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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Wilmington Downtown, Inc “WDI” is proud to announce the 2013 Downtown Sundown Concert Series schedule, sponsors and nonprofit wristband partners.

WDI kicks off Wilmington’s annual signature Friday night concert series Friday May 24. This summer marks the 8th season for the Downtown Sundown, which began as an economic development promotion to attract people downtown in the late afternoon. It has grown to be one of the more popular FREE events in the region, attracting locals and tourists of all ages.

WDI has teamed up again with RA Jeffrey’s, encore magazine, and Hometown Media (106.7 The Penguin and 103.7 The Bone Radio). The three media partners have been with the event since its founding in 2006.

2013 also brings in a few changes, including new sponsors. One new major sponsor is WWAY NewsChannel 3. Regarding the new sponsorship, WDI President John Hinnant said, “We’re proud to have WWAY as a major sponsor this year. Not only are they a major media outlet in our market, they are also a downtown business. We think the partnership is going to help grow the event’s brand and reach.”

Another new sponsor includes Bob King Automall. “We view the concert series as a great way to give back to our community and connect with our customers” says Steve Zahner, Buick/GMC Sales Manager. “It is obviously hugely popular and we wanted to gain exposure for our brands during the summer” he continued.

Other sponsors include Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, distributed by Windham Distributing, Kind Beers of Wilmington, Tayloe Gray Kristoff “TG-K”, and Luna Ad. Kind Beers, TG-K and Luna Ad are downtown businesses.

Another new twist this year includes the various downtown restaurant and bar sponsors. Downtown venues were offered the opportunity to sponsor the opening acts. Those same acts will play after the show ends at 10:00 pm at the sponsor’s venue. Downtown venues that are 2013 sponsors include Firebelly Lounge, The Calico Room, The Whiskey, Hell’s Kitchen, Orton’s Pool Room and The Duck & Dive.

Continuing the tradition from 2011 and 2012, WDI is again partnering with area nonprofit organizations to split the wristband proceeds. Wrist bands are sold to those who are 21 and up, and want to purchase alcohol during the show. The $1 is split between WDI and the nonprofit. Last year, WDI contributed approximately $9,000 to other nonprofits in the area.

WDI is also bringing back to important vendors to the concert series. Pipeline Event Management will be providing on site security. Modern Music will be providing the stage, sound and lights of the production.

Below is the schedule to include the Opening acts and opening act sponsors. The downloadable concert series poster can be found on this link. You can also find more information about the concert series at www.wilmingtondowntown.com .

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  • SurfCityTom

    something actually done by WDI to promote downtown businesses.

    To date, all I have seen have been pieces about the Director using his corporate credit card to buy stogies and groceries. And who can forget his takeover of a metered parking space which if I recall correctly resulted in a police response and his being called on the carpet by at least one member of the City Council.

    Maybe they’ll be selling those Pink “Support Your Local, Taxpayer Funded Ballpark” which thankfully never came to pass.

  • Vog46

    If they sell wristbands at $1 apiece and its split between WDI and their nonprofit affiliates just where does that money go?
    Are there any financial reports about WDI?
    These wristbands – allow people to then purchase alcohol (which seems to be a dominant part of ANY down town activity) to drink at the concerts? Hmmmmmm..

    I know, I know I shouldn’t be so skeptical……..


  • Guesty1234

    A bunch of lame “tribute” bands?! With all the musical talent in this area why would you book crap like that??
    Well, don’t look for me to attend nor much of anybody I know. I don’t get it….?

  • Guest CommonTater

    Or have a band? If so go out there and provide what you think should be supplied….

  • Guest3130

    I’m definitely IN, it sounds like a whole lot of fun, can’t wait for summer. And if WWAYTV3 is a sponsor, I’m willing to bet it will be better than ever – THANKS!!

  • SurfCityTom

    50% of the funds are retained by WDI for use in covering their operating expenses and stogie purchases.

    The other half goes to unnamed non-profits. Perhaps the intent had been to fund ballpark expenses.

  • Guest499

    The concert series is tax exempt competition to the “appropriate” businesses that operate downtown day in and day out. As well, the porta johns are a disgrace to the guest community and inappropriate for this prime waterfront location. They stink all weekend long when WDI has an event. I vote – move the concert series to the parking garage upper deck out of sight out of mind. Lip stick + pig = still a smelly pig!

  • Justin

    Awesome concert series!!! We’ve hauled between six and ten friends down each and every Friday night for the past three years. Most of us enjoy dinner and drinks either before or after the concert in a nearby restaurant. Regardless, we always have a great time and don’t mind spreading some cash around the downtown area before catching a cab home. Instead of complaining about the concerts hurting your business, maybe you should step up and become a sponsor! I promise we wouldn’t be visiting downtown on a Friday night unless there were events like the concert series going on – safe, cheap, family-friendly, good music… nuf’sed.

  • Guest2020

    Do I really want to be in downtown Wilmington on a Friday night? I don’t think so.


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