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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County Commissioners named Ann Hardy to be the next county manager, according to a county leader familiar with the situation.

The former county finance director recently took over as interim manager when County Manager Marty Lawing left to accept a job in Guilford County.

The decision was made late last night during a commissioner’s meeting.

Photo courtesy: Port City Daily

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  • way to go

    congrats Ann! you deserve it!

  • happy happy

    THANK YOU commissioners.For not wasting our money with some bs search costions 100’s of thousands of dollars when you have a great candidate in front of you. Ann is going to be a great boss. Shes gonna be tough but she is in no way a politician. Ill take fair over bs anyday. Best of luck Mrs. Hardy..

  • Guest000000

    With the current crop of commissioners, she better learn to be a politician pretty quickly or she’ll suffer the same fate as some other highly qualified and effective Brunswick County Employees who refused to kiss butt.

  • Guest202

    Congrats to Ann Hardy! I think she’ll do well in the position. I can only hope that her tenacious work ethic and unwillingness to compromise on the facts will help her keep the job instead of cause her grief. Working with politicians will be a challenge, especially when their interests and methods aren’t always keeping in line with what is best for the taxpayers of Brunswick County.

    Maybe now that we finally have a County Manager with a backbone she will be able to address some of the gross negligence by some of the Department Heads that are running the County into the ground. She might want to start on the first floor.

    Best of luck, Ann.

  • burgerboy

    They should have let brian burger be county manager since they illegally and unconstitutionally kicked him off the wilmington thing just the other day and hims needs a job now!

  • Brunswick1764

    This ought to be interesting!
    A new ringleader to do the work of the five behind the curtain…very interesting
    Run it well Ms Hardy!

  • slane

    No offense towards Ms. Hardy but really! Could the commissioners not take the proper steps in interviewing candidates with experience before taking such a chance! She didn’t run the county only helped with finances. There is a huge difference.

  • slane

    Someone needs to run against that Marty Cook. What an embarrassment for this county. I am surprised he didn’t put himself in the running for this position. I hope the other Commissioners do not let him sway their opinions because he is not a smart man.

  • Marty F

    We have a relatively new Board of commissioners in power now. I am sure that each one of them have upset someone along the way. It’s the nature of the beast. But I think that this Board has the potential to be the best we’ve had in a while, if given a chance. There choice in naming Ann Hardy as County Manager was not made lightly and probably made from (lessons learned)in the recent past. Ms. Hardy has an honest reputation and has worked hard for a chance to progress in her career, Give her a chance before the criticism starts. We can only move up from the last guy who held the title……

  • Guest565

    I hope that Mrs. Hardy will be a breath of fresh air to the Brunswick management position. I hope she will demonstrate honesty non- partisanship and the utmost fortitude in the execution of her duties. It is my belief that the last Manager done a poor job of leading Brunswick County and therefore such poor leadership has trickled down to the Department heads. I believe each department head should not only be held accountable to the new Manager but to the public for which they serve. In the last ten years, the attitudes of employees have came to an all time poor state. And finally, I hope Mrs. Hardy will closely monitor the budget requests of each department and make sure money is being used for essential services and not used for frivolous reasons or creating un-needed jobs. As mentioned in a previous comment, start investigating/reviewing the departments and go ahead and start on the first floor including Tax, EMS, Social Services etc. etc.


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