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FIRST ON 3: Northwest cop quit before prostitution arrest; warrant details allegations


NORTHWEST, NC (WWAY) -- Last week he was a police officer. Today he's out of a job and has been in and out of jail. A former Northwest police officer was charged in connection to an ongoing prostitution investigation in another Brunswick County town.

The SBI charged former Northwest Police Lt. Michael Hayes with solicitation of a minor for prostitution and filing a false report. He was released from jail on bond a short time later.

An arrest warrant says Hayes contacted a 17-year-old girl through a Craigslist sex ad, then met her in Boiling Spring Lakes and gave her $60 for a sex act.

The SBI says last week BSL's police chief asked the agency to help investigate Hayes. Northwest Police Chief Copelen Taylor says he learned about the investigation Saturday and suspended Hayes pending the outcome. He says the SBI called Monday saying it might file charges.

"It's a let down to the department and to the citizens, but he's human, and we make mistakes," Chief Taylor said.

Taylor says Hayes resigned Tuesday the day before he was arrested. Hayes wrote in resignation, "I have some issues I need to attend to in my personal life." Chief Taylor says he is disappointed.

"He apologized," Taylor said. "He was very, very disappointed in himself. He said he made a mistake. He didn't mean to hurt anyone."

The warrant says the false report charge stems from information Hayes gave a Brunswick County Sheriff's deputy about damage from bullet strikes to Hayes's car in November.

It's not the first time Hayes has been in trouble. In 1991 he was convicted of misdemeanor death by vehicle.

The woman named as the prostitute in the warrant for Hayes was also named in warrants for two men BSL Police arrested earlier this month for allegedly pimping her. At the time, Boiling Spring Lakes Police said they expected more arrests.

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Hope he gets what is coming to him!He is a jerk!I guess he thought he could get by with this because he was a policeman!

So . . .

He likes them young & under-aged? A few years in prison should cure that, I would think, especially once the other inmates find out what he's in there for, AND that he's a cop? Yeah, that should do it.

The age of consent is 16 in

The age of consent is 16 in NC, so her age really isn't at issue.

yes. in the late 90's he was

yes. in the late 90's he was a high school resource officer in pender county and sexually harassed girls, ranging from 9th-12th grade, some I am sure consented, while others did not. it is sad he had not sought help for his problem and that any law enforcement office would still hire him. get this individual some help! when he was accused of these charges in the late 90's, he was 15 years younger than he is now, so it was questionable because he was much closer in age to the seniors, but the freshmen, not so much; and now that he has aged 15 years, to know he is STILL seeking MINORS should indicate to anyone with half a brain, that he has a sickness and needs to be held accountable for his actions!

she was 17

less than 365 days from being legal. nobody in prison is going to treat him like a child molester. but maybe they'll mess with him for being a cop.

17 years old is legal in NC,

17 years old is legal in NC, you idiot!

this isnt his first time!

this isnt his first time! and some of the other girls he harassed were MUCH younger than 17, and he knew it! if anyone hiring him did any research, they would have seen previous convictions. the people in prison may not know he is a child molester but higher ups do, and unfortunately, made exceptions.

Help Me Understand

how does he get off with just a $5,000 Bond?

Police officer who solicited prostitution; but it was a minor?

2 sides to every story; and perhaps this is a case of the already arrested pimps trying to ease their penalties.


(Spelling mistake intentional)

Under the new sex trafficking law, this guy will have to register as a sex offender.



No he will not! ... Know the law before you speak. lol .... He is not being charged with trafficking! wow!

Stupid guy

Idiot. Hope it was worth it.

Just saying

I have read all these comments...And any of you that have commented on this. IF YOU CAN STAND UP AND SAY YOU HAVE NEVER EVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG then that is GREAT you are a saint.News flash you are NOT.The ones that have talked trash about his past,Is just that the PAST.It is what is going on NOW.It was very wrong on what he did but he was off duty. And yes ON OR OFF you have to act as if you are on duty as a Police man. The past is the past let it die.It is what has happen now!!!!So if money was not given people would not have anything to talk about.I do agree he must seek help to get his life together.I know most of you do not like Mike so there for you are going to talk about him and trash him anyway you can.HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE HAD SEX WITH SOMEONE YOU JUST MET!!!You go to a bar and then take that person home or where ever.So even if there was no money past wrong is wrong.So take a look at your past and present before passing judgement.Do not get me wrong i dont agree with what he did by a long shot.And he needs to get what anyone else would get.But most of this comments i would say you have done something you are NOT proud of either.And as far as the age"s he has been with.Older man can go with someone one younger than him,Or a younger women can go with a younger man.It does"nt make it wrong.Just when money is past does.But how many of you were there and no what the money was for?The problem is people read to much trash and believe what they read. This is from a concerned friend that does know him.And all of you making comments about this you have done something iam sure plenty of times that you wish you had NOT.I am not taking up for him what he did was wrong but making comments about what he did you all have done it to you just didnt get cought and maybe you didnt pay for it with money but i am sure with something like drinks!!!!!!!!!