WPD officer shoots dog that attacked K-9

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Submitted: Thu, 05/02/2013 - 12:25am
Updated: Thu, 05/02/2013 - 12:09pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington Police officer shot and killed a dog last night while searching for a suspect.

Police say it started when a driver police stopped at about 9:43 p.m. in the 400 block of Evans Street jumped and ran.

A K-9 team came in to help track the suspect. While they were tracking, an unleashed dog witnesses described as a pit bull approached and went nose to nose with the K-9 as the handler tried to pull the K-9 away. Another officer tried unsuccessfully to make the dog back off, but it attacked the K-9, going first for his face and then trying to bite his throat, police say.

A WPD officer shot the uncontrolled dog to stop the attack.

The police department will conduct a routine use of force review on the incident. Police say the driver who jumped and ran is still at large and still under investigation.


  • GuestGesthapoPoster says:

    I read the link to the newspaper story and looked at the picture. First, not a “pitbull” and second, the “SUSPECT” was being sought because his license was revoked. Really, an overkill show of force for a motor vehicle violation.

  • Jaloney Caldwell says:

    But see the longer stories in other media: seems the answer to question 1 was yes.

  • Jaloney Caldwell says:

    Stop posting compulsively about ‘pit bulls’ Dennis Baker. I used to do what you did too, but I’ve gotten back on my meds and got a job. You should try both, obviously too much time on your hands and an addled brain, not a pleasant combination. And see the picture of the dog in link below, no way is it a ‘pit bull’, nor did this incident have anything to do with a dog attacking a kid. So your canned cut and paste post is completely irrelevant.

  • Guest2020 says:

    The officer ran the plates and showed that the driver had a suspended license. The officer was well within procedure to stop the car. This became escalated when the driver stopped the car and fled. Had he not fled, then there would have been no reason for a search and no reason for the K-9 officer to be brought in. The officers tried to break up the dog fight and being unsuccessful, they did what was necessary.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I read the article in the local newspaper and it doesn’t say that the dog was in his yard. All it says is that a neighbor says that it doesn’t usually leave the yard.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Regardless of the answer, the dog attacked. The officers tried to get him to back off, it wouldn’t so they shot it.

  • YIFF says:

    I think that pretty much says it…..

  • Dennis Baker says:

    While anti BSL, pro pit advocates celebrate what they consider victories. We mourn another death . Thus far this year there have been 11 fatal dog attacks in the U.S. In every one of these deaths only one breed (type) of dog has been the killer .The pit bull has been the only type of dog to take human life so far this year. Please Pray for the families and loved ones of the following .(Beau Rutledge, 2 years old)(Jordyn Arndt 4 years old )( Claudia Gallardo, 38 years old ) (Tyler Jett, 7 years old ) (Monica Renee Laminack, 21 months old) (Daxton Borchardt, 14 months old ) ( Ryan Maxwell, 7 years old ) (Isaiah Aguilar, 2 years old ) ( Esile Grace, 91 years old ) (Christian Gormanous, 4 years old ) (Betty Todd, 65 years old ) What kind of people find celebration while lives are lost. At this rate within the next 10 to 20 days We will be adding another innocent victim to this list. Please join Us to bring regulation that will reduce the mauling and killing.https://www.facebook.com/ProtectChildrenFromPitBulls?hc_location=timeline

  • YIFF says:

    WPD mention numerous times the Pitbull did this the Pitbull did that hmmmm see the picture yourself


  • jj says:

    Well, here we are with all the DumbA&& people making post that are at their education level..

    Was the dog in its yard?
    Did the dog have a leash on it with the owner on the other end?

    If the answer to both of are no, then the dog should have been shot…

  • Jaloney Caldwell says:

    What a bunch of childish nonsense. A police dog is a *dog*. Its life has the same inherent value as any ‘civilian’ dog, and less than that of any human, suspect or other. The fact that politicians appeal to stupid immature voters to pass laws classing police dogs as ‘officers’ shows something wrong in our society. And police dog as ‘officer’ reaches its height of ridiculousness in cases like this. How is a ‘civilian’ dog supposed to know that the police dog is, supposedly, an ‘officer’? Two dogs fighting is two dogs fighting. If the owner of the ‘civilian’ dog let it loose *off* his property, then it’s at least partly his fault his dog was killed. But if the ‘civilian’ dog was on its own property, it was up to the police to avoid the situation or control it without killing that dog. Only idiots will buy the argument that the ‘civilian’ dog had to die because it ‘dared to attack a police officer’. Bright kids by around the third grade are too mature to make a silly argument like that.

  • Guest6858 says:

    No Guestvader, when on patrol there is no difference. The K-9 is a member of the WPD. There have been enough instances in the past in Wilmington for any thug or lay person to be clear on that. Good work WPD!!

