Officer involved in two crashes releases medical info

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Submitted: Wed, 05/22/2013 - 12:56am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington Police officer is still on administrative leave after not one but two car accidents last week, including one while she was on duty.

It looks like a medical problem led to the single-car crashes involving Ofc. Adrienne Dillon, and tonight the city is releasing more information with Ofc. Dillon’s permission.

Investigators say Thursday Dillon went off the road in her unmarked cruiser on Market Street in Porters Neck, hit a bench and knocked it into a business’s window, then drove to a nearby drugstore.

Two nights later she went off the road in her personal car.

Highway Patrol says she was not texting, nor was Dillon impaired.

City spokeswoman Malissa Talbert says Dillon had been on medical leave and recently returned to work. Talbert says Dillon blacked out because of a problem with complications from a previous medical condition while driving Thursday. WPD immediately put Dillon on leave, and the officer received medical attention and was assured by paramedics that her issue was a one-time thing.

Saturday it happened again.

Officer Dillon gave the city permission to release this usually private medical information, Talbert said, because she wanted to clear her name.

Troopers have charged Dillon with failure to maintain control within a single lane and leaving the scene of an accident for Thursday’s crash and failure to maintain control within a single lane for Saturday’s accident.

Dillon, 34, has been employed by the Wilmington Police Department since 2003. She has been assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division since 2009.


  • windy says:

    How can someone who crashes a vehicle into a bench, a storefront window, and then another store before unlawfully leaving the scene NOT be impaired???!! And then to repeat this scenario multiple times in one week??? “Medical condition” or not, this individual was clearly impaired and had no business being behind the wheel, let alone serving the public as a law enforcement officer!

  • Guesth123123 says:

    I am retired from this profession so I have every right to comment and question what the heck happened. Do you actually think the general public doesnt have the right to question a public servant. If I was her partner I would sure like to know what was going on. I want to go home to my family just like she does. Looks like she should not have been cleared for duty.

  • tke1 says:

    Kimberly, Let these folks jump to conclusions an judge a police officer before they know the total picture. It is the only way they can feel BIG. You know, like they ARE somebody worthy of judging someone in a career that they couldn’t handle.
    If the officer is in the wrong, she/he is no more wrong than anyone else. Officers will tell you that they are not God and will make mistakes as long as they continue to do their jobs.
    These folks sitting in judgement would never stand up to the scrutiny that they put others under.
    So let them at least FEEL big. Maybe someday they will actually BE somebody.

  • And BTW says:

    And one more thing…I was on “top of my game” and got shot 3 times by a terrorist. Luckily SGT Todd did not, however he had a stroke this past Christmas Day and has had to relearn how to speak. So even though he dodge bullets, he almost lost his life from a sudden stroke. But I suppose he should have predicted he was going to have one like I should have predicted I would have been shot three times. Whoever you are who supposedly does an LEO job, you must be 21 yrs old and in perfect medical health to be passing judgement on those of us who have had been on the job for over a decade!!! And how dare you criticize a fellow LEO. This is a brotherhood that you obviously don’t comprehend!!!!!!!

  • Guest123123 says:

    You are all over the place on this. Who in the heck is Sgt Todd.This is all about one person and if they are medically able to perform a job. She is not a ditch digger geez. If she was not ready to be released then thats what everyone is saying here. If you were in the military then you must understand this. Highly trained jobs come with a lot more responsibility than the average laborer. Its fine if you want to defend her as most friends and family members always do. If she had a stroke how did she drive 1/2 mile after accident. Not supposedly did a law enforcement job . DID for 17 years and you can take your brotherhood and do you no what!!!

  • Guesth123123 says:

    Im glad to hear cops feel like they are not god.

  • Guest9743 says:

    I understand your concerns for your friend and she may be an upstanding officer but she left the scene of an accident, anybody other than a police officer would be charged for that, there shouldn’t be any exceptions. Again, I know it’s your friend and I wish her well but I hope you can agree there should be no exceptions for leaving the scene of an accident without charges being filed since no one is suppose to be above the law.

