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By Adam Wagner

WILMINGTON, NC (StarNewsOnline.com) — The timeline for another crossing of the Cape Fear River has been pushed back again.

At a meeting Monday of the Cape Fear Crossing Work Group, consultants from URS Corp. said a draft of the environmental impact study will be completed in spring 2016, and a final study will be approved in the summer of 2017.

At a meeting in November, DOT representatives said the draft could be finished as soon as 2014, with the study being finalized as soon as 2015.

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  • jj

    If this wasn’t the east coast it would have already been done. Why is it everything around Raliegh is pushed through and work is done 24/7 put anywhere else it is wait and see.

    People we need to really push for this. Look how long it is taking to get the I140 finished. I am looking for the day for something major to happen to the little bridges between Wilmington and Leland. Then traffic will have to go up through Hwy 11 to get to wilmington.

  • taxpayer


    Hell will freeze over before a new bridge is built. While Saffo & Company think Wilmington should be just like Charleston, hence the “need” for a skyway bridge, something simpler in nature is needed.

    Remember, God made a horse, but a congressional committee designed the camel.

  • Wilmington Observer

    For all this time I was under the impression that God made camels too. I guess you CAN learn something new everyday.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Belville resident

    These people are idiots and sound like whining children. “I want what Charleston has”. Grow up people be sensible. Wilmington is not Charleston. Be unique in your own way. Push to have I140 finished and the causeway and you will get quicker relief from traffic and better flow. Then build a bridge next to what you have and quick pushing something that would be 20 years away anyway. We need help now. With the childish attitude of wanting what someone else has makes me ashamed to say I grew up in Wilmington. Give me Brunswick County any day. Besides look at all the taxpayer’s money you are wasting

  • Guest 10101

    It has all sorts of additional appendages.

  • Guest Reply

    RJ Reynolds made Camels…filtered and non.

  • Gues211

    As far as i,m concerned the proposed bridge is ugly. Why not a concrete one like the Isabele Holmes bridge? FT. MYERS, FLA. has them and they work just as well as the one in Charlston. As someone said, we are not Charlston. If you want what they have, move there. Its a lot cheaper.

  • Vog46


    First in Minnesota now this.
    This concerns me. Oh I know the CF Bridge is a cabled bridge.
    But it’s obviously old
    One errant ship …………



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