  • Guest7969 says:

    A K9 life isn’t even on the same level as an officers life…PERIOD. You can Kumbaya all day long and you’ll just look like an idiot trying to compare the two lives. I do agree though, in this case they used force that was needed. I’m not sticking my hand in a dog fight with a taser to break it up!

  • Ex- Liberal says:

    Another dog killed justifiable because of a Du** A$$ owner in the hood.Twenty dollars bets the dog was smater than the owner.

  • Guest234356788 says:

    “Another dog killed justifiable because of a Du** A$$ owner in the hood.Twenty dollars bets the dog was smater than the owner.”

    Seeing a “smart” racist around here is like hunting for unicorns. From a distance a horse might be mistaken for a unicorn, but when you get up close, it’s just another old dumb racist redneck.

  • Gate Keeper says:

    Let’s be clear here before someone starts. There is no difference between a K-9 and a patrolman, both are law enforcement officers and the dog (pitbull) deserved to be put down for attacking a city policeman. Hope our officer was not injured.

  • Guest Vader says:

    There is a huge difference between a K9 officer and a human officer. However, in this case, unfortunately, the attacking dog had to be put down.

  • Erica says:

    Exactly! Thank you! Let’s not blame the cops for protecting one of their own. Let’s blame the owner who wasn’t properly controlling their dog.

  • Hype says:

    There is a picture of the dog on starnews site. The dog is a medium sized mutt but nothing too pitbullish about it. The cops are putting that hype out there so no one questions why they shot the dog. What happened to the tazers, bully clubs and other non lethal weapons they carry?

  • Guester says:

    The picture I saw showed the dog laying on its side and not a head on shot so it is hard to tell.

    “What happened to the tazers, bully clubs and other non lethal weapons they carry?”

    What happened to fences and leashes? I believe there is a leash law in the city/county. That dog would still be alive if it had been behind a fence or on a leash.

  • tke says:

    Let’s let a dog, pit or otherwise, start gnawing on you and see whether you want it shot or tazed.

  • Guest432 says:

    Spoken exactly as one would expect from the safety of a keyboard. Tazers are not designed to shoot small targets such as quickly moving fighting dogs. And can you imagine the outcry if an officer beat a dog to death, or near death, with a club? If you can do better sign up and report for duty.

  • Bulldog Breeds Rock says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on the photo. That clearly is not a pit bull. The hair color is wrong; the coat is wrong; the body is wrong. I’d like to have seen the head better, but no matter. Not a pit bull. Not in this universe. This really illustrates what the “pit bull problem” really is… one of misidentification. Police officers do not know a pit bull from anything else just by virtue of being a police officer. It’s a label being abused to describe “big dog that attacked someone/something” these days. And pit bulls aren’t even big dogs! Unfortunately the real pits will take yet another hit to their rep because of a label being indiscriminately applied to random mutts. It’s a real shame. Kudos to Star News for doing their level best to report this accurately.

  • Debbie Bell says:

    Bingo, the cops now know they can tamp down complaints about their shooting of dogs, often on the private property of non-offenders, if they call the dog a ‘pit bull’. In this case the critical failing in the article, as others mentioned, is neglecting to say whether the unleashed dog was on its owner’s property or public property: big difference.

    The cops aren’t the brightest people around, but have gradually been able to figure out that they can hoodwink the really stupid people who post on these threads with automatic praise for shooting people’s dog as long as the cops claim the dog is a ‘pit bull’.

  • Misty says:

    That is why their is a leash law in place. I am glad the officer and the K9 are okay.

    Seems the owner of this dog didn’t care nor want to abide by the leach law, which knowing that area most of them don’t anyways. They think the law doesn’t affect them. But now they and the dog has suffered the consequences. Hopefully the owner of the dog will be fined, and will no longer be able allowed to have dogs.

    Once again thankful for New Hanover PD & K9 Unit. You guys do a great job keeping our streets safe!

  • brant says:

    As someone else here pointed out, it’s not clear if this occurred on the street or on private property. Police often move into private property during the course of an investigation but the leash law does not apply there.

  • Guest9087g says:

    There is no leash law for taking a dog outside to urinate in your own property.

  • Guest Timekeeper says:

    Why are you playing the race card? Nobody has mentioned a word about race or skin color here. Anybody can be in the “hood”. Now who looks like a racist?

    And, yes, there is a big difference between a human officer and an animal officer. Were the dogs sworn in? If so, it was purely symbolic.

  • Guest6858 says:

    You just really don’t get it, do you Timekeeper?

  • Guest Timekeeper says:

    6858..I don’t think you get it either, and for that matter ever had it or ever will.

