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Boy Scouts accept openly gay boys


GRAPEVINE, Texas (WWAY) -- The Boy Scouts of America National Council voted 61 percent in favor of allowing openly gay young men into the club, on Thursday.

“I don't have a problem with you being gay, but I don't want women in the Boy Scouts, I don't want gays in the Boy Scouts," Thurman Burgess, a former Wilmington Boy Scout said.

With the lift of the ban, Burgess says the organization should not be called the Boy Scouts of America any longer.

"Just say we have scouts. Let anyone in who wants to be in it, but if its boy scouts, leave it Boy Scouts,” Burgess said.

Burgess goes on to say that he also feels this decision may place Scouts at risk.

“Predators find those opportunities to ease into situations and make gays and lesbians look like they are all predators,” Burgess feels.

There are also concerns that the decision will in turn obligate the Boy Scout leaders to teach sexuality to our youth.

“We will be required to teach homosexuality to young boys, as young as six, and have to explain to them what that is. I think that sexual discussion needs to be at home with the parents,” Brad Kiser, a Cub Scout parent said.

Others support the decision and say a male’s sexuality should not be a factor in joining the 100 year old organization.

"I don't think it should be a concern of anyone else's,” Walker Payne, of Wilmington said.

Jennifer Tyrell, a former pack leader believes "it is a small step in the right direction, but huge in other ways.”

The change will be effective at the start of next year.

The decision does not reverse the ban on gay scout leaders.

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Have you ever have an original idea of your own? This is the same old tired, worn out chant that jumps up everytime a non-Christian gets frustrated and can't express themselves well and don't know what else to say. They try to change the topic to attack the church to make themselves feel more self-righteous. In actuality, it just makes you look ignorant.

Don't you know that we

Don't you know that we Christians aren't entitled to the same freedom of speech as every other American? We should always be taxed for our opinions while others give theirs for free.

G-Reality... it sounds like

G-Reality... it sounds like you need some serious de-programming there. I will stand corrected and restate my sentiment a little differently: Tax All Religious Institutions. I am tired of hearing "religiously" motivated hate that serves to do nothing than make life miserable for gays.

Hate and intolerance


Holier Than Thou and Asinine



And so continues the, moral, degradation of America.

Wilmington Observer


Enough said.

You meant to say...

And so continues the evolution of American society away from long outdated views based on intolerance towards a society that truly views all citizens as created equal. You are forgiven for your narrow-mindedness though Observer, not everyone can live their own life without having a 1500 year old book tell them how to do it.

September (The only good Observer)

No Correction Needed

I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but I said, EXACTLY, what I meant to say. But, if believing otherwise makes you feel better......

Wilmington Observer

Good for the Boy Scouts!

I was a boy scout and I had a great time and I have stayed away from it as an adult because I have a gay son. I just couldn't support a group that wouldn't accept my boy. Thank you, BSA for having the courage to do the right thing. This reaffirms my opinion that the Boy Scouts is really one of the greatest organizations in the USA.

BTW, there have always been gay scouts, they just had to lie about until now. Now those scouts can actually fulfill the last part of the Boy Scout oath: Being morally straight means to live your life with honesty, to be clean in your speech and actions, and to be a person of strong character.


Are you listening to yourself? Do you really believe your own drivel? You actually believe that gay boy scouts can now be "morally straight"? That they can live their lives with "honesty"? That they are "clean" in their speech and actions, and they're persons of "strong character"? You're delusional!

A gay boy scout is totally opposite from all of that! They have no morals, their speech and actions are dirty and repugnant, and their strong character is only in their own minds. As you yourself said, "there have always been gay scouts, they just had to lie about until now". That should give you some idea of their "strong character" when they have to lie to cover up their lifestyles.

BSA didn't "do the right thing". They caved in to the pressure they received from gay rights groups with powerful lawyers. Now they've become as sissy pants as the gay scouts they will be admitting.


A) its disturbing that adults have pushed sexual orientation onto their kids. My mom and dad don't go around screaming in straight. They don't don't because I'm a kid. What I'm gona be when I'm older really isn't on my agenda. I'm just tryin 2 get outta school an go2 college.
I'm not tryin 2 ho an join a lez or a gay club cause its for gay people. If they had a gay scouts of America I wouldnt wanna join that either.. Cause yep.. You hot it.. Not gay. At tha sane time I'm not gonna bash em or hate on em cause its wrong wrong be nalean to people. The law I say tells me to kind.. Why would I wanna go disturb somethin up that would cause divide? Why would I wanna put ny brother in a place where he wouldn't be accepted. They nay think they will but really.. Not do much. Why would u fo that 2 ur kid? I don't get it. Dude that kid would get so picked on and people would be mean and stuff. .
a scout is loyal. The people who voted, voted to destroy a tradition based on being morally straight in the eyed of a religion that doesn't tolerate it and ya hot all these big company veros an stuff who are savin face so they don't look bad cause they atd sellnouts and they suck.w that's why they voted yea. Dude really hows a 12 year old know he's gay or not. Thanks for screwin up scouting and naki gays and straights dislike other more this s so stupid grow up. Maybe I should go an join that gay girl scouts an sell frikkin cookies. At least its easier to sell than stupid popcorn. Maybe well sell rainbow scout stickers next year or God made Adam & Steve hats haha grownups are so dumb if they were day an already in there an everything was cool like done of u day, then why screw it up for both sides,an make it all more bad

