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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Postal Service truck caught fire last night while driving to a mail processing facility with mail from Leland.

Viewer Ben Lewis sent us video of the fire. He says it happened on US 74/76 near the Brunswick/Columbus County line.

The Postal Service says the contract driver called to say the truck’s engine was on fire. While the flames damaged and destroyed some mail on the truck, They did not hurt the driver.

Officials say the truck had collection mail from Leland Post Office and a contract postal unit in Leland. Customers who sent letter mail and/or packages from either postal location in Leland should contact the Consumer Affairs Office at (704) 424-4422.

Mid-Carolinas district manager Angela Curtis says the official cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

“At this time, we are pleased that the contract driver was uninjured. However, we recognize that this does create a concern for any postal customers who may have sent mail from our Leland offices,” Curtis said in a news release. “We apologize for any inconvenience, and my staff will work with customers to assist in whatever way we can.”

The Postal Inspection Service is investigating the matter.

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4 Comments on "Mail damaged in postal truck fire"

2015 years 10 months ago

It’s a useless waste of time. There’s no one on the other end except recordings and voicemail. IF you get through to a voicemail, No one will return your call anytime soon.

2015 years 10 months ago

I called the post office in leland and they told me that if you put a piece of mail in your box on Wed and it was picked up by the leland carrier, or if you dropped something off at the post office on village before 2 pm on wednesday, then your piece of letter/bill/netflix/package was on that truck…and well done and soggy at this point..

2015 years 10 months ago

I called the Post office in Leland too.
4 envelopes were affected. One was written in English and addressed to someone in Virginia. The other 3 were addressed to foreigners.
Go figure….


2015 years 10 months ago

That is the most assanine comment i have ever heard from anyone.
They are outraged because they lost mail or other things when the
truck caught fire. Dumb*ss, thats why they have insurance to cover
an item lost in the US mail or were you just too cheap to pay
a little for the insurance. If it was just a payment or a letter, etc, just call the company and send them another check, etc


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