  • Guest12345432 says:

    I get one thing, there was a peaceful neighborhood 1 minute then all heck breaks loose and someones dog comes out and a dog fight ensues and the police shot and killed it, was it justified? under the circumstances probably yes, but it is a dog’s instinct to fight another dog on it’s turf, the dead dog had no idea it was attacking a policeman, now was it a pit? don’t know, don’t care, wouldn’t trust the pit breed any further than I could throw it.

  • Guest6858 says:

    Well Timekeeper, I get it enough to know what actually goes down. I know first hand what took place and I know some officers of the WPD, so you can go back to your Wah Wah Wahing!!!

  • timekeeper says:

    So, you know a couple cops. What does that make you? You don’t make one lick of sense.

  • Guest_dog says:

    It’s a dog. Kill first, worry later. Anyone worrying about a dead dog has their priorities out of wack.

  • brant says:

    Guess you don’t have a dog. Bet you don’t have anything in your life you care about. Kill first because a life was at stake? Not in this situation. What are you prioritizing here before the dog? I’d die for my dog, but I don’t expect you to understand.

  • Guestdddd says:

    You don’t deserve to be around animals. I hope you don’t have one as a pet. I hope I don’t grow into a hateful old man as I age, damn.

  • thumpp says:

    The article is typically vague… It doesn’t say where the shooting happened. Were they in the yard or on the street? Public or private property? Big difference.

  • wayne says:

    I am the neighborhood dogs dog to the shepherd mix he was the friendliest dog in the neighborhood he lives inside with his owner he only came out to use the bathroom in his own yard he also was killed in his own yard. all he wanted to do is play with the police dog. this is the case of another policeman too eager to use his gun. what is on route is a veteran of the Iraqs war he’s a good man. people realized please is always going to be right. and when it happens to you then you will see

  • AA or NA says:

    Wow, either that is the most incoherent posting in a while or perhaps you were intending to quote a Beatles song.

    It goes “I am the Walrus, coo coo ca choo” not “I am the neighborhood, dogs dog dog”

  • MissBea says:

    I looked at the pic. The dogs body shape and coloring look shepherd or husky mixed with something heavier. It has thick legs. Its head coloring and jaw shape/muzzle is not long nosed, a bit jowly with the wide ‘smile’ of a rott, but could be pit. It is definitely a mix of at least 2-3 breeds, all of them on the top list for aggression. I think the officer did what was right, savings the canine officer. The dog should not have been loose, and was a threat. When people don’t contain their dogs, and they pose a danger, this is the result.

  • Bulldog Breeds Rock says:

    It “could” be a pit, therefore it is? That attitude is why these dogs get such a bad rap. Firstly, a dog mixed with 2 or more breeds is a mutt. JUST a mutt! You can sometimes get a fair idea of one of the breeds if it’s a mix of just 2 breeds. More than that? Increasingly unlikely. With this dog, it seems pretty obvious it has some shepherd-type breeding in it, and perhaps something as large as a Rottweiler, but not necessarily a rottie.

    Secondly, let’s talk about pit bulls. These breeds are consistently ranked by the American Temperament Testing Society as some of the best tempered breeds out there. They rate higher than many many dogs you wouldn’t have thought to be “aggressive”. Go ahead… look it up. No, wait. Here’s some links:

    Thirdly, there are the findings of the National Canine Research Council on detailed investigations into human fatalities related to dog attacks. Their findings, year after year, are summed up by this:

    “There is no scientific evidence that one kind of dog is more likely than another to injure a human being than any other kind of dog. In fact, there is affirmative evidence to the contrary.”


    As I said before, the “problem” with pit bulls is one of misidentification, and your attitude that “it could be a pit bull, therefore it is” is the real problem here. Do some research and stop buying into media hype. You’re a human, not a lemming.

  • Vog46 says:

    You don’t think a website called “badrap.org” or “caninersearchcouncil.com” would be biased in any way do you?


  • YIFF says:

    The unbelievable story of the neighborhood lovable mutt viciously attacking a highly trained K9 Police dog with at least 2 officers present can only be explained by the spirit of Cujo possessing him . That’s the only explanation for the highly trained K9 Team having to skip past clubs, are very fast and effective pepper spray and resort to the use of 4 silver bullets designed to terminate possessed mutts.. The story is very scary indeed described by the officers who defecated their pants at this sight of the this possessed mutt going for the face of their beloved friendly highly trained K9 Police Dog and then My Word!…going in for the rapid throat kill. It must have been like they say going in slow motion for them to be able to describe these actions in detail yet their fear obscured their ability to discern between a pitbull and this mutt .

    I’m sure the Demon Spirit of Cujo hypnotized the Police officers into believing this friendly neighborhood mutt was indeed a blood thirsty trained Attack Pit Bull planted by Al-Qaeda

  • ruff ruff says:

    I value my dog more than any cop let them shoot my dog, They better be prepared to shoot me

  • guesty says:

    If you are dumb enough to attack an officer I hope they do shoot you.

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