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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Three people are in jail after local, state and federal agents busted a cocaine operation in Brunswick County.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Vice-Narcotics Unit, along with the State Bureau of Investigations and the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms worked together on the bust, that led them to find 330 grams of cocaine Thursday.

Kemine Taylor, 23, of Hale Swamp Rd., Shallotte, and Joshua Orlando Bernard, 24, of Beach Dr., Ocean Isle Beach, are each charged with 12 counts of trafficking in cocaine, two counts of sell/deliver cocaine and one count of conspire to traffic in cocaine. They are both in the Brunswick County Detention Facility under $1 million secured bonds.

Amy Michelle Slusser, 27, of Beach Dr., Ocean Isle Beach, is charged with one count of possession of drug paraphernalia and three counts of misdemeanor child abuse, because investigators say her children were in the home where officers found the drugs.

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  • Guest1851658

    While I am for charging those who break the law, charging a woman with child abuse just because they were in the same house with drugs sounds more like vengeance than justice. They were in no more danger than if the drugs were prescribed by a physician. Let’s be fair with everyone. Our justice system is getting out of hand and becoming unfair.

  • Guest104

    Several people in the community have alerted social services and police that even before the guys got out of jail she was dealing out of the home with the kids. No sad sob story. She should be charged just like them. As for the kids dss claims that pills and drugs are not a reason to remove the children. Now it is! Roberto’s window got shot out and still nothing was done. Well here’s a thought the kids will now have food, showers, clean clothes and diapers, and guidance. They are our future and finally they have a chance

  • Mike Leland

    Are you kidding me. I guess you never experienced a drug deal. Putting those kids in harms way is out and out stupid. Many drug deals go bad and if those kids were injured who would be to blame…..according to you, nobody because its unfair.

  • Guest-o-matic

    …to raise little kids in a drug ridden household? If someone with 3 little children can’t stay away from drugs and take care of them, they have a serious problem that needs to be dealt with!

    Another thing Einstein, someone with a “legal” prescription drug usually has a reason for it, a huge difference. I wonder what your household looks like? Yep…justice system sucks when you can’t snort coke with your kids watching without wanting a glass of milk and some cookies, huh?

  • SurfCityTom

    really should take a saliva test before posting on any website.

    If that is your true feelings, I hope you are not a parent.

    If you are a parent, I hope Social Services obtains your information from WWAY and then pays you a visit with the local authorities.

  • ilmNCnative

    Are illegal drugs sold in child proof containers?

    No, any child regardless of age could potentially come into contact or ingest the substance.

    Are illegal drugs made in regulated facilities that insure the accuracy of ingredients so that they are consistent and safe to use?

    No, there is no reassurance as to what is in the substance purchased or how pure it is. This could mean that kids in the house might be exposed to something more lethal than expected.

    So, there are two reasons why illegal drugs such as cocaine could cause more danger.

    Also, most drugs used illegally result in the person experiencing some sort of euphpria or high. This feeling can result in one neglecting responsibilities such as caring for a child. In this regard, I think one could be charged with child abuse if prescription drugs are being used illegally. So, there you have it. Fairness.

  • Guest CommonTater

    “charging a woman with child abuse just because they were in the same house with drugs”

    And sadly you do not… then you are part of the problem. Evidently she didn’t either so you two have something in common. That should scare the hell out of you but….. I will simply say you are wrong on many levels but to debate you would be futile. Have fun in your ignorance…

  • david m

    R u serious. No more charges than if a physician prescribe them something. Ummm cocaine is a whole different ball game then pills. Wow u must be eight years old

  • Guest20562

    Good job Sheriff’s Dept. it is a crying shame that the Sheriff’s Dept. and all the other police departments in Brunswick County risk their lives everyday to protect the citizens of this beautiful County that we call home and then go to court and Jon David will let them walk or better known around here as voluntary dismissed. This is the only place that I have ever heard of people waking on DWI, DUI, embezzlement, B&E, drugs, gangs, stolen guns. could someone please help me understand why this happens every week in Brunswick County NC?

  • david m

    To get a Bigger charge on the next one. Thry r not fully gone until a charge is brought on someone else higher up. Obviously u r not educated enough to put this together. They say they r releasing these people. But thats not the case if nothing g is brought on another individual thrn there charges are pressed.

  • mx1286

    Its about time they bust a dealer instead of people who have a drug problem. They usually just bust addicts an call them dealers its ridiculous if you ask me. just say your scared to go where the drugs are and you rather just bust the people that drive out of these places.. Hate to say it but they dont do there job at the best of there ability. just my personal opinion.

  • Michelle28

    Who ever u are u don’t know spit and need go on somewhere


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