  • nosivab says:


  • beach says:

    People pass judgment all the time not only on an officer. That statement is absurd. I believe what they are trying to convey is, if she was cleared once and it happened again so soon, what would it matter if she’s cleared a second time? If someone is killed the next time and it’s on record that she’s blacked out and wrecked twice recently, the deceased family members (hers, her co workers or anyone else) will not care to see her clearance papers. I’m sure there’s a suitable desk job for her in the department.

  • Guest123123 says:

    You are obviously a loyal friend and that is great. But if the story is now that she had a heart attack I feel for her. But then once again why or how did she drive away after the accident for 1/2 mile? Then why would she get behind the wheel again two days later. This is not good judgement on her part especially considering her line of work. We do not have to know somebody personally to be able to try and figure out what happened. She works for a government agency and was on duty while it happened one time. My goodness if she flipped burgers we would not even be hearing about this.

  • GuestO'Day says:

    Kim M, just curious as to your motivation in this case of citizens expressing themselves on a public forum about an officer’s fitness for duty. Leaving the scene of an accident is an infraction which should have been charged. The resolution should be correctly left in the hands of the court. How dare YOU refer to citizens and taxpayers as INSUBORDINATE?

    Just as you do, I pray for this officer’s return to good health and duty in her chosen profession.

  • Hash says:

    So you’re telling me you DID law enforcement for 17 yrs as a 31B yet you have no clue who SGT Todd is? Do you know what Google is? Do you know your military history or did you serve back in Vietnam? Just curious. Does Fort Hood ring a bell? What my point is is that you cannot predict sudden health emergencies. So discuss what you want, criticize this officer all you want but pray for her recovery and be thankful no one was hurt. Also pray that you never have to experience sudden medical emergencies that may just cloud your thinking process. Did this officer willingly and wrongfully betray public trust, I can promise you, she did not because some of us do our job regardless of how ungrateful those we “serve” appreciate the low pay, constant verbal abuse and pre-judgment that we get on a daily basis. Not to mention the dodging bullets (or attempting to) and saving lives of those who do not learn the appreciation of it until they themselves need saving. -K

  • Disheveled says:

    Citizens do have rights to know about their safety by public servants. You’re right. But they don’t have the right to judge before the facts are all presented. Case in point, this officer’s reputation no matter if she isn’t found in willful disregard has been ruined because of people being able to “throw stones” before knowing the true facts. That is why I pray hard for her family because she has already had many obstacles she has overcome that most wouldn’t have the will-power to attempt to succeed at. I honestly wish the news stations would not allow comments at all. Voice your concern on your own social media pages. -K

  • Guest123123 says:

    Man I do not know what you are smoking but who ever said I was an mp in the army. That would be a job any security guard could do.State law enforcement agent right here in nc. And I still do not know the famous sgt todd. I did Google. You might actually want to read a post and then comment.

    My son is going to west point though. Good family genes I guess!

  • Guest123123 says:

    I did find your sergeant todd thank you very much he sounds like he was a good man.still have no idea how he fits in to this story

  • Guest Mechanic says:

    Nobody is judging, the officer willfully left the scene of an accident (hit and run). This is a fact unless the news report is making it up. As for Kimberly, I think I know who she is, but I don’t feel her reputation is any better than any other officer. In fact, she somewhat tarnished it for sticking up for another officer who really messed up.

  • Fishes says:

    You and your “state officer” BS!!! Got you topped buddy! Federal here so keep running your idiotic mouth!!! SGT Munley here and google that!!!

  • Guest123123 says:

    What federal job did you obtain after being a fort hood cop? Did you receive that job after you complained about not being taken care of by Obama. Look ,you did a good job in your active shooter situation which you were trained for, but that does not give you a free pass to try and discredit those of us who disagree with your personal bias concerning your friend.

  • GuestAgain says:

    I was surprised to see your earlier comment where you opined that the citizens shouldn’t be able to voice their thoughts. Now I am astonished that you would use the term “insubordinate” to describe those commenting here. “Insubordinant: Defiant of authority; Disobedient.” Your comments speak volumes about your mentality regarding the citizenry. I followed your story when you became our hometown hero. Your actions were honorable and worthy of recognition. But your statements here smack of elitism and lead me to believe you are now full of yourself and your hired position.

