Man killed on lawn mower in Thomasville

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Submitted: Wed, 05/01/2013 - 12:52pm
Updated: Wed, 05/01/2013 - 12:53pm

THOMASVILLE, NC (AP) — A Thomasville man has died after he was struck by a vehicle while mowing his yard with his riding lawnmower.

Seventy-three-year-old Bobby Lambert was pronounced dead at the scene about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol says a pickup truck driver swerved to avoid a dog and ran off the road and hit Lambert.

Trooper Jeff Boozer says the truck also struck several small trees in the yard. The truck driver was not hurt.

Troopers are considering whether to charge the driver.

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  • Jdog2012 says:

    Considering?? He should charged. Actions have consequences. You should never swerve out of your lane. That’s when you risk everyone around you and chance losing control. Now this elderly man maintaining his yard has paid the price for someone elses wrecklessness

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