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By: Adam Wagner
BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (StarNewsOnline.com) — Brunswick County’s 900 employees will receive a long-awaited pay raise, as the board of commissioners on Monday approved an across-the-board raise for the next fiscal year.
“I am still of the opinion if you look at the unemployment rate of Brunswick County, we aren’t out of this mess yet,” said Phil Norris, the board’s chairman. “However, we asked all of you to sacrifice and hold the course for another year, you’ve done more with less, and I appreciate that, and I’m sure all the taxpayers of Brunswick county appreciate that as well. So I think it’s time for us to do something.”
The county’s tentative 2013-14 budget presented by Ann Hardy allots $2.5 million that will be used to fund the raises. Every employee will receive a raise of at least 3 percent.

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  • Guest43333

    I totally support giving Brunswick County employees a pay raise. Many of these folks are truly deserving. However, I do believe the budget for 2013-2014 needs a very close look. There are positions that needs eliminating and possibly some that need adding in some of the departments. One department-EMS, there are positions in administration that need eliminating. Some time last year I know of at least one person was added from the cafeteria to EM. What in the hell is that about? I know there are other similar situations. This is taxpayer dollars that being abused. It is time for the new commissioners and old ones to step up to the plate and help the taxpayers survive.


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