    That said, I am glad to know that the officer in question was not injured. I’m relieved that she isn’t a drug adict or DUI offender. However, I do wonder what your first judgement would be if you were the responding officer to a similar indident NOT involving a cop? Please share with us your standard protocol when responding to a private citizen that blacked out while driving, damaged property, and left the scene. Much less twice in the span of several days?

    Not a coward —- JESSICA FOY

  • tke says:

    NO officers are not God. However you put them in positions to make god-like decisions (taking lives, saving lives, etc.) and expect them to be God by not making mistakes. You sit in judgement and condemn them for decisions they make in their professional and private lives and expect them to be perfect while you don’t have the guts or the ability to do the same job yourself.

  • AngerManagementAnyone? says:

    You mean we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, kind of like the media did when they branded you THE ONE that took down the Ft Hood shooter. Yep, they should have waited too. Looks like your friend Sgt Todd actually took him down, but you were put on a pedestal because of your injuries sustained in the incident. No one saw you on the news or social media trying to set THAT record straight.

    And BTW…what happened to this thought process you shared just a few months ago here on this very news site’s public comment forum that you don’t want us common folk to participate in – “Words from the source…. Submitted by Kim Munley (not verified) on Wed, 02/13/2013 – 11:34pm. Let it be known this much: You will NEVER hear the self-recognition of being a hero come out of my mouth. NEVER! I have never considered myself a hero, and I never will….”

    Flaunting your scenario to the state LEO commenter, then declaring yourself better because you were paid by the Army CIVILIAN police department is just plain pathetic. Get over yourself. You may call others “fools” on here but, you my dear, are the ONLY one making a fool of themselves in this forum. It sounds like you and your old partner Appler should team up for a BOGO anger management therapy discount.

  • Guest123123 says:

    TKE, you must do a better job reading and keeping up with the posts and what is actually said. How many times do I have to say I HAVE DONE THE JOB. I did not put them in any position. They choose this line of work for whatever reason good or bad. Then you want to complain about how hard or demanding the work is. Those who have done the job know this and either finish 30 years in NC or move on to greener pastures. For me it was totally about the pay and I moved on. We all make mistakes but when you do hold a job of this magnitude you do come under the microscope a bit more than the average Joe.

  • kahsd says:

    Anyone who knows me knows I am not full of myself and alike, anyone who knows me knows I support LEOS, military, and all public service employees who are instantly thrown under the bus without being provided the detailed facts of the situation. Speculation is detrimental to reputation in this community especially. Do I know her and her credible reputation, yes. Do I know her previous fight with a fatal disease yes, and I commend her greatly for surviving and kicking it’s a@@ and getting back to doing what she does such a great job at in law enforcement. If she were military, EMS, or any other public service employee, I’d do the same. I stand for those who cannot stand for themselves and she can’t even tell her story in fear of retaliation from her department. Instead of judging, why can’t you all just pray for her health and be thankful no one was hurt. Why are you all so quick to think any time a public servant gets put in the news, they are crooked, abusive of power, and corrupt? If I am judge as “full of myself”, well, hell, that’s not a big surprise considering all the judgmental citizens in this forum. I don’t “pat myself on the back”! I commend those who fight through obstacles and are successful at the speed bumps life throws at you. This isn’t about me or my job (which I got after fighting for two years to find one), this is about the officer who’s reputation is now at risk because people automatically assume LEOs are superheroes and inhuman to mistakes, split-second decisions to protect those who do not respect the danger of serving in the military, law enforcement, EMS, etc. Yes it’s so obvious there is corrupt ones out there. 1% of all agencies, companies, etc have a corruption rate but that doesn’t mean all of them are. This officer is one I can honestly say is a tough cookie, very loving mom and wife, and stronger than most men out there. So when all the facts come out, I really hope she gets an apology from all of you who were so quick to discredit her. Oh and any EMS, Paramedics, Nurses, or Doctors who want to chime in and tell how it’s possible and common to be a victim in a sudden onset medical emergency and not know which way is up or down, would be appreciated. As for the prior state LEO, I’m done giving you my time. Let’s meet for coffee have a professional conversation if you’d like. I actually teach a lot of you guys and have a few conferences coming up. Would love to know about your service.

