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CFPUA gives OK for $300,000 in penalties for sewage spills


WILMINGTON, NC ( -- The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, along with Wilmington and New Hanover County, is one step closer to coming to terms with the US Environmental Protection Agency over violations tied to a number of large sewage spills last decade.

CFPUA approved paying $300,000 in civil penalties to the EPA Thursday afternoon at a special meeting.

The fine is part of a consent decree between the EPA and the city, the county and the authority. The CFPUA-approved agreement also holds the authority responsible for reporting information to the EPA for at least two years.

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CFPUA needs a complete

CFPUA needs a complete overhaul in management. These people do not have a clue as to what they are doing. Just this past Wednesday The Wilmington Fire Dept had to respond to a Fire Hydrant belonging to CFPUA running water into the street. When they arrived they found 2 running water with the wrench still on one of them. They had 911 call two time to see if CFPUA was working in the area. Twice a CFPUA manager told 911 that CFPUA was doing nothing in the area. About the time 911 told the Fire Dept the 2nd time that CFPUA said they were doing nothing in the area the Fire Dept said they had talked to someone in a CFPUA truck and that CFPUA had been working there all day. What if that FD truck had been needed somewhere else while tied up on this nuisance call? Just another example of CFPUA not knowing what is going on in their on backyard.

Simply untrue

Mike from CFPUA here... The Wilmington Fire Department is fully informed whenever we conduct work on a hydrant or flushing in an area.

just stop

mike you sound like a large mocking bird! this is Mike bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda.


your issue is a non-issue. CFPUA isn't working with 911 so it would be VERY easy to miscommunicate. In addition, I doubt the office knows where every CFPUA vehicle is at all times. As for the fire would have left the scene and went to where they were dispatched. Simple as that.


As I recall a hog farmer was just sent to prison for dumping hog waste dump into waterways. How is this any different? Oh, that's right, the government will only face insignificant fines and pass the blame, and cost, on to it's customers.

Fine money

Mike from CFPUA here. The money that will pay the fine was actually set aside by the City of Wilmington before CFPUA was even formed. The Consent Decree has been in the works since 2007; CFPUA was formed in 2008. There will be no impact of customer fees or rates due to this fine. It is being paid by the City out of the set-aside funds.


"Mike here", any idea where

"Mike here", any idea where CFPUA or the city of Wilmington get's the money to pay fines???????????????? Hint, it come's right out of the pockets of taxpayers, it's not magic, the city of Wilmington nor any other government branch has money, it was all taken from taxpayers, and to think that taxpayers should continue to be taken from to support inadequate government functions shows just how screwed up things are getting. Take a little responsibility.

Bend Over...

CFPUA customers...another rate hike coming due to their negligence. At least the current CEO will be basking in the Tampa sunshine and not taking the blame.

Before any of you CFPUA employees chime in and say it's not our is. You were either working for the City or County...and thanks to the inept leadership of both, **it flows.


I am not a CFPUA fan...however...NONE of this is their, CFPUA, fault. This is a result of our ELECTED leadership, both Wilmington and NHC. In order to NOT be held accountable for not keeping our water system up, created the CFPUA in order to shift blame. The system failures and inadequacies were present long before CFPUA was created. CFPUA is nothing more than a scape goat as it relates to the poor shape of the infrastructure! You have done EXACTLY what was meant to happen...forget elected government was ever involved.

Re:Bend Over

Hey taxpayer, could you be bitter about another issue? You sound like someone who knows all those employees well. Perhaps a dismissed employee, spouse or just a bitter big mouth. Go back and check your facts to see where the EPA's envolvement really started before you spout off your **it!

@ Fixing Stupid

Am I bitter? Hell yes I am! Ineptly run organizations who waste my tax dollars pi** me off, especially when there is no accountability to the organization.

I know one employee at CFPUA. This individual has an office job and will tell you privately what a "charlie foxtrot" of an organization this is.

