Ducks being beheaded in Northchase

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Submitted: Fri, 05/17/2013 - 5:14pm
Updated: Fri, 05/17/2013 - 7:03pm

By F.T. Norton

WILMINGTON, NC (STARNEWSONLINE.COM) — A fowl killer is on the loose in a north Wilmington neighborhood and a homeowner wants it to stop.

"This is simply some whacko being a killer," said Pamela Evers, homeowner, environmental attorney and University of North Carolina Wilmington business professor. "If they have a permit, fine, I get that, but that's not what's going on."

In the last several weeks Evers said she's seen dead Muscovy ducks and broken eggs on her Northchase lawn, and a neighbor told her they also found a beheaded duck and crushed eggs on their lawn.

"You can't just go around slaughtering ducks, and somebody who is beheading doesn't have a permit," she said.  




  • Guest0101 says:

    They need to hire Marvin from Myrtle Manor to do a full and thorough investigation!

  • jason says:

    I think we need to hire someone to find the culprit in this neighborhood. Maybe the county commissioners can put Brian Berger on the board. Or better yet, place a camera near the lake, you will probably find out it’s a coon or a fox doing this. Only in Wilmington would this make news. LOL.

  • Guest7969 says:

    fairly sure a Muscovy isn’t going to be treated as a federal migratory bird, so no law broken there…MAYBE. If it isn’t regulated, while morally wrong to waste meat, it wouldn’t be against the law…EXCEPT wanton waste…that might be a stretch though. Its also a HUGE stretch to say its a WHACKO KILLER…LOL..probably someone tired of them tearing up their yard!

  • Jasper Fant says:

    I continue to be amazed how ignorant the general population is about wildlife. It seems any time a wild animal is discovered in a deceased state, the pseudo enlightened lovers of the planet jump to the conclusion that some hick of a human committed the vile act. They have been conditioned to believe this from their education on network television. These people have never seen what happens in the real world when predatory animals attack prey. I’ll take the turtle man’s word over that of some earth muffin any day of the week, hey, why not get a camera out to NorthChase and film some “live action”? I’ll give 10 to 1 odds the culprit is a raccoon or a mink and not a member of the tea party.

  • Wrong bird says:

    It’s a pretty sure bet that this is being done by a predator animal – great horned owls usually decpitate their prey especially if they are too heavy to fly off with them and something else, probably a fox is raiding the nest.

  • WhackoOwl says:

    Ditto on the owls. Living in Wrightsboro (not far from Northchase) we’ve often found decapatated chickens from our flock. And we’re 100% certain it was an animal predator, not human.

  • OtherGuest says:

    The headline states “Ducks being beheaded…” strongly insinuating a fact, whereas the story (?) reports the reality as a third party rumor.

    The interviewee also does not provide any facts or evidence, and the quotes provided are little more than a nonsensical rant.

    You guys really need a refresher course in journalism.

  • Scott Pickey says:


    As a partner with the StarNews, we are only able to post a few sentences from their stories.

    As it says at the bottom, go to to get “the whole story.”


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • windy says:

    First, we have a self-proclaimed UNCW professor using words such as “whacko” … ode to our quality public education system.

    And then there is mention of a license needed to behead ducks?! Seriously, just where does one go to obtain a beheading license, if such a thing even exists.

    What an interesting news article…

  • Guest 12345 says:

    I’m sorry but I think anyone who would do this kind of thing is a whacko. Even if they are doing it to protect their lawn , they have anger issues that need to be dealt with.This is how serial killers start, by killing animals. There are laws against animal cruelty.

  • Vog46 says:

    As a non-subscriber to the SN I can only read 3 articles per month.
    After those 3 I can’t read your linked articles can I?


  • OtherGuest says:

    With all due respect, this website reports news. I don’t think that the source of your information excuses any journalistic standards, in fact they are probably more important if your source is another news source.

  • OtherGuest says:

    Never mind, forget I said anything in my previous comment. Your reporting is no worse than or other very competitive media. This is just what has happened to the profession with such a proliferation of data sources, reporting media, and competition. Responsibility more and more rests with the reader to acquire all possible information, review and critique same to come to their own conclusion.

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    Why don’t you do your own reporting instead of relying on other media outlets to do the work, for you?

    Wilmington Observer

  • GuestO'Day says:

    Scott, do these links to the Star News require us to pay for their online subscription?

  • lb says:


  • Guestiest says:

    I’ll bet you $500 the “whacko” doing this is a raccoon. Growing up out in the country, we saw this a lot. I’ve seen them do it to chickens, ducks and turkeys.
    Get some live catch traps and bait them with sardines, and you’ll catch your whacko sooner or later.

  • Erlkoening says:

    Be on the lookout for an Islamoduck.

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