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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For the first time in nearly a century, a North Carolina politician has been removed from office through a process called amotion.

But WWAY’s Kevin Wuzzardo says there are lots of losers in this case. He explains in tonight’s edition of The Rant.

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  • Guest113

    He may be whacky and strange, but he was elected by the voters. Now the doorway has been opened for future amotions when someone that is not popular doesn’t go with the flow. Why should anyone vote now if their candidates can be removed for saying what’s on their minds or their behavior is viewed as odd.

  • Dooner

    Berger was elected for a reason as were the rest of these commissioners! It’s a shame opinions are ‘out of fashion’ these days! Tyranny is rampant from local governments all the way to federal government!

  • Guest1234543

    you’re exactly right, how those 3 can sit across the table from their family at dinner and look their kids in the eyes and talk about democracy is a sham, they should be ashamed to call themselves Americans!

  • Guest55

    I absolutely agree. This is a sad day for democracy. The voters elected him and the voters should be the ones to vote him out. The rest of the Board has no right to remove him. This is a violation of the democratic process adn I can’t see it holding up.

  • Guest2122

    SO you (media) trash this whatever he is who had no right being elected (voters, you’re the idiots… You should have done your homework.. A car salesman can try to BS me about a car, but I’ll still do my own homework to make sure I am making a correct decision.. SO yeah.. this one is on your lack of educating yourselves about who the candidates are..) But back to wway.. You trash this dude for months,( he deserved it) now flip the switch with a rant..? I mean Really? Springer much? That’s like, so hip.. ocritical.. make up your minds

  • William

    The courts will never uphold this childish, grabbing at straws, method of removal of that weird little creature from office, lol.

  • Drip

    I think it was great that the New Hanover Co. Commissioners did the amotion. It is about time they stood up to Berger. He has given New Hanover a bad name and I think he should be removed.

  • Guest-o-matic

    …because anyone thinking NHC has a bad name because of Berger definitely has a loose gasket. There’s been enough going on with Thompson and Barfield alone to make a freight train take a dirt road!

    I suppose it’s nice and convenient to have a person like Berger to blame all of your improprieties on though. Who are you going to bully around now?

  • Vog46

    Kevin, bravo


  • BillyStanley

    You said it, Kevin.

  • Guest111

    Bergers behavior since he was elected has gone straight down the tubes. Most of it was matters of a personal nature. However, the threats and accusations he has made are concerning and his approach to the Governor of North Carolina was over the line and shows just how far he will go in his mind of minds. I admit I voted for him and was thrilled to see Caster leave. Now, I’m thrilled to see Berger leave. It is what it is.

  • Wilmington Observer

    I have a LOT of questions regarding Mr Berger’s ability to serve the citizens whom ELECTED him to office. However, I have, even more, questions about the legality of this process to remove him. Whereas, I believe that if any other County employee had the same work performance (on or off the clock), that employee would have been terminated, long ago; unfortunately, we don’t hold our, elected, employees to the same standards. It is my, humble, opinion that, since the citizens hired (elected) Mr Beeger, it should have been left to the citizens to fire (not re-elect) him regardless of how much some would consider him an “embarrassment”.

    Wilmington Observer

  • DollarDivots

    People are tired of this elitist government crap—-so he was a little guy that didn’t have a lot of things going for’m. Damn their eyes…

  • Guest1313

    I think that the voters should vote out the 3 commissioners that subverted the democratic process. I never cared for Barfield, but he did object to this underhanded stunt. The other three should feel the wrath of the voters for taking matters in their own hands and removing someone from office that was legally elected. Berger may act strange, but the 3 commissioners shady deal overshadows anything he may have done. Remember them at the next election.

  • CB

    This was a common sense exception to the rule of getting Berger out of where he clearly was an incompetent leader. This amotion doesnt set a new precedent for leaders. It was circumstances.


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