  • Guestcjv says:

    Please go back and find any interview I have ever had where I self-proclaimed me to be a hero. I have always regarded Sgt. Todd with the up most respect for his role that day. Yes only one of my bullets struck him and Sgt. Todd struck him three times but I never said I took him down. Fact check before quoting me. And whoever you are his so-called knows me so well and my former partner Appler is obviously Had a few run-ins with the law yourself. Or you would not be making such comments. Very unchristian like of you to lie And put words in my mouth that were never said. But spend your time praying for this officer and for other officers I happen to be injured in line of duty instead of criticizing them for their job

  • AngerManagementAnyone? says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who is judging now? My only crime is that I’m a citizen that dared to say anything you didn’t agree with. (Lucky for me, because some of ya’ll are known to beat people for no good reason.) Merely juxtaposing your two different attitudes about yourself – one stating you don’t feel you’re a hero and the one displayed in this thread “I wasn’t an MP either fool! Submitted by Fishes (not verified) on Wed, 05/22/2013 – 6:40pm. You and your “state officer” BS!!! Got you topped buddy! Federal here so keep running your idiotic mouth!!! SGT Munley here and google that!!!” AND “BTW Submitted by And BTW (not verified) on Tue, 05/21/2013 – 11:17pm. And one more thing…I was on “top of my game” and got shot 3 times by a terrorist…”

    As for your buddy Appler who was taking any media attention he could get after Ft Hood… here is what he’s been up to and (Over zealousness at best in both incidents. Charges DROPPED in both incidents.)

  • Guest2020 says:

    If the people who take these positions of authority, cannot handle the responsibility that comes with it, then they don’t need to be in these positions. We didn’t put her in that position. She chose it for herself. And although, we know that police officers are human, they should be held to a higher standard. They know the law better than we do. They witness the outcomes of decisions like this. She should not be out there holding others to a standard that she chooses not to live up to.

  • First of all... says:

    Amazing!!! You have no clue as to who she is ir anything about her. She has never had these issues on duty so if you have a heart attack behind the wheel and black out and wreck, I should chastise you for not predicting your accident??? Give this officer a break!!! This is not news worthy nor worthy of this insubordinate and disrespectful group of judgmental citizens!!! Thanks to those who do actually support public service but shame in you for those who don’t. Again, Adrienne, praying for you. God Bless you and you have more support than you think. -Kim M

  • Guest123123 says:

    So you can post what you want and that is ok? Are we suppose to believe what you tell us just because you have known her for 20 years. Lets just go with what you are saying as the gospel. If she has any medical condition that could possibly cause her to crash a vehicle it is probably not a good idea for her to be on the road carrying a gun. What if she had to use her weapon? Would she be up to the task? As a CID investigator she investigates felony crimes and goes after some bad folks. What about the safety of the other investigators she works with.
    Please think a little more before you make your post next time and know there are many of us who have done this job and knows that you have to be on top of your game everyday or someone can get hurt.

  • Maryland says:

    I agree Kim; I myself have known Adrienne for a long time. I have had the honor of being her partner while I was with the Police Department. She is a stand up person and I have no doubt that some form of outside forces out of her control had an impact on actions that day. If anyone that has never blacked out from a medical condition has something to say negative then their voice holds no salt. I in fact have blacked out from severe acute blood loss and this is not a kind of thing anyone should have to endure. You go from a person that is in control to complete darkness…… Then when you regain concusses your body puts you into a panic (flight or fight mode) this is not controlled by any rational thought process.

    I challenge anyone who feels that they can come on here and attempt to deface this upstanding woman to lay their life record out on the table and compare it to hers and you will see that YOU JUST DON’T MEASURE UP. God bless you Adrienne you are a champion.

  • Guest123783 says:

    Really people? Yes, it’s obvious she is a public servant and your tax dollars (less than a dollar when you figure the number of citizens, gov’t employees, blah blah blah) pay her salary. She was on duty and was cleared by paramedics; assured it was a one time event. Anyone miss that? It means neither she (nor others) could know if was going to happen again. For all the do gooders crying about impairment, unless they specified that she was using medications (which they did not), for all you know it could have been a seizure/blood sugar drop/etc. They didn’t say this was a preexisting medical condition so it could have come out of the blue, so to speak. Yes, it’s more in the spotlight since what she does, that will never change. But come on, let’s hold judgement until more facts come out.

