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FRIDAY: Downtown Sundown Concert Series presents 'Funky Monks'


DOWNTOWN WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY / WDI) -- Join us Friday, June 7 for the FREE Downtown Sundown Concert Series.

Funky Monks, the Ultimate Red Hot Chili Peppers Experience, will headline from 8:00pm - 10:00pm. Opening act, On Time, will play from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

Half of the proceeds from wristband sales will benefit Phoenix Employment Ministry.

No pets or outside beverages permitted. Wristbands will be sold for $1 per person to those who wish to drink alcohol at the event.

Beer/wine tickets available for $5 each.

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Bring Y'alls umbrellas!

Bring Y'alls umbrellas!

Why are they only booking

Why are they only booking only "tribute bands" for the Sundown Concert Series?
Seems like they could find some better entertainment than a bunch of uncreative copy cats??

"Why the Cover Bands?"

1. Budget cost...and/or...
2. Justin Beeber and Lil Wayne are busy...
3. Pink Floyd is outta town...
4. Peter Gabriel has the hiccoughs...
5. Josh Groban hasn't return their calls yet...
6. Teen Mom 2 is still in jail (cameo appearance)
7. No hotel to stay at next to the CC...
8. Wayne Newton is still in Vegas under contract...


Because it gets people there

Go see how many folks are at the WECT Sounds of Summer concerts at WB Park, and compare that to Downtown Sundown. A free concert where you'll know almost all the songs gets people to show up.

The Talking Heads tribute band is awesome, looking forward to that one. They put on a heck of a show.

Some of yall will complain about anything.

Last Friday

they had Nantucket, a band in the NC MUsic Hall of Fame. They are a little older now but hardly a "copycat" band. Were you there? If you don't go then shouldn't have a problem with any band they book.

No I didn't attend the

No I didn't attend the Nantucket show. I was referring to the line-up going forth. Seems it's pretty "tribute band" heavy. I just don't undersdtand the appeal of tribute bands?? I mean why not just go some where and play the juke box or put on the cd. Tribute bands capitalise on the backs of real musicians. I think it's cool to do a 2-3 song mini tribute of an artist you really like but a whole show of it is pretty lame. - Whatever, more of the same from the simple minds that seem to get involved with most anything that goes on downtown. And one other thing, a Zac Brown tribute band........really??? Good grief!

After 5-6 one

After 5-6 one hears anything anyway except..."Hurry Up...Get out of the bathroom...I gotta GO TOO!!!"

Check out last year's video

Of the Funky Monks on WDI Facebook page...lots of people are enjoying this band. If you been out lately, country cover bands and country karaoke is growing in popularity. I would rather support local acts and not spend the money on the expensive tickets and gas and parking fees.
Plus I been going downtown for over 40 years and I have never had a problem with safety. I always park in well lite areas and leave before 2:00 am.


The forecast is indicating heavy possibly real heavy rain thursday night into friday. If you're going be prepared.


Also, given that it is

Also, given that it is downtown you should be prepared to defend yourself.

Never had issue with safety at Downtown Sundown

I've been to many of the downtown sundown concerts over several years and never, not once have I had any issues with safety or felt the need to defend myself at these events. I have found that these concerts typically start and end early enough that it seems to avoid the late night crowd. Have you attended these events? Have you had any issues?

The concert is not where you

The concert is not where you will need to defend yourself, its the nasty urine soaked parking decks or random obscure parking spaces you might end up in.

IMO, I am ok with tribute bands but how about ones that play music from more popular artist. It seems like every year they eliminate some of the best shows.