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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Drivers trying to get to and from Pleasure Island should soon get a break from backed-up traffic.

The NCDOT says all four lanes on Snow’s Cut Bridge should be back open by this weekend.

DOT engineer Ben Hughes says the agency is pushing the contractor to finish repairs on the southbound lanes of the bridge. That work has forced the lanes heading into Carolina Beach to be closed for months. That’s led to just one lane in each direction across the bridge, which has sometimes led to long traffic delays.

Hughes says once the work wraps up, crews will not be allowed back on the bridge to do rehabilitation work on the northbound lanes until after Oct. 1.

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  • Guest2264

    Glad it’s almost done. Those guys have been working hard, thru heat, wind, cold, rain, and I’m sure some upset drivers comments as well! Bridge looks really good, and was much needed! Good Job!

  • Guest 10101

    Hey I’ve got nothing but respect for guys who do this type of work, but let’s not get carried away. Heat, wind, cold: that’s part of the job they’re paid for. Rain: I use that bridge a lot; can’t recall work being done in the rain.

    And then there was the Friday just before Easter when they decided that was the perfect day for a concrete pour. A day when a ton of people come down to the beach. Backed traffic up for miles. Dumb, or at the very least, inconsiderate.

  • Guest-o-matic

    Open the bridge to holiday traffic with dismembered expansion joints and exposed re-bar? The bridge has been fully neglected by the DOT for decades and needed a lot more work than appeared on the surface.

    American Bridge had no possible way to open up the “working lanes” to traffic due to the extensive structural work already in process. Go spend 8+ years in civil engineering school and understand what you’re talking about before calling a company “Dumb” or “inconsiderate”. Just because you use the bridge doesn’t mean you know anything about it.

  • Guest 10101

    (1) That side of the bridge was closed and couldn’t be opened for holiday traffic
    (2) No one debates the fact that the bridge need repair
    (3) The two existing (eastern drivable) lanes were intermittently closed because of the concrete pour on the two western (closed) lanes causing traffic to back up for miles
    (4) With a little planning, and little consideration, the concrete pour could have been done on the Thursday prior to Good Friday or on the following Monday. Both of those days would have considerably less traffic than the amount traditionally seen on that Friday.

    Apparently, you have zero conception of what I was even talking about. Time to remove that hair from your posterior and stop being an idiot.


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