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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington City Council voted Tuesday night to increase the violation fee for unlicensed taxis and limousines.

Offenders will now be subjected to a $250 fee for a first time offense. Before Monday night’s vote, the fee was $50.

The Wilmington Police Department says the number of people driving unlicensed taxis and limos is growing in the Port City.

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  • YIFF

    There is no state license for Limos unless you are talking about Limos that perform Taxi services such as picking up a customer who hails them down.

    If the Limo transports a person with a prearranged agreement and prearranged destination(s) this does not fall under the laws for taxis.

    There are Gypsy Taxis that pick up customers without prearranged plans and do not have a Taxi license. If some Limo services are doing this that would be illegal.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I have researched the laws on this.

  • Fixer

    You REALLY don’t have a clue. To correct you would take more room than is allowed here.

  • John

    I think you are correct about a “state law” but cities are targeting limos now and putting them in the same catagory as taxis. Durham just passed a law requiring all limousine companies to register their limousines, have them inspected by the city, the chauffeurs have to carry a city issued ID the same as taxi drivers.

  • ILMGuest

    Who cares about the unlicensed taxis and limos. What about the large amount of under-insured or non-insured limos and taxis! That to me is a greater danger.

  • Really?

    Did you REALLY post this comment? Think much?

  • Guest51

    I see the uninformed reign supreme in the comments section of this story. “Unlicensed”, in reference to this story, means: the vehicles that do not have a BUSINESS license in the city, which in turn means they’re illegal. They aren’t inspected, their drivers aren’t cleared (no drug test, no background check) so therefore they aren’t supposed to legally pick people up and more than likely they DON’T have insurance or are under-insured. Permitted Wilmington taxicabs and limos can NOT run non-insured or under-insured because they’re regulated BY THE CITY and are required to provide proper insurance pursuant to the laws of the state (limits for taxis and for hire vehicles) before they’re cleared BY THE CITY to get license plates.
    The state does NOT have any laws as far as local taxi and limo services, each municipality is responsible for their own statutes. However, taxis and limos are NOT allowed to operate in the same manner and each carries two completely different types of insurance and license plates.
    The speculation of those NOT in the industry or those operating illegally are what hurt legitimate taxi and limo businesses.
    Unsure about the laws for taxis and limos in Wilmington? Call the city taxi inspector or call a LEGITIMATE cab company and ask. People need to be concerned as to whom they’re trusting their lives to in a vehicle. Get informed, it will stop you from posting what you “think you know”.


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