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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s the 20th year for the “Click it or Ticket” campaign in North Carolina, and officers are still pulling over many of you for not wearing your seat belts.

Just in time for Memorial Day, law enforcement is again out to remind you to buckle up.

Richard Wilkinson says he does not know why he got pulled over this morning.

“Well, we’ll see. I’m waiting for the officer,” he said.

Waiting, like many other drivers, for a ticket.

“We’re going to still write citations and make sure people buckle up,” Wilmington Police Cpl. Adam Schwartzel said.

It’s all part of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program’s “Click it or Ticket” campaign. As law enforcement officers start up the 20th year of the program they say they’re surprised by how many drivers still don’t wear their seat belts.

“There’s billboards, there’s advertisements, and we want people to understand that this is not going away,” Cpl. Schwartzel said.

Police say it’s easy to remember to buckle up. After you get in your car, make buckling in the first thing you do.

“People will check their mirrors, they’ll adjust the seat and the air conditioning, but they won’t buckle up,” Schwartzel said.

When they don’t and they crash their car, law enforcement officers say it’s a horrible scene.

“It’s chaotic,” Schwartzel said. “Almost like a disaster scene. A little mini disaster.”

But thanks to “Click it or Ticket” there are fewer of those kinds of crashes. The North Carolina Department of Transportation says the number of fatal crashes involving unbelted passengers was down from more than 38,000 in 1992 to about 8,100 last year.

“It works,” Schwartzel said. “It does.”

Even if it does keep drivers like Wilkinson waiting.

“I’m not real happy with the whole way they do it, but I think it’s a good idea,” Wilkinson said. “People need to wear their seat belts.”

Advice Wilkinson might want to follow now. He’s getting a ticket because he also failed to click it.

Wilkinson was one of 94 people cited for a seat belt violation in Wednesday’s operation. In all police made 104 charges, including two for texting, four for speeding, one for drug possession and three for no driver license.

The “Click it or Ticket” campaign runs through the memorial day holiday weekend and ends June 2.

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  • truthseeker

    The same ones enforcing their will on us are the same ones who park in handicap spots!

  • Vog46

    Like totally physically fit people don’t?
    Truth – in this case there is a direct correlation between seat belt use and reduction in deaths from vehicle accidents.
    Now if they weren’t wearing their seat belts? Then we could complain.


  • samhainnc

    Law enforcement are not ‘enforcing their will on us’ they are enforcing the law that is made by the people we elect. On other note. Parking in handicapped spaces or the area used for van access when you are not disabled is wrong no mater who it may be.

  • George

    There must be more important things for law enforcement to do.As much as seatbelts save lives they can and do kill.what business is it of anyone,wether or not we wear our seatbelts ?

  • Guest Reply

    “what business is it of anyone,wether or not we wear our seatbelts?”
    It’s called…”The Insurance Companies” amongst common sense…tah dah!
    You spelled wether wrongy…it’s spelled…”weather” ;-)

  • Guest350

    I have worn my seatbelt even before it was a law, but I still think it should be a choice. I don’t like laws that protect me against myself. We are losing more and more freedom and choices to Big Brother every day and nobody seems to care.

  • GuestMe

    I can understand how you feel, but we live in a society that expects other people, corporations and the government to look out for us. Many people do need to be protected against their own stupidity. Anyone who gets hurt in an accident sues someone for their pain and suffering, which raises the cost of insurance for the rest of us. Sucks for those of us who are responsible people, doesn’t it?

  • Guest333

    Taxation By Citations

  • Vog46

    It’s like taxation by fee’s………
    A Republican favorite…….
    Dems are too stupid to come up with another name for them – they just say let’s raise taxes.


  • Guest Vader

    Yes, they enforce the laws that are in place, but sometimes they add their own little ideas to the mix if they think they can get away with it.

  • Possiblymisreadinghumor

    Wow, I really hope I’m misreading a poor attempt at humor and when you correct his “wether” with “weather” when it should be “whether” you were trying to provide some much needed comic relief amidst an otherwise tense dichotomy of left and right based comments.

    Please respond and tell us “whether” you meant this as a joke or had a brain slip and just corrected someone with “weather.”


  • Guest Reply

    I’ll have you know my real name is Clark Websters Wikipedia…CW2 for short.
    It’s spelled…”weather”…wether you beeleave me or knot…it’s weather. Just look outside…it’s all around us!!

  • amfermee

    The “Click It or Ticket” campaign is a joke! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WbzNPfJ9Rw


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