ONLY ON 3: Duplin Co. teacher quits amid sex with student allegations

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Submitted: Thu, 05/02/2013 - 3:30am
Updated: Thu, 05/02/2013 - 12:12pm

DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Parents think school is one of the safest places for their children to be, but they don’t always know what happens behind closed doors.

A Duplin County high school teacher is under investigation after allegedly being caught having a sexual relationship with one of her students. Emily Efird, a teacher at James Kenan High School, resigned two weeks ago after the allegations surfaced.

Duplin County Sheriff Blake Wallace says his office received a tip from the public and the Duplin County Board of Education about the situation.

A statement from the school system says it became aware of the situation April 8 and immediately suspended the teacher. A district spokeswoman says the next week the teacher resigned.

The district would not identify the teacher, but students did, as Efird, an English teacher, and a list of teachers who resigned from the school system in April shows Efird was the only teacher from James Kenan to quit.

“I thought it was just a rumor,” one student told us.

We wanted perspective from students, but we are protecting their identities because they are minors.

Students from Efird’s class say she was “odd.” One student says she favored boys and used pet names like “babe.”

Students say Efird was married and recently had a baby.

“I never really noticed anything between them until everything happened,” another student said.

Sheriff Wallace says the investigation continues, but he said he could neither confirm nor deny Efird is the teacher under investigation. He says detectives will decide whether to press charges after they get phone records.

We went to a home we believe belongs to Efird, but no one answered the door. We have not yet been able to find a phone number for her.


  • Guest1972 says:

    I have known other teachers who were unfairly accused of similar allegations. They were not guilty, but wanted to or did resign because they could not go back to the school and face the lack of respect they would have if they returned, even if cleared of all wrong-doing. In fact, you all have proven that just putting this in the paper has ruined her reputation as a teacher, even if no charges brought, or brought and dismissed, she will always be labeled by this incident.

  • Curious says:

    Any word on what is going on with this case? I would be very interested to know where this teacher is right now.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    I am guessing that since you want us to keep our comments to ourselves, you care about what we have to say. Another genius.

  • your mom says:

    lord. all of y’all get a life. just watch the video and shut up! keep the comments to yourself ! dont nobody care what you got to say. like swerve.

  • Justice Please says:

    Is this sicko going to be arrested or what?

  • LISA says:

    There are consequences for your actions. I feel sorry for everyone in this situation especially the people it affects around them. She is married and recently had a baby. How about the husband and the child in this situation? The boy and his family? Sad situation.

  • kb says:

    REALLY????? You’re going to sit there and blame an innocent child for this???? No matter his background or lifestyle, point is he is still the minor in this.

  • Tom Jolls says:

    She and her husband live right outside of Charlotte now and she is a registered sex offender:

  • GuestED says:

    The bottom line here is that She broke the law! You send your children to school to learn and be taught not having sexual intercourse with them.

    Example: He was an upstanding citizen. He was always nice and helpful and he robbed a bank. Yes, he broke the law too.

  • CP says:

    Not blaming the young man,he’s not a child. Not in size or actions. He has been sexually active for several years with older “girls”. Dated a Senior when he was a freshman.

    I’m blaming his family for not raising him right and blaming Emily for doing something so stupid. She isn’t a molester by any means. She is someone with a real problem when it comes to making good decisions. She messed up. She’s going to pay for it. But don’t make her out to be a monster unless you know her, the young man and his family. Then you might just look at it differently.

  • Wilson says:

    I was a former student of hers as well and honestly I don’t believe this at all. She was an excellent teacher and took her job seriously. If you didn’t know her then you shouldn’t judge. The papers make people look like monsters and she’s far from that.

  • Caroline says:

    The boy wasn’t a saint either. And his family background isn’t stellar. I’d bet his father is actually quite proud of him while his mother tries to pretend that he is a sweet little kid. He isn’t/wasn’t. He is failing and he’s been suspended numerous times. Don’t worry about the lawsuit, it’s in progress already, but they don’t deserve a dime and neither does he. The kid does need a beating but probably won’t get one. His dad will just buy him a pack of cigarettes and some beer and pat him on the back.
    Why she chose him I have no clue. As a parent of a child (children, actually) that had Ms. Efird as a teacher, I can say she is probably one of the best teachers, academically, they had.
    The kid may need testing but he’s had sex with older girls/women in the past. Ms. Efird may need testing.
    What she did was wrong and I hate that she has wasted the talent she had for getting through to these kids. She was working on her National Certification. Was she odd? She was different. She often dress more like a teenager and acted like a teenager. The students either really liked her or really didn’t. Apparently, this one liked her alot.
    But she had a really difficult time separating her professional persona from her friendly persona.

  • Droppy says:

    I certainly hope you don’t send your children to school to have sexual intercourse with them. What a perverted mind you must have.

