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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Some North Carolina lawmakers say approving Gov. Pat McCrory’s transportation overhaul will be a bit harder after a House committee added several turnpike projects to the bill.

The House Finance Committee on Thursday added an amendment to McCrory’s plan that would authorize the Cape Fear Skyway, the Garden Parkway and the Mid-Currituck Bridge. Bill sponsor Rep. Bill Brawley of Mecklenburg said the projects were originally removed because they had not yet been bonded and should go through the new formula for prioritization that McCrory’s plan will create.

Representatives from Catawba, Chowan and Dare counties argued the projects are vital to economic development in depressed regions.

Opponents said the addition defeats the purpose of a bill designed to advance projects on merit alone and would make its passage more challenging.

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  • Guest Reply

    …have a race here. Which gets built first:
    1. The Convention Center Hotel?
    2. The Sky Dream Bridge?
    Answer: Neither
    Pipe dreams are exactly what they are…from a pipe they light up with a match. Or so it seems.

  • Guest2013

    As a person who lives in the projected path of this project i would like to ask all those who are in favor of it to have it moved to their neighborhood. It has been over 6 years that the residents of stoney creek and snee farm have had to deal with the skyway. The fear of losing your home may change your mind as to whether this project is necessary.

  • Guest2020

    How many private citizens will have to unwillingly give up their homes so that this project can happen? One would be one too many.

  • beth

    I live in Independence South at Independence and River Rd., if this goes through I will have a large on ramp running parallel to my home. They will only buy up homes that the bridge runs directly through. This isn’t right at it destroy the remaining value of my home and essentially ruin what is otherwise a nice, quiet neighborhood. Unless the tax payers wish to buy me out of my home, this is NOT happening.

  • Vog46

    This project has a number of problems associated with it.
    First is location. WE want a route directly into Wilmington which is why the CF bridge is so heavily used right now. The location of the Skyway is in southern Leland and the southern part of Wilmington. From the ILM side that’s not bad but if I’m coming from Reiglewood to here I will go over the CF. It’s the most direct route into the “heart” of ILM.
    Second – the cable stayed bridge design is certainly attractive, however it is also expensive. The I-140 bridge design is “plain” but it does work. This design is capable of going 135 to 140ft in the air.
    No matter which way we do it we have to consider how many people will use it but I don’t think we’ll lose a lot of traffic off the CF by using the southern route.
    Hopefully the connector on I-140 to 17 will help take some burden off the CF.


  • Vog46

    Give Mr Tata’s move to switch $120M from rural road maintenance to new construction projects I have to wonder if in fact they have ILM City Council’s blinders on as well. The city believes they can build River Walk with NO input from County but then try to rape county tourism revenue accounts for maintenance funding.
    Here is DOT building rural roads and then taking away maintenance funding for them.
    At some point in time something bad will happen to either the CF or IH bridges. Perhaps struck by a large ship or just a massive failure. The I-140 bridge and roads leading to it, do not have enough ramps leading into town (It’s called a bypass for a reason).
    I am glad they did that maintenance project on the CF, that will help, but given the ages of those two bridges I would hope they give the bridge into Wilmington a higher priority then the other projects.


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