As far as "spouting off", the City and County are as much to blame for this mess. They created this authority to take the blame for current as well as future problems. It's called "passing the buck...and blame". Often times, the government's solution to a problem is bigger, and worse, than the problem.


Your slip is showing. Use some of that b*tching energy and look up what an Authority is. NOT TAXPAYER FUNDED

"I know one employee at CFPUA. This individual has an office job and will tell you privately what a "charlie foxtrot" of an organization this is."

That is a perfect example of the problem here. Sitting in an office, drawing a check and telling tales to feed the flames. Drink the Kool-Aid taxpayer. The more you speak....the more ignorant you sound!

CFPUA progress

Mike McGill from CFPUA here. This "Charlie Foxtrot" organization as you put it has reduced sanitary sewer overflows by near 40% and the volume from those spills by almost 80% in the five years it's been in existence. At the same time, its rates are actually at the state average or below the state average in cost in every category as confirmed by a University of North Carolina study that looks at every water and wastewater utility in the state. This was reported in the StarNews last week.

Please do a bit more research before conducting such attacks in the future.



CFPUA rates

Mike McGill from CFPUA here. CFPUA's rates, as reported by the StarNews and detailed by the StarNews last week, are at or below the state averages for rates in every single category as reported by a University of North Carolina study that look at every single utility in the state.


Important end to the story...

Mike McGill from CFPUA here...

This is the reminder of the story. CFPUA is not paying the fine.


The fine will be covered by $1.9 million Wilmington set aside in 2008 – before the formation of the authority – to cover any federal penalties tied to the spills. This money will be given to CFPUA to use and the rest of the funds will be counted as revenue for the authority.

The Wilmington City Council approved the agreement Tuesday and the New Hanover County Commissioners are expected to take up the issue at their June 3 meeting.

re: Important end...

Why give the remaining revenue to the authority only to see it spent on more crap (no pun intended) that you don't need...such as more pickups, backhoes, and John Deere 4-wheelers.

What an inept organization!

YOU are a Flat-out Liar..... Mat McGill..

Seems to Me, Not so long News Cycle(s) ago, Wilmington's City Balance Sheet was in the "RED", Big concerns about Wilmington NOT being able to pay debt etc... Then Waa-Laa! Accounting tricks come up with several million dollars outta *no-where*......

Now, It's OK to PAY this FINE, with those monies you'll be recieving from Wilmington, Though..1.8 million MINUS 300,000.00
If My Cipering is correct, Leaves a WHOOPING 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS...
Ya'll are going to count as Revenue...

INSTEAD OF COUNTING THAT AS REVENUE, HOWS about ,Paying down the DEBT on those Bonds that have been incurred/, Or BETTER YET, set up a FUND for those Elderly & Disabled or Struggling FAMILES that are having to pay your High rates to begin with?,to Help US though these Diffucult and trying times?
I've listened to YOU talk out ONE side of your Mouth; While blowing smoke up ALL ILM's Residents backsides... Telling "residents" to go to United Way to get *help* paying thier bills... How much "BONUS" will you & the Political Cornies recieve over this lil "Windfall"....???
We KNOW your lieing, either your Lips are moving or your typing... Smoke & mirrors Folks....


Im going to start every writing with beachgirl here via net! Mike needs to be on the chopping block to answer more questions considering he knows everything!Does not matter that money is set to the side, it shouldnt be waisted on fines, it should be saved to better New Hanover!


Mike here. The City of Wilmington holds those funds; not CFPUA. We have to invest in our infrastructure and by doing so, in just five short years, we've cut SSOs by nearly 40% and their volume by nearly 80%. Facts, not opinions.

And, as the University of North Carolina has shown with their recent study, we've done this while keeping our rates are at or below the state averages for cost when compared to every single water and wastewater utility in the state. You don't have to take my word for it. The facts speak for themselves. I hope you'll go do some research before making your attacks in the future.