  • Guest19087 says:

    You apparently don’t know the parents as well as you think you do. I know them both well and the young man. Doesn’t matter if he was a freshman dating a senior, there is nothing wrong with that. A teacher manipulating a student that’s wrong. Wake up, 16 is still a minor, she is suppose to be someone these students can trust, and she failed at it. My daughter was taught by Emily and she said it doesn’t surprise her her at all

  • parents says:

    Really, you are going to blame the child? No matter his background or lifestyle he is still the victim. The teacher was inappropriate in this matter. You can all say what a wonderful teacher she is and that’s great, wonderful. Doesn’t change the fact that she is still a molester. I’m sure the parents are not doing back-flips because of the situation and for you to think that says volumes about you.

  • Vog46 says:

    If the news report was/is right, this teacher had sex with a minor, as WWAY indicated by way of interviewing other students and they protected the student’s ID because they were all minors.
    A – this teacher practiced infidelity
    B – this teacher broke the law
    C – this teacher had a lack of morals along with the students lack of restraint

    While I’m all for forgiveness – in this case the damage is already done and it’s permanent. If I were that boys parents I’d have him tested for disease first then I’d sue the school system and at the same time beat the living crap out of my kid for failing to live up to my expectations of morality.
    Set your measurement of what a good teacher is at a much higher level. Please.

  • Guest1980 says:

    If this was a male teacher with a female student would you be putting blame on the girl? A lot of teenage girls dress provocative so would it be her fault because of that? Then you have mothers of said teenage girls who let her teenage daughters boyfriend move in with her. This family doesn’t claim to be saints so before you start with the way others raise their children maybe you need to reflect on how you raise yours. Furthermore, I highly doubt this family is looking for financial gain from this. I’m pretty sure all they are seeking is justice for their son, as any parent would.

  • cp says:

    I am surprised it wasn’t discovered before now that Emily had issues, but I assure you I know what goes on with that family much more than you do unless you are living in that house. The father has no morals and the mother does the best she can. The oldest son is a hardworking young man with great plans for the future, but has little family support. The youngest son is still just a child. The 16 year old in the middle of all this is a nice looking charming young man. I do not believe he will have any lasting emotional problems from this. I think whatever punishment Emily gets will be severe enough. I still believe his mother is mortified and his father thinks it’s great and everyone that knows him agrees.

  • Caroline says:

    I know this “child”. I know this family and if they think they can get money out of this by exploiting their own kid, they will. Children learn what they see and if you knew his father, you’d know what I was talking about.
    I didn’t blame the “child”. He isn’t a child. He’s 16 years old and I assure you he knew what he was doing. Yeah, Emily was STUPID to do this. I’m guessing you don’t know any of them personally because if you did, you wouldn’t be looking at it the same way.
    So, I assure you I don’t just “think” any of this. I KNOW this.

  • jlc says:

    Obviously you do not know this family personally if you did you would know that their children were raised to have respect. I am sure they have things in their closet just like you do. Both parents are good people and will help you anyway they can. You will find no better people anywhere. Don’t go to throwing rocks if you live in a glass house. The teacher is the one to blame if these allegations are true not a minor child. I also can tell you that the father is not patting him on the back or doing any of the other stuff that you have suggested.

  • Guest1972 says:

    North Carolina Teachers DO have a union, it’s just disguised as the North Carolina Association for Educators, and nationally, the National Association of Educators.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    I completely fail to understand why anyone would want to post anything about themselves on any “social website” anyway.
    Loss of discretion on the large scale began to happen when the Facebook idiots decided to completely forget about and abort the concept of “Right to privacy” and dole everything they have out for the whole world to see. An unbelievable and totally worthless sacrifice in my opinion.
    I have “friends”. I go see them, I call them and I send them emails. That’s it!

  • Vog46 says:

    You actually TALK on your cell phone?
    Me too!!!!

    When was the last time you hand wrote a letter?


  • Vog46 says:

    Considering the sheer number of teachers the numbers of inappropriate relationships is very small, thank goodness.
    I don’t get this sharing of photos and explicit materials on cell phones and/or social media sites. Is it a sense of “pride” to share this stuff?
    Whatever happened to discretion?


  • Wilmington Observer says:

    Discretion began to vanish, from our society, about the same time as morals, ethics, pride, self respect and professionalism.

    Wilmington Observer

  • GuestBullIsht says:

    What’s discretion??? That teachers shouldn’t allow photos while having intercourse with their students?

  • Guest1234543 says:

    You reap what you sow, wasn’t that long ago we had the most “beloved” president look us straight in the eye on national TV and point his finger at us and say “I didn’t have sex with that girl”, even lied to the Grand Jury about it, but she was a little smarter than him, and his story fell thru, but that has set the stage for the demoralizing of our kids, they are now about the right age for this wreckless behaviour to be coming full circle.

  • RSimmons says:

    Lighten Up Francis!

