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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A Leland Police officer named in a wrongful arrest claim has resigned.

Hank Smith is one of two Leland Police officers Darryl Langley accused of falsely arresting him two years ago. Langley claims they cuffed him in a patrol car while his ex-girlfriend cleaned out his house, including his stuff.

WWAY broke the story Thursday of Langley’s claim, in which he asks for a $100,000 settlement from the town. Five days after a lawyer sent a letter to the town outlining Langley’s claim, Smith quit.

“I don’t have any comment on that other than as far as what hank offered in his resignation letter is he’s moving on to pursue a new chapter in his life,” Town Manager David Hollis said.

In his resignation letter Smith says he was quitting to further his career.

Hollis says he does not know if Smith quit because of Langley’s claim. Hollis says he is not aware of any other major complaints against Smith during his time at the police department.

He says the town is dealing with the incident that happened before Hollis became town manager. He says he has taken it seriously.

“I think those complaints have really dropped in the last year,” Hollis said. “I think we’ve made a lot of strides to get headed in the right direction, and I think we’re moving along that path fairly well now.”

Hollis says the town cannot comment on particulars of the allegations until it consults with its attorney because it is an ongoing legal issue.

The other officer named in the complaint is Andrew Correll. He resigned last year during a suspension following his arrest for allegedly fighting on a downtown Wilmington street.

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  • DonWrong

    Way to go Mr. Hollis, cleaning up a Leland, one bad cop at a time!!!

  • Denise

    When my husband was wrongfully arrested, thieves broke into our house and then stole a dirt bike, while I was working!! Of course I had no one to call because I surely wasn’t calling BCS Dept because they were the ones who falsely arrested my husband!! So I went 3 nights of not sleeping because I was afraid!

  • Wilmington Observer

    Get a dog.

    Wilmington Observer

  • windy

    Smart move on his part. I suppose if he stayed, his “career” would not go very far with this lawsuit looming over him. Some small town in Arkansas is probably looking for a Barney Fife … he can “further is career” right on out of here.

  • RG

    It is apparent this department has yet to cleanse themselves of all the bad characters. The personnel department must be a very poor judge of character and integrity when screening these thugs and giving them badges to patrol and supposedly protect citizens. They had their own personal agendas and were trolling for personal gain. I travel through this community night and day and I make sure I comply with their traffic laws. I have noticed during routine traffic stops of individuals , it is all hands on deck. It appears every officer on duty shows up. I have much respect for law enforcement but I would be terrified to be pulled in this town. They would probably knock your taillight out with their flashlight as they approached your vehicle to ask for license and registration.

  • Observant Girl

    The real problem is not the Leland police. The real problem is NC laws that allow a man to be arrested merely on the complaint of a woman without investigation. I realize the laws were designed to help battered women, but now women have a real advantage over men. These policemen or any other law enforcement officers would never have supported a man the way they did this woman. Woe to you if you are male in our society and make the mistake of having an angry ex. There is no such thing as equal rights under the law then.

  • Leland

    I’m a huge fan of Mike James and what he has done in his year of service. He has managed to get rid of the 10+ horrible employes and replace them with high quality officers. All the deputy’s and Leland police come into my work and they have nothing but great things to say about Mike and the future of the department. I never found anyone who liked that hank smith guy and he was always a jerk to me.

  • Fuller Malarkey

    Christopher Dorner, where are you when we need you.

  • the truth

    The samething happen to me in the mid 90’s in Souix City, Iowa. The only differance was it was my roomates ex girlfriend. He and I came home to the police at our house and she’s inside cleaning the place out. The really messed up thing was she didn’t even live there, but she had convinced the police that she did. when we tried to explain this to the police we were treated like common criminals and put in the back of the police car. By the time she was done with our place the had taken everything including my personal belongings all the way from my clothes to my tooth brush. This girl even took the light bulbs from the light sockets. when we were let out of the police car there was nothing left in the house.
    And here is the really bad part,three weeks later he and i are at a party with some other females and the police come and arrest him and charge him with attemped murder. this girl claimed that he had broken into her house, put a plastic bag over her head and tried to kill her. but i new this was a lie because he was with me the whole time.So fast forward 4 days later he calls me from the jail, they had released him. when i got to the jail to pick him up he was standing on the sidewalk in a pair of boxer shorts in the middle of Iowa winter, they didn’t even give him his clothes back. when he gets in the car the first thing i ask is how he got out and he says that the window that was busted out of her house to gain entrance was busted from the inside and during the police investigation there were pictures taken of the glass and someone finally noticed that if the glass was broken by someone on the outside of the house the broken glass would have been on the inside of the house not outside on the ground. when they confronted her about this she addmitted that she had staged the whole thing. she was never charged nor did we ever get any of our stuff back.
    but the story doen’t end there. this poor guy had actually gotten this girl pregnant and had a little girl with this women. well being young and nieve he signs the birth certificate as the father, so when they split the state of iowa orders him to pay almost $400 a month in child support. which he pays as he should but never recieves any visitation right and hasn’t seen the little girl since she was 2 yrs. old. Oh by the way he spent thousands of dollars on lawyers to try to see his daughter with no luck and no consideration from the state at all. the week after her 18th birthday he gets a call from this women and she tells him that what he thought was his child actually belonged to another man and she just wanted the child support from him. he did have dna test done an she is not his daughter and come to find out she has done this to three other men and made a decent living collecting child support and welfare from these men and the state. Will there be any charges filed against the women? no. will the police say they were wrong for detaining us while she stole our stuff or false arrest? no. will the county attorney try to do anything to prevent this from happening again? no.
    i have said all of that to come to this point. the police and the criminal justice system operate above the law and do as they see fit not as the law is, so dont ever think they are there for justice or for the citizens of this country. becareful much worse than this can happen to you and there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Maybe you should look at the Public Criminal arrests that this Darryl Langley has on Google. Who’s public arrest records show up on google if you are not a criminal yourself? This person seems like a real low life! I believe the police probably did nothing wrong, but I am just a citizen of North Carolina. I was not there. Look at this persons criminal past. This is all public on google and other search engines.


    Look at this public story on him. Stealing money from a charity for kids? That is disgusting.


    How is he not in jail? I ask the police that! Who knows what else he has done. Just saying.


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