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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A county spokesman says the New Hanover County Republican Party will pick a nominee to fill the County Commission seat that belonged to Brian Berger.

Berger switched to the Libertarian Party earlier this year, but the GOP will fill the seat because Berger won it as a Republican in 2010.

Commission Chair Woody White has said the commission would operate as a four-member board for. Berger has 30 days to appeal the commission’s vote of amotion to New Hanover County Superior Court.

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  • Gate Keeper

    Correction, the Republican party will recommend a candidate, but Manny, Moe and Jackie, will hand pick the replacement to fill the seat. A round of smoke and mirrors for everyone!

  • Guest jethro

    Woody ran for county commissioner for 20 years. WHY? Just you wait and see. Hail!!!!Woody

  • Wilmington Observer

    I nominate Vog to fill this position!!!

    Wilmington Observer

  • Vog46

    “I will not seek, nor will I accept, my parties nomination for……..”

    I remember hearing those words in a far off land…….
    Anyway sorry but as a registered non-affiliated voter, I will not be mentioned, considered, consulted, nor otherwise talked to regarding this honorarium.
    Nor do I want to be associated, in any way, shape, or form, with this County Commission.

    But thanks for the thought


  • GuestMan.

    which one of their buddies they will nominate. Twenty bucks says it’s soneone who has already been a commissioner. If this wasn’t so screwed up it would be funny. I’m wondering if they will get another tea-bagger like Berger or did they learn their lesson.

  • Vog46

    The “pre-conceived” attempt by the GOP and Woody White to try to throw the yolk of responsibility off White and on to the county GOP.
    So just who will we get? Melissa Gott? The on again, off again, New Hanover County Brunswick County resident?
    Who knows?
    I DO know this.
    It failed. This veiled attempt to clear Woody of politicizing this entire process utterly failed.
    Woody may drag the local GOP down with him.
    I repeat – Brian should not be a county commissioner but there is NO State law allowing for recall elections and the GOP legislature(nor a Dem legislature) will vote for such a law.
    It was OUR duty to elect him, as it is our duty to un-elect him.
    Woody abrogated our voting responsibility and authority.
    He is an embarrasmment to the county, the voters he supposedly represents and to his party.
    As much an embarrassment as Berger is, if not more so.


  • Guest2020

    I think that Woody is worse. And you can correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t recall hearing about Berger abusing his power.

  • guesty

    …anybody but Jason Thompson.

  • GuestO’Day

    g, I never figured you to be a praying kind of a guy, but in this case, let me add to the AMEN chorus.

  • chico especiale

    I, Chico Especiale, volunteer to finish out the term left by the departure of the Berger. I, Chico Especiale promise to not be crazy or a criminal. Therefor you can trust I, Chico Especiale, to do the job.

  • Vog46

    Please present your citizenship papers and birth certificate (long form) to the powers that be.
    One reviewed they will determine your fitness to hold office.

    Or, you can donate $500,000 to Chuck Shoningers EB5 program and get an expedited VISA – an a job at he down town hotel he’s planning to build.
    Imagine – not one but Two jobs !!!
    Then you would be special


  • Chico Especial

    I developed the “Chico” character as a goad to provoke others into thinking about things that really matter. It was designed to be controversial. I thought that maybe by being an irritant (as in a shell makes a pearl) it would make a difference. I was wrong.

    What I created instead was a parody of unsophistication. That wasn’t my goal. I failed.

    What has happened instead is that someone more technically or more logically adept has usurped the moniker by registering it. That person is now registered as my original “Chico”.

    Makes no sense to continue my charade if it no longer has a purpose. My original goal was to provoke new thought, not just to offend.

    Whoever you are, my compliments on your technical prowess. I’m done

  • Gate Keeper

    Sorry Chico, but they won’t nominate a Latino or Hispanic to the post. Just ask El-Derrick Hickey-o your compadre from the school board.

  • Old Guy

    For those of us that actually watched the hearing Mr. Berger called it exactly right! He told Mr. White, Ms. Dawson and the other old fart that their decision was already done and that his successor had already chosen three months ago. Mr. White you lied when you said that you came to the meeting with an open mind. You don’t even know what an open mind is since you don’t have a mind to begin with. I agree with Commissioner Barfield! Yes Mr. Berger doesn’t belong on the board but this whole process was a scam. You ought to be ashamed of yourself under the guise of “doing what is right”!
    Our County Commission just took away our constitutional rights to vote! Can you all that agreed with the three that voted for this process understand that you now have less rights then you ever had before. All of the men and women that have died over the centuries to secure our rights are now rolling over in their graves because of these three disgusting individuals! Backdoor politics have no place in New Hanover County!!!!

  • Rick Wilson

    To the best of my recollection the GOP nominated someone to fill the last opening that was on the commission. Woody and crew promptly spit in the GOP’s face and put in their own choice. “King” White must have conquered the GOP also if they are going to nominate his, er, I mean his puppeteer’s choice. It is amazing what a well funded dictator can accomplish, even in a supposed democracy.

    Everyone should remember that Brian Berger is not gone yet. He has the option of an appeal, and if he does, I believe the court system is going to spank Woody’s hand and Berger is going to become a lot richer at the tax payers’s expense. This county could get out of debt if the local governments became a reality show…….What they try is hard to imagine or make up!

  • guesty

    Don’t mistake my bluntness and calling things as they are for me being an atheist. I firmly believe in God. I don’t believe in political correctness, liberal indoctrination or too much government oversight.

  • GuestO’Day

    Chico, your “Chico Especial” is known to us readers to be the original. The imitator “chico” spells his all lower case with the addition of an “e”. I kind of liked the original Chico. He reminded me of the Jeff Dunham talking jalapeno.

  • chico especiale

    I, Chico Especiale, understand you wish to be me but you can not be me, Chico Especiale. I thank you for wanting to be me, Chico Especiale, but only I, Chico Especiale, can be me.

  • Guest 4523

    I read a couple of those Chico posts. He always spelled his name with leading caps. He also seemed to write his sentences in a different way. Except for you repeating the Chico thing, your stuff is not the same. Too bad.

  • Guest Reply

    “GOP will nominate Berger’s replacement” (Unquote)
    Whom will nominate them when they get kicked off the front porch here?
    Stay Tuned! Someone should sell tickets! I’d buy one!


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