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BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — Police say two more people have been arrested in connection with a prostitution case in Boiling Spring Lakes, including a firefighter. Meanwhile, investigators say a police officer arrested in the case was robbed during the incident in question.

Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Bradford Shirley said Richard Kyle Mulligan, 23, a member of the Boiling Spring Lakes Volunteer Fire Department, is charged with participating in prostitution of a minor. Police say Mulligan turned himself in today to the magistrate’s office.

Boiling Spring Lakes Police Det. Rick Spencer says in November, then Northwest Police officer Michael Hayes was texting with the 17-year-old prostitute, who told him she’d be walking along a dirt road and what she was wearing so he could pick her up.

Spencer says after Hayes picked the girl up, he drove her to another location, where he exchanged money for a sex act. During the encounter, police say three men tried to rob Hayes and shot into his car.

Police have charged Matthew Dillon Vaczy, Shawn Conley and Kyle Bradley Wolfe in connection with the attempted robbery. They are also charged in connection with a home break-in in BSL a week earlier. with a dangerous weapon, breaking and entering and larceny of a firearm. Conley and Wolfe have been in jail since May 4 charged with two counts each of promoting prostitution of a minor.

Spencer says Wolfe and Conley were friends in prison, and that when they got out, they started pimping. He says they started with one girl, but has expanded to involve more.

The SBI also charged Hayes with filing a false report based on information investigators say he gave a Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputy about the damage to his car. Police say Hayes did not report the robbery to police. Instead investigators developed the information through the ongoing prostitution investigation and forwarded it on to the SBI.

“His name came up as part of the investigation, and once his name came up we immediately contacted the SBI,” Spencer said. “We wanted no part of it because of his position with the police department.”

We went by Hayes’s home in Southport today for his side of the story, but no one came to the door.

Police say the 17-year-old girl has not been charged, because she is a minor who was forced into prostitution.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call Boiling Spring Lakes Police at (910) 845-2247.

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  • guesty

    I’m guessing Hayes forgot to mention the prostitute he was visiting.

  • Guest-o-matic

    We actually have idiots like this in our police and fire departments? They don’t possess the common sense God gave a dead duck! Geeez!

  • renoGuest

    Do you not know that all firemen and police officers are a hero?
    NOT!!! And we are supposed to show respect to public officials.
    what a joke.
    By the way be sure and trust your life to these idiots too!

  • Guest432

    Uh-oh, another person who only read the headline. If you read the article and then commented you would discover the undercover police officer was robbed during his on-duty job performance of making contact with a 17 year old who was being used as a prostitute. A better comment would have been, “thank you officer for exposing this crime”. One idiot in a fire department does not represent the entire department. If you think all firemen are idiots based on this one, please be sure to go to your local fire station and let them know not to respond to your house under any circumstance.

  • RebeccaLee

    SB 683 is legislation currently pending before the NC House Judiciary Committee B that puts individuals that promote and patronize the prostitution of a minor in jail for a very long time. It also requires them to make restitution to their victims. Contact these representatives and urge them to pass this very important legislation. http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/gascripts/Committees/Committees.asp?sAction=ViewCommittee&sActionDetails=House%20Standing_30

  • Guest-o-matic

    This states judicial system can’t even put murderers and rapists in prison for a very long time, much less perverted panty wastes like these guys.
    Legislation is absolutely worthless unless it is enforced and the sentences upheld! Go spend a few days in Superior Court and watch the antics!

  • Guest7969

    am confused here. If the legal age of sexual consent in NC is 16…WHY is this charge prostitution with a MINOR…

  • Justin America

    Age of majority is different than the age of consent…

  • Guest1313

    This story keeps getting more outrageous. What’s next? Is the Teen mom floozy involved too? LOL

  • mom

    You have no idea what your talking about ….you have no idea what my daughter went through so keep your childish comment s to yourself

  • RebeccaLee

    I don’t disagree with you, but pimping in North Carolina is currently a misdemeanor in North Carolina and it’s ridiculous that you only get a slap on the wrist for profitting off of someone else’s body. SB 683 will make pimping a felony, along with increasing the penalties for other human trafficking related crimes. Read the bill. Human trafficking is a major problem in North Carolina and all I am saying is that you have to start somewhere.