Agree & Disagree

Firstly, let me re-affirm that I am, TOTALLY, against the BSA vote. And, as stated, above, I believe that this is yet another step in the continued, moral, decline of America.

With that said, I do agree with the sentiment of your post, save four words; "they have NO morals". I agree that the actions and lifestyle of homosexuals is immoral, sinful and unnatural. However, there could, and most likely are other parts of these persons' lives that are, morally, upstanding. To say that they have NO morals is a, bit, strong. But, I do appreciate your, overall, stance.

I so NOT "hate" homosexuals but I do hate their "homosexual lifestyle".

Wilmington Observer

I support this decision. No

I support this decision. No reason why gay kids should've excluded from the scouts. For far too long the
Mormon church has had too much decision making power with the scouts. For those whom choose to leave, best of luck and good riddance.

Well the Boy Scouts have

Well the Boy Scouts have royally screwed up. As of today, I will never support them again. I hope every church that had a troop will either defect from the scouts or shut down. I know of at least four troop leaders that are shuting down their troops this weekend. Good Bye Boy Scouts. The end of another Era with an error.


Yes, yes! Let the hate flow through you my child!

I See No Hate

I did not read any "hate" in this post. Only (apparently) informed information. It seems that you are looking for "hate" to validate your defensiveness. Try to understand that (most of us) are not haters of homosexuals. We (most, according to the vote on gay marriage) do disagree with the act and lifestyle of homosexuality. We have the right to our beliefs and your condescending remarks, really are, offensive.

Wilmington Observer

This will not be the end.

This will not be the end. Now that they have caved on their principle they will be pressured to cave on allowing homosexual Scout Leaders.

boy scouts

To all you homophobic posters, Bye ! If you teach your children to hate based on sexual orientation you don't need to have them involved in ANY organisations. The real world has gay people, you cant protect your kids from that. GOD forbid YOUR kid might be GAY! The KIDS dont care ! Its all YOU adults who are paranoid you might get gay cooties ! LMAO

Here's a major problem with homosexuals...

...on top of the "obvious", you tend to call heteroseuxal people names like "homophobic" because they aren't like you and never will be. You exclaim that they "hate!" you when they simply disagree with your lifestyle and you term them as "paranoid" because they don't necessarily want to hold hands with you in union of your credo.

Well, the "kids" don't care anymore because it's forced down their throats that being gay is "cool"'s "okay" and "normal". They are forced to read about it in their childrens libraries to learn why they have two daddies and that if they don't really like their penis it's okay to "convert" that into something of a more womanly nature.

I'm not aware of any parents that want their children to turn gay, I just know a lot that have had it to happen and they have to deal with it. So, that's just what they have to do and I have sympathy for them.

I also have sympathy for the ones's of you that can't live comfortably in your own skin of homosexuality. When you have to throw your derogetory, name-calling insinuations in our face, blatantly and publicly display what you are and proclaim that we "hate!" you because we simply disagree shows that your mental disturbance falls well beyond that of your sexual confusion!

How is it that you EVER expect to gain any sort of acceptance or equality with such an abhorrant, abrasive and divisive approach? You're only destroying your own cause...


Well said.

Wilmington Observer

Very well said.

Some people just don't get that those who are against homosexuality, don't necessarily hate anyone. The Bible says to love thy neighbor and to love thy brother. Does that mean you have to condone their behavior? Absolutely not. But it is possible to love someone even if you disagree with them. I wish they would get that.


Well said!!!

Thanks Obama!

Well, thanks Obama!!!!

And, exactly what did Obama

And, exactly what did Obama have to do with this?


just kidding

Any Bible-believing church

Any Bible-believing church would be right to defect.


and GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP about it behind closed doors...also a sin. Here is the best thing the church and Christians can do. Embrace the sinner and let GOD decide what their sins are and how to punish them. IF you want to go down the judging route...Matthew 7:1-2 I SURELY don't want to be judged based on how I judge others. God is WAY more forgiving than we are!

that will be the unraveling

that will be the unraveling of a good organization helping a lot of young men, I can no longer support them, and there isn't enough gay men to support them.