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By F.T. Norton


WILMINGTON, NC (STARNEWSONLINE.COM) — A fowl killer is on the loose in a north Wilmington neighborhood and a homeowner wants it to stop.

"This is simply some whacko being a killer," said Pamela Evers, homeowner, environmental attorney and University of North Carolina Wilmington business professor. "If they have a permit, fine, I get that, but that's not what's going on."

In the last several weeks Evers said she's seen dead Muscovy ducks and broken eggs on her Northchase lawn, and a neighbor told her they also found a beheaded duck and crushed eggs on their lawn.

"You can't just go around slaughtering ducks, and somebody who is beheading doesn't have a permit," she said.  



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18 Comments on "Ducks being beheaded in Northchase"

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2015 years 11 months ago

They need to hire Marvin from Myrtle Manor to do a full and thorough investigation!

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