  • Guest2020 says:

    One thing that is bad is that when she seeks another teaching position, the current school will not be allowed to tell the potential employer about her history. We can thank the teachers’ unions for that. They should be made to register like all of the other sex offenders.

  • GuestED says:

    If she is guilty, she’ll have felony charges. Does schools not require a back ground check? Please.

  • Teacher says:

    NC doesn’t have a teacher’s union. So, please don’t make yourself sound like an idiot with that excuse. I hear it all the time, and it’s useless.

  • missflorida says:

    YOU ARE ALL RIDICULOUS. Like you are saints, get over yourselves! This woman was THE BEST teacher at James Kenan. She saved me from dropping out. She was my mentor in LIFE and in SCHOOL. She is a lovely person. I do not know if these allegations are true but for all I give a f, it does not change who she is as a person. She’s the only teacher in this county who got CAUGHT. There are plenty of teachers at James Kenan who have ‘inappropriate relationships’ with students. OPEN YOUR MIND AND SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!

  • hahaha ! says:

    Actually, honey. there are better teachers at JK. This particular teacher might have saved you from dropping out but is not the best in what her profession is . which is teaching .

  • GuestED says:

    She had sex with a child/minor! It’s in black and white. She probably was a lot of things but now, she’s a sex offender. You need to WAKE UP. I haven’t broken any laws.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …took to FaceBook, can’t seem to find a way to keep their immature mouths shut and tell everything they know to the world!

  • BringBringOldWilmington says:

    I have known students/athletes who dated teachers/coaches/bus drivers AND the school police officers at NHHS 20yrs ago. I remember one firing of the bus driver….but other then that nothing ever became of it. It was a well known secret and to the students it was the coolest thing. But looking back..I can now see how it was wrong of the adults to prey on young minds. And NO, I was never involved with any of that hooplah…just friends I knew. Sad but it goes on more then you think

  • Vog46 says:

    I’m glad this women resigned- she has no business being a teacher.
    The students found her “odd”.
    Not the type of person you’d want to be carrying a firearm as many have suggested (that we arm teachers). This teacher is the exception though, not the norm, I think we all agree to that. An LEO would be far better.
    Good grief…….


  • SurfCityTom says:

    there was a piece on the news today concerning a Virginia based teacher in Newport News who was caught in an inappropriate relationship with a 17 year old student. If I read correctly, she was in her mid 20s.

    How was she caught, you ask? His parents found nude photos of her on his cell phone.

    Now that was stupid.

  • Jessica says:

    As a former student of this teacher, I can’t say whether I believe the allegations or not. However, she was a great teacher who knew her subject well and prepared her students not just to pass her class but how to write great papers and offered frequent help if needed. After I graduated, she was more than helpful in proofing my papers and helping me excel. The students find her odd, not because she is a creep or because she seems to have an hidden agenda, but because she is eccentric and has a different way of thinking then most of the teachers in the school. If these allegations are correct, then yes she should be punished, but her teaching methods are by far adequate and I would go as far as to say that she was probably one of my favorite teachers there.

  • T. W. Duke says:

    As yet we have not answered the most important question about this crime… was the teacher hot?

    T.W. Duke

  • J says:

    She looked like a crackhead. Does that answer the question? She was very boney and her teeth were stained from smoking and she wore baggy clothing

  • Lucy says:

    Hello? Did you not see the news clip video (above)? They show a picture of her. Judge for yourself.

  • GuestED says:

    Dude, check out the news video clip! They show her picture. Then, you can be the judge….

  • GuestSYP says:

    Where were these kinds of teachers when I was in high school. As a teenager, I was always ready for additional tutoring

  • Guestbob says:

    I assume you think that was a funny comment but you are a sick person. You’re train of thought is one reason our country is in the shape it is. Teachers having sexual relationships with students is immoral as is any sex outside of marriage between a man and woman. I know this is not a popular stance now days but it is what God created. Folks who don’t believe this now will one day, I promise.
    With a comment like this, I hope you don’t work anywhere around children.
    Additionally, I can’t believe WWAY would post this type of sick comment.

  • Lucy says:

    The article says she was married and recently had a baby. That’s the type of relationship/affair you wanted as a teenager? NICE!

  • Guest2k1o says:

    She taught AP and Honors, some college courses and had the highest education for her profession. Yeah. Keep talkin’ youngin’

  • GuestED says:

    Highest degree is a PHD. I don’t believe Mrs. Efird was a doctorate in teaching.

  • Guest2k1o says:

    Have a seat.

  • Concerned citizen says:

    Is she going to blame this on ‘post-partum’ too…like the teacher from Burgaw Middle School, not to long ago. This is getting completely ridiculous!

    They should both be put on the sexual predator list (Megan Mantooth was not and I am still so appalled by that)

  • concerned parent of james kenan says:

    Lets be honest shes not the only one in James Kenan H.S thats having sex with the students she just was the one that caught theres a few officers and teachers up there doing what they please the while school needs investigating

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