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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Southport woman is suing a funeral home owned by Brunswick County’s coroner claiming her husband’s remains were desecrated.

Jenny Dunn’s husband Shep died in 2011.

She had Peacock-Newnam & White Funeral and Cremation Service, owned by Coroner Greg White, handle the arrangements, agreeing that Shep’s remains would be cremated, his ashes divided into two for two separate memorial services, which could only be released to her or to Shep’s son.

However, the suit claims the funeral home released the second portion of Shep’s remains to an unidentified third party, causing Jenny traumatic, mental stress.

She claims Peacock-Newnan has made no effort to correct the problem and charged her even though it made the mistake.

White said he had not yet seen the lawsuit and could not comment.

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  1. Guest1313

    Oh good grief.

  2. Guest350

    Hmmmmmmmm, let’s see, this happened in 2011 and she is just now taking action. Sounds like she is looking for some quick cash.

  3. ben10

    Hmmmmmmmm, let’s see,I’m thinking the same as well…………..

  4. Guest500

    My father just passed away in March 2013. The people at Peacock-Newnam & White Funeral and Cremation Service, especially Mr White are very professional. Made sure everything was just like it should be. If we as the children requested anything they checked with my Mother before oking it. Maybe there was a communication problem on Ms. Dunn’s part. Why would the funeral home give her husbands ashes to anyone other than the family. I guess there is someone out there that comes around to funeral homes asking for ashes of dead people??? Makes not sense.

  5. Sister Agnes

    Makes NOT sense…you are brilliant. You think the lady is lying? If folk will have relations with a Chihuahua they will mess with someones ashes…We live in a sick world!

  6. Chico Especial

    that perhaps then there is a very bad person who would maybe then also make the mess with a Chihuahua’s ashes? Perhaps a person who has a hate in his heart for both the deceased people as well as the dead Chihuahuas?

    I, Chico Especial, would think that would also be a very bad thing!

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