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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A YouTube video posted by TalkMedia.tv claims WMYT-FM will transition from a Christian station to conservative talk radio later this month.

The video states that the station will bring back conservative hosts such as Curtis Wright, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham.

Wright has worked locally at both WAAV-AM and The Big Talker FM, but was let go from both stations.

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  • Wilmington Observer

    I hope that they do a better job than the other “Talk Radio” station, here in Wilmington. Their idea of, constant arrival/departure times (at ILM), traffic conditions and directing listeners to go to a website for the news, is a joke.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Rocky

    I like the new format of the Big Talker. I wish they would get college sports programming on the weekends. Investment talk or a semi retired cop turned private investigator burning hours of airtime could be replaced with college football-basketball and even MLB baseball. I would have a choice between 630 ESPN and Big Talker on weekends. As it stands I only listen to ESPN radio 630.

  • Guest9743

    I’m wondering why WMTY-FM didn’t hire that draft-dodger that left the big talker last month.

  • Erlkoenig

    Yeah!!!! Welcome back Curtis.

  • Ed

    Will this station be on the internet.

  • Roy Merritt

    It will only be a matter of time before some other controversy is revealed about this malicious character and those who have the audacity to put him on the air yet again will dismiss him like every other station has. They might get listeners because I don’t doubt there are more than enough Neanderthals in Wilmington and surrounding communities inclined to listen to the mindless crap he is won’t to constantly spew. But as before he will be exposed for the hypocrite he most certainly is and once more unemployed. Why a radio station would be idiotic enough to put some person on their air who insults everyone, even potential advertisers is beyond comprehension. He was forever besmirching the business community the other two times. He constantly had that boob Bryan Berger on the air until he revealed to all of us that he is a man desperately in need of psychiatric care. Tom Goolsby was constantly on the air with him as well. I want to know what that “ambulance chaser’s” reaction is going to be when tort reform becomes a priority for those imperious creatures in the state senate? These malevolent personages are contemptuous of working people and government period and are desperately trying to remain relevant in a world that is rapidly passing them by. I look forward to once more constantly sending e-mails to Wright pointing out the lies he is forever propagating as well as telling him just how much I abhor him and those of his ilk.

    Roy Merritt
    Rocky Point, NC

  • Guest of Wilmington

    What radio needs is a calm, cool, non-judgmental character like you, Roy. You know, someone who subscribes to the philosophy of to each his own and live and let live, as you obviously do, Roy. I am sure Curtis is anxiously awaiting what he considers to be your very important emails.

  • Sandy Smith

    Now I can finally turn on the radio again.. I sure hope you’ll add Herman Cain to the daily shows.

    And, for anyone’s information, I am not a neanderthal. I am an educated, thinking woman who chooses to reason out issues with some common sense and life observations.

    Thank you for bringing radio back to Wilmington!

  • gramps1945

    Curtis Wright, and Marc Benson. What a team. Put Ricky Meeks in, with them, and you’ll have a complete set.


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