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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – The state House has given its initial approval to Republican legislation that would expand where concealed weapon permit holders can carry or store their pistols, while extending penalties for crimes committed with a gun.

The chamber voted 76-38 Monday night in favor of the measure endorsed by gun-rights groups but opposed strongly by University of North Carolina leaders.

Concealed weapon permit-holders would be allowed to store a gun in a locked car on a public college campus and give that option to private colleges if administrators agree. The proposal also would let permit holders arm themselves in a restaurant where alcohol is served unless the establishment expressly forbids it.

Democrats were angry because Republicans used parliamentary maneuvers to block votes on amendments.

A final House vote is expected Tuesday.

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Susi Hamilton (D) – Excused Absence
Ted Davis (R) – Yes
Rick Catlin (R) – Yes (except for third motion)
Chris Millis (R)- Yes
Frank Iler (R) – Yes

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