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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Academy Award nominee Melissa McCarthy fired an extra from the Wilmington set of her movie “Tammy” yesterday, reports entertainment news site TMZ.

TMZ cites sources saying the star and co-director fired a woman in her 20s, who brought her child along for the daylong shoot by a lake. Witnesses tell TMZ the young mom had been struggling with her child all morning to the extent that it disrupted the production, which included more than 200 extras.

According to the website, sources say the last straw came when the mom jerked the child up in the air by the wrist, which McCarthy saw. The report says McCarthy immediately had PAs remove the woman saying she would not tolerate abuse on her set.

A publicist for “Tammy” told WWAY she had no comment on the situation.

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  • Guesty7

    Way to go, ruining that woman’s chance at stardom. She drug her kid along to be an extra, great priorities. She’d fit in over on Teen Mom. Poor child, get a real job lady.

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