  • Guest X says:

    The question here is,was she impaired by the standards of the law.Either thru consumption of alcohol,Meds,or straight drugs The appropriate citations should be file.Her record should be consider when she has her day in court.For all the LEO’s out there,my questions is this.What citations would you have given me,if I had of had this happen to me and you were the one that had responded.As far as the comments concerning LEO’s speaking out againist this or for it,you wouldn’t need that wall of blue if you held EVERYONE to the same standard.Hope the officer gets better,and that her record will help her when the the time comes.

  • RantMuch? says:

    The comments (by KM) are starting to resemble the Amy’s Baking Co. fiasco in Arizona. You’ve made your point now relax already.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Nice post. I am starting to wonder if this is some type of ya ya sisterhood thing!!!

  • Beth says:

    I find it very sad that people would try to turn a simple medical issue into something it is not. I watched all the posts from before saying she must have been texting, making all sorts of mean vicious judgements before the facts were ever presented. As it turns out this was a medical event that she had BEEN CLEARED of, meaning cleared to work. She didn’t make that call paramedics did. Given that, how was she to know that it would happen again. She wouldn’t. As to her leaving the scene, did she turn herself in? That to me would be the most telling, not the simple hit and run, especially given the cause. This wasn’t someone zonked out of her mind on booze, this was a medical issue that she had been previously told would not happen again. Maybe she left the scene of the accident due to disorientation confusion from the black-out All of you saying she shouldn’t be working. Then she would most likely have to go on disability, if her health defect were serious enough. And you wouldn’t like that either. I don’t know this lady, but I hope to god you never have your financial livelihood threatened by illness. Instead of saying crap, you should be saying prayers for her total recovery so she can go back to doing her job.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Star news just reported that the NCSHP will report her drivers license to the DMV because of the two accidents she has had. Ok,once again we have finally gotten to what the original posts were all about until we we taken over by the Little Kim show. After review they will determine whether her license needs to be suspended or revoked or left in its current valid state. If she keeps it, she probably keeps her job. If she loses it well it will probably be desk duty for her. Thats all we wanted to know from the beginning whether she was capable of doing her job and keeping herself and others safe. IM DONE !!

  • GuestEMT says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight and know nothing about this officer or her medical problems. I am, however very concerned that the news reported that the paramedic “cleared her” after the first incident and told her that it wouldn’t happen again. No paramedic has the training to make that determination. I’m not even sure how a doctor could, in good faith, tell someone that without a thorough evaluation. Adverse reactions to medication are complicated. That’s why so many medications have the warning “do not drive or operate machinery until you know how this medication will affect you.” Hopefully, if this is a medication issue, it can be addressed and the officer can return to her job and normal activities.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Why would an on duty officer leave the scene of the crash and drive 1/2 mile away from the accident. Medication? Drugs? alcohol? Will she get a pass?

  • Your Guardian says:

    I wish comments were not allowed to be made on here. I have known this officer since high school (over 20 years) and she is an upstanding officer who has even survived cancer and you all who jump to pass judgement should be ashamed of yourselves. She has a spotless record and I am praying hard for her health that she is not having complications from her past medical issues. This community is so hurtful sometimes and so quick to throw public service under the bus. It’s a miracle no one got hurt but really???? Like you’ve never been in a vehicle accident before??? I can put my reputation on the line to say that she is a model police officer, wife, and mother. Praying for you Adrienne!!!! KIMBERLY MUNLEY

  • Guest1851658 says:

    She might have blacked out, but she was conscious when she fled the scene. Wonder how many tickets she has issued to others during her career in law enforcement for the very same thing. Cops are human, too and sometimes make mistakes, but they are never above the laws that they enforce. There was no reason to leave the scene of the accident. Everybody needs to keep an eye on this event and see where it goes.

  • Guest1234543 says:

    the biggest problem I see is a police officer should exercise above normal judgment each and every day, for whatever reason she knew she had a medical problem, being treated with a drug, and continued to operate a motor vehicle, and had not one but 2 accidents that could have each time killed a family, something is very wrong here, I feel for the young lady, but not enough to put a life at risk.

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