join the Chamber of Commerce in their respective towns or something that matters. What is this world coming to? Hiring more surveyors? Is there a lobbying group for surveyors? Or do these folks like to travel and spend tax dollars?

  • Guest 10101

    Just like government to break what aint broke while not fixing what is.

  • Vog46

    Lets review
    The border line’s exact location is in dispute
    Brunswick county has been put in Myrtle Beaches MSA
    Most Brunswick residents dislike Wilmington
    Most Brunswick residents go to MB anyway

    Lets give SC Brunswick county
    Lets give them the beach renourishment headaches
    Lets give them Sen Bill Rabon

    That way all we have to do is go 1 mile over the CF bridge for gasoline thats 30 cents cheaper per gallon !!!!
    Sounds like a no brainer to me


  • renoGuest

    I have lived in brunswick county 40 years i have enjoyed wilmington and myrtle beach equal. I must think you are new to the area and are the new voice for all of wilmington. You just sound like a ass to me.

  • Guest Reply

    How would this affect my cars GPS??? A fee for a new update? Ha!!
    I agree with Vog on all the points he brought out…but the 30 cents a gallon cheaper on gas may be another fight on another day. NC will fight tooth and nail to no end to keep higher taxes on “Anything”…even if it’s a tax on your dog or cat. That is what NC is known for anyway…and we have the poor road conditions to prove it!!

  • Vog46

    I didn’t realize the Duke Energy angle thanks.
    As for gasoline? If ALL of Brunswick goes to SC as I propose then right across the river in Leland gas prices would drop by 30 cents. You are right NC would not give up any tax revenues, but they would reclassify them to make it appear as though they cut taxes. The GOP would just call them fees in the future.

    But then, if SC would like to get into a bidding war with LS and GA on movie incentives then I say let them win! That way Wilmington’s film employees won’t have far to drive to work…….and NC will not be out any money.

    This sounds better and better doesn’t it?


  • Guest6969696969

    To answer Guest2910’s question(s)..

    Cartographers, Cartographers measure, map, and chart the earth’s surface. Their work involves everything from performing geographical research and compiling data to actually producing maps. Cartographers collect, analyze, and interpret both spatial data—such as latitude, longitude, elevation, and distance—and nonspatial data—for example, population density, land-use patterns, annual precipitation levels, and demographic characteristics. Their maps may give both physical and social characteristics of the land. They prepare maps in either digital or graphic form, using information provided by geodetic surveys, aerial photographs, and satellite data.

    Photogrammetrists prepare detailed maps and drawings from aerial photographs, usually of areas that are inaccessible, difficult, or more costly to survey by other methods. Map editors develop and verify the contents of maps, using aerial photographs and other reference sources. Some States require photogrammetrists to be licensed as surveyors.
    Read the Whole Article, @ Wiki…

    In Other words, you become a Surveyor…
    Yes you are required to be “certified” AND take a exam to qualify..
    Union? Probably so, Good .Gov bennies? +1 if you can get hired…
    Starting pay? 39k average yearly…
    Be aware though the feller, died a few years back during a heatwave, in the middle of the Brunswick Brush out there, He died of heat/dehydration issues..He was surveying.. (OT sorry)…

    MOST ask, WHY? “redraw” or “Resurvey” the land, well, you need to go back a 293 YEARS…..
    According to the Prefatory Notes to Volume 5 of the Colonial Records of North Carolina, the process of determining the boundary between North and South Carolina began in 1720 “when the purpose to erect a third Province in Carolina, with Savannah for its northern boundary”[13] began. On January 8, 1730[14] an agreement between the two states said for the border “to begin 30 miles southwest of the Cape Fear river, and to be run at that parallel distance the whole course of said river;” The next June Governor Robert Johnson of South Carolina said the border should start 30 miles southwest of the source of the Cape Fear “due west as far as the South Sea,” unless the “Waccamaw river lyes [sic] within 30 miles of the Cape Fear river,”[13] which would make the Waccamaw the boundary. North Carolina agreed to this until the discovery that the Cape Fear headwaters were very close to Virginia, which would not have “permitted any extension on the part of North Carolina to the westward.”[13] In 1732, Governor George Burrington of North Carolina stated in Timothy’s Southern Gazette that territory north of the Waccamaw was in North Carolina, to which Johnson replied that South Carolina claimed the land. Johnson also said that when the two met before the Board of Trade in London two years earlier, Burrington had “insisted that the Waccamaw should be the boundary from its mouth to its head,”[13] while South Carolina agreed the border should be located 30 miles from the mouth, not the source. Johnson said this was “only a mistake in wording it.”

    Source Wiki..

    After ALL these years,As VOG says, Leave the dern thing alone, (VOG, I agree with everything you’ve said)… Though; You gotta know, there is MONEY Involved in this; AND a Major ENERGY COMPANY, it shouldn’t surprise you….
    You can say thinks to DUKE ENERGY…

    In the mid-1990s, Duke Energy determined that the border between the Carolinas needed to be re-surveyed, as the company was selling and donating land in the Jocassee Gorge area, which included parts of both states. Also, with more people living outside cities, the precise boundaries of fire, tax, and school district lines needed to be known. This was especially a problem in the mountains, where people had previously lived in valleys, not on the ridges where the border was. A 15-year plan to re-establish the boundary began, using maps from the 1813–1815 survey and GPS technology. A few stone markers still read, “NC/SC 1815 AD”[16] but other locations were marked with trees which no longer stand.

    After 18 years and $980,000, it was predicted that the process of determining the border between the Carolinas would be complete in 2012.[15] Financial problems delayed the last survey until October 2012, meaning the results will not be known until Spring 2013.[17] 30 homes and a gas station could change states. The gas station has been located in South Carolina, along U.S. Route 321, and the move to North Carolina would make the price of gas higher and change laws on beer and fireworks.[18] The state legislatures involved expect to pass laws alleviating the concerns those changing states would face.[17]

    Further reading & research required, In a short answer, there you have it…

  • Faima

    Good afternoon,
    I report for Carolina Connection at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    If you are interested in a 5-10 minute phone interview for the radio to tell us how the redrawing will affect you contact me at

    Thank you,

    Faima Ramirez


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