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OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County man will take to the skies this weekend in a plane he built himself. We first introduced you to Norman Lewis last summer as he started his project. Now his plane is finished and ready for take off.

Norman Lewis has always been fascinated with the art of flying. As a child he spent much of his summer vacations at Cape Fear Regional Jetport.

“I attempted one of these a long time ago when I was young, and it didn’t turn out so well then, but I worked all the kinks out and got older, so I decided to put some safety features in it which makes this one a whole lot better than my first attempt.”

Lewis says the first plane he built was not really that safe, but now he thinks he has built an aircraft that will keep him safe.

“I have a more dependable engine, so even if the engine cuts off I have the ability to glide,” Lewis said.

He says he hopes to take to the air this weekend. If everything goes well, he plans to make this hobby his a full-time job.

“I wanted one that could be affordable to build and fly, so that was my passion,” Lewis said.

A passion he hopes will inspire others to appreciate the friendly skies.

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    This guy should call design engineers from Boeing and get some 1st Class info of what works (787 follies)…and what the FAA will/will not allow.
    I hope the FAA was informed. They will be after reading this article :-(
    Will he have direct flights to Vegas from here???


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