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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Academy Award nominee Melissa McCarthy fired an extra from the Wilmington set of her movie “Tammy” yesterday, reports entertainment news site TMZ.

TMZ cites sources saying the star and co-director fired a woman in her 20s, who brought her child along for the daylong shoot by a lake. Witnesses tell TMZ the young mom had been struggling with her child all morning to the extent that it disrupted the production, which included more than 200 extras.

According to the website, sources say the last straw came when the mom jerked the child up in the air by the wrist, which McCarthy saw. The report says McCarthy immediately had PAs remove the woman saying she would not tolerate abuse on her set.

A publicist for “Tammy” told WWAY she had no comment on the situation.

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  • Guesty7

    Way to go, ruining that woman’s chance at stardom. She drug her kid along to be an extra, great priorities. She’d fit in over on Teen Mom. Poor child, get a real job lady.

  • Sandy Russell

    Way to go Melissa!!!! I am one to say something to people like that in public.

  • Child Advocate

    Everyone should applaud Ms McCarthy and thank her for doing her civic duty. Too many people turn their heads and ignore child abuse! If someone is bold enough to mistreat a child in public- imagine the horror that happens behind closed doors. Thank you Melissa for standing up and displaying your values! This is a woman we need to see and hear more from!! Let’s hope she brings her celebrity to similar causes as Jolie and others who support children in need.

  • Guest7969

    as long as you know the difference between child abuse and a hand on the rear end!

  • Guest123098

    If Ms. McCarthy was worried about the welfare of the child, she would have called the police or social services. She fired the mother. Where is the mother going to get money for food and other needs for her baby? Do you think the mother was happy about being fired because of her child? Guess who she probably took her anger out on as soon as she left… the baby. Ms. McCarthy doesn’t care about the child’s welfare, if she did, she would have gone about this totally differently, like adopt the kid like Angelina Jolie or Madonna.

  • Guest1851658

    The story does not say how old the child appeared to be. If he/she was very small, mom should have removed him from the set when he started acting up. If it was an older child, a good whack across the tail might have been in order.

  • Angie

    Hopefully the mother didn’t take it out on the child after she left.

  • burgerboy

    she should go her obese libber butt back to hollyweirdoville and send jenny mccarthy instead b/c she looks alot better, ha!

  • Guestcostanza

    Thank you for so succinctly and eloquently speaking for the majority of Southeastern North Carolina. You are a tribute to your kind.

  • no

    Her civic duty? get real. Kids today have no consequences that is why they are all animals. A smack on the butt should have happened and maybe the kid would not have ruined an entire movie set.

    Abuse is one thing, s smack on the butt or pulling your child when they won’t listen is hardly abuse.

    If it was real abuse she should have called the cops. She sent the child home with a lunatic. Hardly better for the child

  • bruno

    Copes were present at the time and they advised that the mother should be sent home. i was there.

  • Guest1000

    True I have failed to forgot there is difference in spanking and not doing the motherly duty to control the kid. So, if McCarthy didn’t know if she had control or did she should have went up to the mother made sure. My observation tells me leave things alone or go ask do you have this or do you need to leave and take care of this at home? While they are filming is not the best place You hear it in background noise.

  • GuestGuest

    In hindsight, maybe the extra should have hired a babysitter instead of taking her kid to the set?

  • Guest525

    As with most jobs, children are not part of the work force. They have no business being on the set, in the office or in the store. (Let all of the employees in the mall bring their kids to work with them.) They need to be in daycare of some other type of care facility while people are trying to do their job. The “mother” was wrong for having the child at the set, she should have been sent home much earlier.

  • Guest09871234

    Since you’re so much better than everyone here, maybe you should pack your bags and leave. We’re only holding you back from doing something great with your life that will greatly improve humanity. Even if you come up with the worlds greatest invention, when people find out that you’re living in North Carolina, they will not take you seriously.


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