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WILMINGTON, NC. (WWAY) — Many come to southeastern North Carolina to let their hair down and have a little fun, now the party is going to be a little safer thanks to the Wilmington Fire Department.

Following a California limousine fire that claimed the lives of five women area limousine owners felt they needed to take steps to prevent a similar tragedy in the Port City.
“What we’re doing is giving them a basic knowledge of just some best business practices on how to rapidly extricate their customers from cars, fast evacuation techniques, fire extinguisher training for small fires that they might encounter before they call 911 to get us on the way,” said Battalion Chief William R. Burton of the Wilmington Fire Department.

Sunday afternoon drivers were put through a hands on two hour program that taught them what to do in the event of a fire so that they can try to save lives.

Platinum Limousine owner Wesley May says his company is already putting the training to use.

“We’ve actually installed glass breaks in our vehicles so that drivers have access to them in case of a situation like that because if there is a fire in a car more than likely the car will be totaled,” said Wesley May, owner of Platinum Limousine. “It may help them down the road not just even driving a limo it could be something that they could save a life one day if something did happen.”

A step taken to save lives and ensure the party keeps on going.

“It’s not just driving people around in a beautiful stretch limo it’s safety, which is actually one of our most important things,” said May. “We make sure we get people where they need to go and that they’re enjoying themselves as well.”

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