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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Commission has scheduled a special meeting later this month to consider a petition of amotion against Commissioner Brian Berger.

Commissioners are trying to use the process to remove Berger from office.

They’ll hold the special meeting May 20 after a lunch break following their regular meeting, which starts at 9 a.m. at the New Hanover County Historic Courthouse in Downtown Wilmington.

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  • SurfCityTom

    some late breaking news, followed by Berger’s resignation, this is not going away quickly.

    Unless he’s found a wealthy, older woman with low self esteem, this should provide viewer reading and posting opportunities throughout the summer and into the fall.

  • Guest-o-matic

    … a roofers boot. The same old debate about amotion, the same old qustions as to “why is he still in there?”. The same old questions about “what can we do about it?”. It will end when his term ends and that’s it. NOTHING will change until then, unless Berger happens to see the tunnel with the bright light at the end and goes for it.

    I enjoy reading, just not the same old junk over and over and over again.

  • Vog46

    “If you don’t feel like giving me
    a 2nd term of devotion
    then second that amotion

    Oh Baby…..

    If you don’t feel like giving me
    a 2nd term of devotion
    then second that amotion”

    I hope Brian can sing
    (Apologies to Smokey Robinson and the Miracles)


  • SurfCityTom

    another good one. Although I might have leaned toward

    “…OOh OOh, I guess you wonder how I knew
    About your Plans to make me blue
    Some other candidate you knew before
    showed me elected officials can be such whores…
    … I heard it through the grapevine,
    Not much longer would the council seat be mine…”

    Apologies to Gladys Knight & the 4 Pimps

    Vog, you are inspiring

  • GuestMan.

    I think that the Commissioners should get to work doing the business of the county and quit letting Berger be such a distraction.
    For better or worse, he was elected and his term will end in about 18 months, so we should just suck it up and move on.
    I personally think he’s a fruitcake, but, the people of the county did vote for him(you can’t find anyone who will admit it now)and who does Woody White and the rest of them think they are that they can overturn the majority will of the people.
    Are some of his comments hitting too close to home? We should get rid of the rest of them for their vendetta against him. The guy needs help, not persecution at every turn.
    BTW, for those of you who don’t know, I’m a yellow dog Democrat, but this stinks to high heaven and should be stopped. It is wasting time and money just to bring in one of their buddies to sell the rest of New Hanover county to the highest bidder.

  • GuestO’Day

    Guestman, Brian Berger is a distraction blocking the county commissioners from doing their jobs, the jobs of self dealing and feathering their own nests at taxpayer expense.

  • Rick Wilson

    The “head case” here is not Brian Berger. It is the imagined power Woody White thinks he has been anointed with. What a colossal waste of time and money this will be……….White is the one that needs to resign, Berger’s fate will be decided by the voters in less than 2 years…..the way it should be.

  • OtherGuest

    It seems unlikely that amotion could work to, in fact, negate the will of the people, as demonstrated by Mr. Berger’s successful election to office. I wonder if there is any precedent?

    If Mr. Berger had, to date, done anything illegal, then charges would have been brought against him, one would think.

  • Guest2020

    WWAY has mentioned before that it happened a few decades ago. I don’t remember the details. I don’t like this as it subverts the will of the people who elected him. It sets a bad precedent and opens the door for abuse of power. North Carolina legislators need to pass a law that allows for a recall election of officials rather than to allow for other elected officials to remove someone the people voted in.

  • Guestreality

    I think that both of you give yourself credit for being smarter than you actually are and just like to spout off about everything whether you know anything about it or not.

  • Peyton Garrett

    Actually SCT, Marvin Gaye did that one.

  • SurfCityTom

    for the correction. I would have sworn Gladys & the Pips recorded it also.

  • SurfCityTom

    you certainly put us in our place with that expansive post which seems to be straight from Steinfeld.

    You can go back to your corner now.

  • ChefnSurf

    Aint never been reel good with words, specially writing em down cause then they start ta look confusing so maybe I’m just missing something or just not keeping up as usual but ……..

    Did you mean “Steinway” the piano company, or “Seinfeld” the comedy show, or “Steinfeld” a community in the Main-Spessart district in the Regierungsbezirk of Lower Franconia in Bavaria?

  • Guestreality

    You are Vog are nauseatingly vapid and uninteresting to anyone but yourselves and a day without your comments would be a commemorative occasion.

  • Guest77

    You’re both right. Smokey did it first, Marvin made it famous and Gladys did well with it.

  • Guest1118

    Seinfeld, no t. Pimps, Steinfeld, OMG

  • Chico Especial

    Mañana or perhaps a mañana soon it would be soooo exciting to see a day when they would not be so compulsively posting! They are like two “amantes’ who are not realizing that instead of all of their “conversaciones de almohada” they should be just getting a room or perhaps texting without having to share with others.

  • Guest 10101

    Whatta “smuck”!

  • GuestBullIsht

    Chico, when you suggest they text you should also warn that they should not do that while driving.

  • Guest Reply

    Stop reporting on Berger and report on Hot Dogs. Let’s be fair!!


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