ONLY ON 3: Man wants $100,000 from Leland for incident with police

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Submitted: Fri, 05/10/2013 - 3:30am
Updated: Tue, 09/03/2013 - 12:39pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — New trouble for the Leland Police Department.

A man police arrested during a June 2011 domestic situation says officers went too far. Now he wants the town to pay up to the tune of $100,000.

WWAY has obtained a letter from the lawfirm of Tin Fulton Walker & Owen to the Town of Leland. In it, attorney Katherine Parker says Darryl Langley was working in his home when two Leland Police officers escorted his former girlfriend Aimee Coleman inside, and that then-Sgt. Hank Smith had his gun drawn.

The letter claims Smith threatened and insulted Langley before arresting him on a warrant that did not exist. During the time Langley was handcuffed in a patrol car, he claims officers allowed Coleman to take anything she wanted out of the home without any evidence of who owned the items.

Langley’s attorney claims Smith left Langley in an overheated patrol car for more than an hour while Smith helped Coleman carry items that did not belong to her from the home.

After allegedly assisting in the move, Sgt. Smith and Ofc. Andrew Correll, the letter says, took Langley to the Brunswick County Jail for a criminal summons on a worthless check. According to the letter, deputies immediately released Langley from jail because he had been falsely arrested.

In the letter Langley asks for a monetary settlement of $100,000 for psychological distress, and the loss of work related equipment. He also wants Leland to make sure something like this never happens again.

Both Langley and his attorney declined comment on this story.

We tried to reach out to Leland’s Town Manager David Hollis, Mayor Brenda Bozeman, Police Chief Mike James and attorney John Wessell, as well as the officers named in the letter. None of the them could be reached. No one has returned our messages.


  • deputy 25 says:

    under NO circumstances can an officer assist in the items a spouse or significant other with any belongings. The only belongings you are allowed to take are tools of the trade, medicine, your clothing,toiletries and any vehicle that is in your name or has your name on the registration. furniture and other household goods are to be settled later. if this is what happened. Gun drawn, better have a reason for that. Criminal summons, better serve the paper and leave. Domestic violence, you can be arrested and taken to jail but someone better be there to take out the charges or the officer better have proof that violence happened or was going to happen. Sounds like a good case, love to hear the officers side. 3 sides to the story i am sure, the victim, the officers and THE FACTS!!

  • PublicAvenger says:

    It would be nice to know the full story. I bet they’re several answers, you probably don’t want exposed.

  • Guest498557 says:

    I totally agree with you, Dude.

  • Gramps1945 says:

    I would not be surprised if Mr. Langley has ever had a hurt back, in a car accident (fender bender), when the other driver got the ticket.
    I would also not be surprised, if he has ever tried to sue a doctor.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    it will not take 2 years. The Insurance Company will make a settlement offer in less than 12 months if the presented facts are accurate.

  • Guest Reply says:

    His Day Dream Award:
    $100,000 after 2 years awaiting settlement:
    Lawyer’s Fees = $33,000 + $2,000 miscellaneous office fees.
    What remains & non taxable (settlement)= $65,000
    Then this girl will want to marry him for his money…he’ll give in of course (Reality TV type garbage)…and she will then divorce him in 2 months, and take what’s left of the $65,000, and go live with Momma.
    Leland’s taxes go up to pay off this settlement.
    If I was this guy…I’d let it lay right there :-(

  • Guestre says:

    And marriages don’t ever end in domestic violence? Poor, tiny, little mind. Way to make a statement.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    If she moved in with him, maybe he should sue her, for being a lousy GF. If she falsely reported him assaulting her. Then he should sue her, for slander. If they were shacking up, maybe he should think twice, next time he moves in with someone. Often these are the coincidences, of two folks shacking up. The police are requested, often, in the end, trying to keep the peace, between two angry hotheads, wanting to attack each other.

    Sometimes, when you shack up. It’s not all “peaches and cream”. The after-effects can be very brutal- Sweetness turns to sour, faster then a speeding train.

    Often, the police are called to domestic situations, and by law, have little choice, and have to make an arrest, based on allegations. That is often, state law.

    Did she make any profound allegations of domestic violence, establishing a possible presence of danger ? Domestic Violence Statutes often require an arrest, or at the least, possible detention for that ?

    What was Darryl’s behavior, before and during, the arrest ?

    So sad, you were insulted, and had to sit in the back of a police car. Boo Hoo. But that is nothing, compared to $900/ month child support, another Prince Charming, I know, has to pay his Former Miss Wonderful.

    We are a sue happy society. Every, professional-victim, parasite, wants to sue every doctor, and the police officer, they come across, hoping to hit a jackpot. This causes taxes, and medical costs, to skyrocket.

  • Brant says:

    What a horribly written and long winded comment. It’s very difficult to discern what exactly (or even approximately) you are trying to convey. I’m sure you understand that the people named in this article are not actually here to answer your questions, right? Nor do they likely have any interest in taking advice from a stranger on the internet.

  • Kblue2221984 says:

    This particular incident took place before Mike James took office. Please re-read, (2011) That was still part of the “Timillicky times”. I’m not mad at you, just don’t want Joe Public misunderstanding. Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!

  • Guest1986 says:

    Typical Leland PD think it is about time BCSO took over the policing of the town of Leland …

  • Me,Myself, and I says:

    I guess even Romeo has a bad day, every once in a while. Was he initially being detained, to defuse a bad situation ? Was he a total gentleman, during the situation ? His lawyer never said. One thing’s for certain. He has very tender feelings, to want $100,000 for all that “psychological distress.”

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