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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Firefighters are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed a New Hanover County home overnight.

It happened just before 2:30 a.m. Friday at 1013 Bozeman Road.

Fire crews say when they arrived at the scene residents who were inside at the time of the fire had escaped before anyone was hurt.

Firefighters say more than five people, including children, were inside the home when the fire sparked.

The home is considered a total loss, and fire crews are working to determine what caused the fire.

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  • Guest-o-matic

    …with some of the trashiest, morbid, junk-laden, overgrown trailer home sites in NHC, I’m surpised the whole area didn’t catch on fire! Good thing the little kids didn’t get hurt. More than half of those places need to be condemned as uninhabitable, destroyed and hauled off!

  • Guest2020

    Regardless of your assessment of their home, it was still their home. I hope you never have to suffer losing everything you own. I have and it isn’t fun.

  • beth

    And the landlord charges obscene rents for tin cans that are well past their prime. Trailers aren’t cheap to heat and cool either. Apartments with modern heating and cooling are much more efficient. Most of the people who rent these things have likely destroyed their credit prohibiting them front renting an apartment. Alas, it is a two way street, trailers burn down no matter their age, but aging wiring can spark these type of fires. I don’t understand why there aren’t laws prohibiting renting out trailers once they reach a certain age. Yes, I know regular homes can burn too, but they don’t go up nearly as quickly when they do.

  • nofaithnlaw

    God bless this family. Even though you consider it trashy it may have been all they had or even knew as “home”. It’s really sad

  • beth

    A trailer is usually fully involved within 3 minutes. You have a minute at best to get out.

  • Guest2020

    I am so sorry for your loss. Praise God everyone got out. The media needs to report how the public can help. Clothes and shoe sizes, etc.

  • GuestVog48

    Them sttoopid moovie people did it! NO more money fer them! argh.


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