  • Vog46

    Over the last 10 weeks we’ve seen the following news stories:

    “NC ranked 8th in human trafficking”
    This “ranking” was based upon ESTIMATES and ESTIMATES only. The report clearly indicated the ranking was based on the fact that NC had extensive highways and several major military installations.
    No facts were used no studies done, no arrest records referenced.

    “Wilmington a hotbed for human trafficking”
    Boy did Susie Hamilton back track from THIS story real fast. Agains based upon estimates.

    The bill you reference is not legislated based on fact it is feel good legislation of the WORST kind. What? We have military personnel so they’re causing prostitution increases? Puh-lease.
    Goolsby’s sponsorship of this law was purely political pandering to make up for his vaginal wand support during the abortion law debate.
    Show me arrest records that make NC rank 8th in the nation.
    Can you?


  • guesty

    Uh-oh, another person who can’t comprehend what he has read. Hayes wasn’t working undercover, he was on his own time. He wasn’t working a case, on the job or representing the police department in any fashion. If he was working, do you really think the SBI would charge him?

    “The SBI charged former Northwest Police Lt. Michael Hayes with solicitation of a minor for prostitution and filing a false report.”

  • Guest-o-matic

    If you keep up with the local news there is an inordinate amount of “public servants” involved with stuff they really shouldn’t be involved in, not just “one, not just “two”. Be they “on the job” or “off the job”, makes not an ounce of difference to me. Their behavior is testament to their character and their character is the number 1 attribute relative to their service to the public.

    I happen to despise those that just can’t seem to muster up enough self-control OR self-respect to keep their zipper up and their mug shot off the front page. I certainly can’t find them mentally qualified to “serve and protect” the general public when they can’t even do it for themselves. Reputation is very important as a public servant, one bad apple doesn’t spoil the rest, but it sure as hell makes you look for worm holes in every one you see!

  • Guest567

    Hayes was not working undercover! If he was, he wouldn’t have been charged. As usual, he was trolling and looking to nail whoever he could. He has been doing this for years. And in November, he was actually involved with someone who he claimed he loved very much. Goes to show the ones closest to you are the ones that hurt you the most.

  • EnoughAlready

    Instead of just “thank you officer for exposing this crime”, let’s expand it to “thank you officer for exposing these crimes committed by at least two mistrusted public servants – a police officer and a fireman – in which they solicited, paid for, and engaged in sexual relations with an underage female that had been forced into prostitution. And thank you for not hiding behind the shield and doing your duty by calling out one of your own when their crimes of indecency and deception came to light.” That should about cover it for now…but likely to be continued as more facts come out.

  • Guest Mechanic

    She might have been underage, but I doubt if she was forced into anything. Sounds like she also set him up with the robbers.

  • teen of a abused relationship

    Well until you get a gun held to your head you don’t know what was going on. I’ve been in this situation before. you love someone and then they just tell you that your going to do it or they are going to kill you. don’t be to quick to judge. you don’t know what those poor girls where going threw. your telling me if I put a gun to your head and told you to do what i say or i would shoot you that you wouldn’t do what I say? When I’m way bigger than you and there is nothing you can to to prevent it from happening. Its kinda like your under my control. like your my animal or something….. really. thnk before you speek people…

  • Buck

    This is just great. I play by the rules, go through Basic Law Enforcement Training, 3 years ago, and can’t get a job to save my life. Then they take positions, for folks like me, and give them to guys like this.

  • Guest_Bull_Isht

    This guy’s law enforcement career shouldn’t be ended because he was immoral, it should end because he was a dope. He fell for the oldest trick in the book, lured by a whore to a remote location for services for a price, and then he gets ROLLED. He should have been thinking with the head on his shoulders instead of the one in his pants.

  • Guest2020

    He made the decision to go there. He made the decision to pay the money. He made the decision to break the law. This rests solely on his shoulders.


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